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Moving From San Diego to Miami

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    With the increasing cost of living in California, it’s not surprising that people are moving out of state to raise families and find better prospects. Many are moving to places in Florida, especially sunny and vibrant Miami. It’s one of the top cities in this region of the US, with lots of commercial and industrial establishments, beautiful attractions, pristine beaches, and a vibrant culture.

    If you’re thinking of moving to Miami, Move Central has shared a guide to set your expectations and help with decision-making. Keep reading to see what’s in store for you.

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    A Brief History of Miami

    Miami has a tumultuous past due to its location. It served as one of the key ports where Trans-Atlantic trade happened. Because of this, immigration became a major factor in the city’s development. The additional manpower meant more infrastructure, products, and services could be offered or created. Unsurprisingly, most of the workers came from neighboring Latin American countries — the reason why the city has a huge Hispanic demographic.

    Eventually, Miami became a global city that welcomed people from all over the world. This turned the city into a melting pot of cultures, so diversity is already a given here. Tourism, entertainment, and finance became the top industries in the city, powering its economy in the 21st century.

    What’s It Like to Live in Miami Now?

    Miami is a large place, so people will have different experiences depending on where they’re living. Those in downtown Miami will enjoy the bustling nightlife, a myriad of entertainment places, and unfortunately, bad traffic. But that’s just something that’s expected in a city of this size.

    Along the outskirts of the city, life is still a little busy. But there are plenty of natural attractions that make for the perfect escape. The beaches, city parks, and the Atlantic are all open for relaxation and adventures. Just bring a hat and sunscreen. If there’s one common denominator in all this, it’s the hot Florida sun.

    Cost of Living

    Based on statistics from Best Place, the cost of living in Miami is 122.4. This is higher than the national average, making the city an expensive place to live in. Still, that is to be expected in a metropolitan environment. Transportation takes up most of a household’s expenses, followed closely by housing. Costs for utility are the lowest, with the numbers being lower than the US average.

    Housing Market

    As the housing market shifts in the rest of the US, Miami consistently remains a seller’s market. This means that there are more people who want to buy property than there are available. The demand stems from the fact that many people choose to retire or start families in Miami. Few people can resist the great climate and many opportunities.

    As of writing, the median home value in Miami is at $344,300 — far above the national average. So if you have plans to move here, set your expectations based on this value.

    Sought-After Neighborhoods in Miami

    1. Aventura: Sitting next to the Atlantic, Aventura is a well-known neighborhood in the Miami Metro Area. It’s a shopping hub and beach destination, with many walkable areas and safe streets. Not to mention the myriad of restaurants, parks, and shops within the neighborhood.

    2. Little Havana: The place is named after the Cuban capital, so you can already tell that this place is the heart of Latin American Culture. It’s the perfect neighborhood for those who want access to clubs, bars, restaurants, and sporting events like baseball.

    3. Brickell: For those who want to work hard and play hard, Brickell is the perfect place to move in. It’s an urban neighborhood that’s close to downtown Miami, making it easier for young professionals to commute to work.

    4. Coconut Grove: It’s all in the name — Coconut Grove offers the perfect tropical experience at the heart of Miami! It’s a great place for families and young professionals who like seaside views and easy access to the nearby downtown.

    Miami’s Job Market

    Miami has a thriving job market that continues to grow. Thanks to thriving industries like tourism, manufacturing, media and communications, and finance, Miami is still the fastest-growing job market in the country. The median income for a household is $44,268 as of writing, and it’s projected to increase in the following years.

    Climate and Weather in Miami

    When people think of Miami, they imagine long sandy beaches, the bright sun above, and the Atlantic glimmering blue. That’s not far from the truth, but many people underestimate how humid it can get. The summers can get hot as well, with temperatures reaching the low 90s. The worst weather phenomena you might encounter is the frequent thunderstorms and the occasional hurricane blowing in from the Atlantic.

    Famous Landmarks and Attractions to Visit

    • Waterside Destinations: Living in Miami is synonymous with beaches and the ocean. So make the most out of it by visiting places like Brickell Key, Haulover Park, and Crandon Park in the heart of metropolitan Miami.
    • Museums and Historical Landmarks: Learn the expansive history and vibrant culture of the city by checking out the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in the Coconut Grove neighborhood, and the grand Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science.
    • Dining and Entertainment: Come check out concerts at the Bayfront Park amphitheater, explore downtown for restaurants serving every cuisine imaginable, or dance to the beat of renowned DJs during the Ultra Music Festival!

    Let Move Central Help With Your Move

    So, are you set on relocating to Miami? Move Central can help! We are an established moving company in California that offers long-distance moving services and other solutions.

    We have a team of experienced movers, a fleet of dependable trucks, and years of experience. With us, you’ll experience a hassle-free and cost-effective moving experience from San Diego to Miami. Reach out to us today and tell us about your plans!

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