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Moving from Sacramento to Palm Springs

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    If you’re moving from Sacramento to Palm Spring, a big life change is ahead of you.

    The move could very well improve your life, if you land in the right place and all the pieces come together. But what about the journey there?

    For the best relocation experience, choose Move Central. Not only are we familiar with the region, but we provide all the services you need. This includes packing, loading, storage, and more.

    Here’s how you can plan for this change of location – and how it may result in a change of lifestyle.

    Why Choose Move Central for This Journey?

    Not only is our team readily equipped to help you move from Sacramento to Palm Springs, but we’ve got the credentials you won’t find at other moving companies.

    Some of our qualifications and credentials include:

    • 40,000 individual moves completed
    • 10 years of experience
    • 1500+ customer reviews
    • 97% customer satisfaction rate
    • Fully licensed and insured

    We’re the team that can provide you with stellar customer service and exceed your expectations when it comes to the moving process. We understand that it’s a personal, sensitive, timely manner. Our team provides a comprehensive selection of moving services to support any relocation, including when you’re moving from Sacramento to Palm Springs.

    Which Moving Services Do You Need?

    Making a move of any type gives you a lot to think about. When you’re heading to Palm Springs from Sacramento, you can count on us for the following services:

    • Packing and Unpacking: We can pack up all your items safely and quickly. We use professional packing supplies to safeguard your belongings, protecting everything no matter its size or fragility.
    • Loading and Unloading: We handle all the moving labor, even going as far to help you unload your items once we reach your destination. No matter the weight or dimensions of the item, we can get it loaded safely.
    • Professional Storage: Need some spare space to declutter, downsize, or protect your items when a move is delayed? We have fully alarmed, spacious, monitored storage units where your items will be safe.

    We move homes and businesses alike. So whether it’s a long-distance trip like the move from Sacramento to Palm Springs, or a local move across town, count on us as your source for customized or comprehensive moving solutions.

    How Does Palm Springs Compare to Sacramento?

    Now that you know how we can help you move from Sacramento to Palm Springs, you may be wondering how the two cities compare.

    For starters, the median age in Palm Springs is nearly 20 years older than that of Sacramento. For many people, this makes it ideal as a destination to retire in or to head to once your nest empties.

    While both cities are roughly the same in population density, the average commute time for residents in Palm Springs is slightly shorter, making it a bit easier to get around and enjoy the local area.

    Cost of Living and Job Market

    In general, Palm Springs brings a cost of living that’s about 10% higher than that of Sacramento. In some areas, these minor differences even out.

    For example, housing costs are nearly 25% more expensive in Palm Springs. However, the healthcare costs are about 16% less here than they are in Sacramento.

    As for the job market, Palm Spring has the edge here both in lower unemployment rates and higher projections of future job growth. This makes it a great place for people of all ages, including working professionals who want to move up in their field or reinvent themselves on a professional level.

    Climate, Lifestyle, and Amenities

    Be prepared for a significant change in climate when you move from Sacramento to Palm Springs. It’s located in the desert region of California and experiences hot and dry weather, with temperatures regularly exceeding 100°F (38°C) during the summer months. This is roughly 10 degrees higher than Sacramento’s peak summer temperature. Rainfall only happens about a quarter as frequently, so be prepared to adjust accordingly.

    Palm Springs is a popular resort city known for its golf courses, spas, and outdoor recreational activities. The city offers a vibrant arts and culture scene, a variety of dining options, and a lively downtown area. Take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and exploring nearby Joshua Tree National Park.

    Palm Springs has a diverse community with a mix of residents, including retirees, working professionals, and vacationers. Engaging with local community events, groups, and organizations can help you establish connections and make the most out of your new home.

    All in all, Palm Springs brings that California experience, but with warmer weather and some luxurious amenities to enjoy. For a trip to an upscale destination like this, it’s only right to get the best moving services for your journey.

    Move from Sacramento to Palm Springs with Move Central

    Having the right moving partner is central to the success of your relocation. While Sacramento isn’t vastly different from Palm Springs, the two are far away from each other. This makes the relocation a big life change that requires proper preparation.

    With us handling the heavy lifting and logistical planning of the move, you can focus on preparing for the change in other ways.

    Familiarize yourself with local services such as healthcare providers, schools (if applicable), utilities, and other essential amenities. Update your address with the necessary institutions and inform friends, family, and relevant authorities about your relocation.

    As for us, we’ll be ready to provide everything you need to relocate. We can:

    • Provide moving supplies, boxes, and trucks
    • Handle packing, loading, and transport
    • Unload and unpack your items after the trip
    • Store your items temporarily in our secure spaces
    • Offer partial or full moving services to suit your needs

    Whatever you need, we’re here for you. Wherever you need it, we’re not far off. With locations in San Diego County, the Bay Area, Orange County, and Los Angeles, we’re the California moving specialist you can count on for a phenomenal experience every time.

    Ready to start your move? Contact us today to begin with a free moving estimate.

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