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No Stress, No Mess: Moving Labor Services

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    Hire Our Movers for Truck Loading, Unloading, and the Heavy Lifting

    Moving service is not just about moving items from point A to point B, and transportation is just one stage of the multistep process. While we can bring out the big guns to coordinate your full-service move, we are just as dedicated when handling individual aspects of your move. Have you already scheduled a truck rental but still need someone to take care of the heavy lifting and help with the loading or unloading the moving truck? Sounds like a job for our team.

    We’ll Carry you Through: Labor Help from Professional Movers

    Near, far or anywhere in between, we’ll go the distance! Our team is always ready and willing to take the stress and uncertainty out of your long-distance move. We can take care of the labor, loading, and unloading portion of your moving service quickly and efficiently. We offer carefully coordinated mover labor, loading, or unloading service appointments for your convenience, and we can further facilitate your move with practical add-ons such as portable storage container loading and unloading.


    Need help moving heavy items in your home?

    We handle moves of any scope, even if it’s within walking distance of your old place. If you are moving within the same building, we can help you move your belongings from one apartment into another one. We can even help with your move when you’re not technically moving, such as when you need in-home moving and storage assistance. Need help with moving furniture from the basement to the living room, or relocate your newly restored grandfather clock from the garage to upstairs? You’ve got it.

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    AMSA-Certified ProMover

    Move Central is certified by the American Moving & Storage Association as a ProMover, which is a title reserved for a select few cross-country moving companies. This is a testimony to our compliance with federal regulations and AMSA’s Code of Ethics, which proves our commitment to professional standards, ethical business practice and quality customer care and service.

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    What’s included in moving labor services:

    Free-of-charge service plan estimates
    Truck loading, labor and/or unloading
    Experience with handling fragile items
    Preventative measures for added protection
    Specialized storage container assistance

    We Make It Simple

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    Booking simplicity

    You’re minutes away from booking! Give us a call or use our tech-savvy platform to book your service online.

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    Customized service

    Your flexible service plan can be customized to match your project size, budget, and timeframe.

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    Prompt & efficient

    Our team will handle the loading and unloading of your belongings efficiently and right on schedule.


    What is moving labor?

    You may have packed and scheduled a moving truck and equipment, but who will handle the physical labor and the loading and unloading? That is where specialized moving labor services comes in.

    Moving labor professionals are skilled movers who will load and unload your furniture and other belongings with care, whether you have a local or long-distance move outside of San Diego, Orange County, the Bay Area or Los Angeles. If your moving day is fast approaching, you might feel like you are running out of time to find dependable labor help.

    But there is no room for panic. We can jump in to take the stress out of your moving day and the workload off your hands. We’ll make light work of any project for your complete service satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Can you hire someone to help you move?

    While you can schedule a full-service move which covers all aspects of your move, you can also hire our moving professionals to perform services other than the truck transportation. If you need movers to load the truck only or unload it at your new destination, you’ve got it.

    Moving labor is the essential part of a move, especially if you have heavy items to load or unload from the moving truck or storage container. In order to facilitate your move, make the process as efficient as possible and prevent delays, we will keep you up to date and in the loop every step of the way. We can also perform you move within your apartment building or around the house.

    Can you hire movers to unload a truck?

    Our movers can take over any individual aspect of your move, even if you just need us to unload the truck. Your experienced local California movers will arrive right on schedule to take care of the heavy lifting for you anywhere you need us to be, in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

    Is it worth it to get movers to load/unload the truck?

    Even if you can coordinate the move by yourself, hiring movers to do the heavy lifting is worth every penny, especially if you have heavy furniture or other heavy or delicate items to relocate.

    Our skilled movers can even help you with projects around the house, such as when you’re renovating your outdoor kitchen, rearranging furniture in your living room, staging a home for open-house day or getting rid of junk you no longer want or need in your home.

    We will be there right on schedule and spare you the headache, mess and stress. Who can put a price tag on that?

    How much do moving services charge for labor only?

    At Move Central, we are firm believers in honesty and transparency without the fine print traps or hidden charges. We will give you an accurate cost estimate beforehand, no strings attached. The cost of your service will depend on the size of the load and the amount of time we believe it will take to complete the service, whether it is to move items within a place or load or unload the moving truck or mobile storage container.

    How do I schedule moving labor services in California?

    Our booking process is simple: give us a call or fill out our free price quote. We will respond to your service request within the shortest amount of time and provide you with a stress-free, mess-free moving labor service.

    Our movers’ labor service will be customized to your needs and adapted to your busy moving day schedule. Whether you need a full-service move or labor-only service, our team is always ready to step in and step up to the plate. Call now!