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Move Central is San Diego’s favorite local moving company! From the beaches, to the mountains to the deserts we move people and businesses all over the San Diego area. Our local area movers are knowledgeable, efficient and professional to help make your move effortless and worry-free.

There are many considerations to make when packing and relocating your home, office or business and it can be overwhelming, which is why it’s important to choose a trustworthy and experienced local moving company that can handle every aspect of your job from initial planning to final execution.

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Throughout the San Diego area our local movers provide the full range of moving services, which includes:

  • Packing Services – let us pack your belongings safely and securely. We provide all of the necessary packing materials.
  • Unloading Services – we have the manpower to take care of any unloading job.
  • Residential Moving – we pack and move houses, apartments and home offices and more
  • Office & Commercial Moving – we pack and move offices, businesses and more
  • Storage Moving – we pack and move storages, pods and more
  • Local Moving Insurance – we offer insurance to protect your possessions

At Move Central we have the team you need to accomplish any moving related task with ease and peace of mind. Because our offices are San Diego-based we can respond most quickly to jobs within the local area. We have moved customers throughout the county and surrounding areas and we know how to best navigate the region to ensure efficiency during every move.


Approximate moving times for different sized residences and spaces are included below as a general reference tool. We offer moving service rates at a great value to all of our customers so call now for your free local moving quote.

Type of Dwelling Sq. Feet Number of Movers Hours of Loadings Drive Time Hours of Unloading Travel Charge Approximate Total Hours
Studio 450 2 Movers 1.5 Hrs 0.5 Hr 1 Hr 1 Hr 2-4 Hrs
1 Bedroom Apartment 700 2 Movers 2.5 Hrs 0.5 Hr 1.5 Hrs 1 Hr 3-5 Hrs
2 Bedroom Apartment 900 3 Movers 2.5 Hrs 0.5 Hr 1.5 Hrs 1 Hr 4-6 Hrs
2 Bedroom House / Condo 1,100 4 Movers 3.5 Hrs 0.5 Hr 2 Hrs 1 Hr 5-7 Hrs
3 Bedroom House / Condo 1,750 4-6 Movers 4.5 Hrs 0.5 Hr 3 Hrs 1 Hr 6-9 Hrs
Larger House / Condo 5,000+ 6+ Movers 6+ Hrs 0.5 Hr 3.5+ Hrs 1 Hr 8-12+ Hrs

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Because we provide top quality local moving services to individuals, families and businesses throughout the county, Move Central is consistently recommended as San Diego’s best moving company. Our local area movers and other members of our professional moving staff work hard to uphold our 5-star reputation and ensure customer satisfaction with every job we do.

Check out our Yelp page to read more reviews about our outstanding local moving services.


Call or email us now for a free local moving services quote! Our movers in San Diego are knowledgeable and professional, helping customers relocate their homes, offices and businesses throughout the county. We offer free in-home or on-site estimates. Learn more about rates for Move Central moving services.

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