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Moving From Orange County to Los Angeles

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    Are you thinking about moving from Orange County to Los Angeles? While only an hour apart, Los Angeles offers many more attractions, housing options, and employment opportunities than Orange County.

    It can be a bit intimidating planning a move to Los Angeles. Navigating a large moving truck on the major freeways between the two places isn’t something that should be handled by an amateur. Partner with the moving professionals at Move Central.

    Our experts have the experience needed to ensure your upcoming move is easy. Our packing, moving, and storage services enable you to focus your attention on other parts of your move. You’ll feel confident knowing that your belongings are in the safe hands of Move Central.

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    Why Move to Los Angeles

    Many people choose to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting careers or other entertainment employment opportunities. Don’t worry. If acting isn’t something you’re interested in, there are still plenty of reasons to move to the City of Angels.

    Cost of Living

    The Los Angeles area is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. One of the main reasons the housing market is so competitive is its location. People seek out living in this area in pursuit of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.

    However, Los Angeles offers many high-paying jobs. There are many entertainment, tech, and start-up companies that call Los Angeles home. The salaries of these positions make living in Los Angeles an achievable goal.

    Housing Market

    The housing market in Los Angeles, like in most places in the country, moves fast. Most homes are on the market for around 16 days. If you want to purchase a home in Los Angeles, you’ll likely have to pay a little bit over the asking price.

    The median asking price for a single-family home is around $854,960. Rent prices are slightly higher than in other cities in the country.

    Laguna Beach is one of the most expensive places to rent, with a one-bedroom apartment going for around $3,140. A one-bedroom apartment in Hawthorne rents for about $1,750.

    Tech Hub

    While most people correlate Silicon Valley with being the tech hub of the state, that’s not necessarily the case. Many tech firms have made Los Angeles their home base. Companies like Snapchat, Hulu, Facebook, and YouTube have offices in the city.

    Big brands benefit from the beautiful climate, proximity to other businesses, and prime real estate. Workers at these companies can choose to live along the Pacific Ocean or be nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains.

    Expansive Culture

    Los Angeles is known for having a rich history of inclusion and diversity. The city has been a melting pot of various cultures over the past 100 years. Immigrants from around the world come to the city to explore new opportunities and the American dream.

    You can explore various cultures in different parts of Los Angeles. Grab lunch from one of the Mexican food trucks lining the streets. Swing by the Old LA Farmers Market located in Highland Park for fresh veggies and fruits.

    Beautiful Weather

    Most places in the United States have four distinct seasons — spring, summer, fall, and winter. If you live in Los Angeles, you get to experience mild and gorgeous weather all year long.

    Los Angeles sits between the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains. That location creates a temperate climate throughout the year.

    You can choose from a hillside compound that’s tucked away in the mountains. Explore living in a beachside home that’s minutes away from the Santa Monica breeze. If you ever want to experience different weather, it’s never too far of a drive.

    Explore the Great Outdoors

    Los Angeles features miles of beaches and soaring mountains. The outdoors is one of the main reasons people move to Los Angeles.

    You can find the perfect surf at a beach just a few minutes from your home. Stroll the many walkways that follow the coastline. Head to the beach any time of year when you live in Los Angeles.

    Hikers and campers alike will find outdoor options for them in the surrounding mountains. The nearby rugged terrain is perfect for explorers, hikers, and bikers of all skill levels. Take a day trip to the nearby Joshua Tree to witness the beauty of the California desert.

    Local Art Scene

    Los Angeles is home to a raging art scene. If you love art, check out some of the art galleries in Hollywood and Downtown LA.

    You can also find hidden art nooks all over the city. Murals grace the side of large buildings, giving the urban city a vibrancy that other cities don’t have.

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    Why Choose Move Central for Your Upcoming Move

    Move Central is proud to serve our customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and the Bay Area. We strive to provide our customers with outstanding service throughout the entire moving process. Our team has everything covered for your upcoming move.

    Let Us Help You Plan Your Move From Orange County to Los Angeles

    Our moving experts are here to assist you with your move to Southern California. Spend more time getting your new home ready for you and your family. Trust the experts at Move Central to help you move from Orange County to Los Angeles.

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