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San Diego Movers and Packers

Movers & Packers Serving the Entire San Diego Area Including Carlsbad, Encinitas, and Oceanside.

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    Full-Service Packing & Moving Services in San Diego

    Move Central Moving & Storage proudly boasts about our completely customizable packing and moving services throughout San Diego. We make sure that all of our moves are tailored to every customer to ensure that they receive the best packing and moving experience.

    Our packing services include:

    • Full-service packing: We will pack up your entire home, top to bottom, not leaving a
      single item behind. Our crew will go from room to room, pack all of your items and make
      sure nothing gets left behind.
    • Partial packing: When you don’t want professional packers to put all of your belongings
      in boxes, but just need help with a room or two, Move Central can do that as well. You
      can customize your partial packing service to include one room, two rooms, or you can
      ○ Kitchen packing
      ○ Bedroom packing
      ○ Essential packing
    •  Unpacking: Once you choose what kind of packing service you need for your home, it’s
      time for our crew to take all of your items to your new place of living, bring them into your
      new home, and carefully unpack them so that everything’s ready when you arrive.

    We are one of the leading packing and moving companies in San Diego. We know how to take amazing care of all of your belongings and get them safely from point A to point B.

    Packing Supplies

    Don’t want us to pack your items but just need supplies? We have everything you need to pack your belongings for both residential and commercial properties. Why you should purchase your packing supplies from Move Central Moving & Storage:

    • New moving boxes are reusable
    • New moving boxes are strong and sturdy
    • New moving boxes are completely sanitary
    • New moving boxes are easy to label and seal
    • New moving boxes are standardized size that makes them easy to fit and stack in the
      moving track
    • New moving boxes come in different shapes and sizes to allow differently sized items to
      be packed quickly and moved safely.

    Other Move Central Moving Services

    Move Central offers amazing San Diego moving and packing services to help:

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    Contact San Diego Move Central Moving & Storage to learn all about our moving and packing services for both commercial and residential properties. We can move your properties locally and long distance.

    san diego local movers

    Moving & Packing Company

    Only a select handful of movers in San Diego are local to the state. Being a local California owned and operated company, means that we abide 100% to all federal regulations as well as the American Moving and Storage Association’s Code of Ethics. Our commitment to professional, ethical business practices in California, and quality customer service has made this all possible.

    Moving & Packing Rates

    You are never charged extra for the following:

    • Taxes
    • Stair fees/long carry fees
    • Overtime fees
    • Door and Floor protection
    • Basic Equipment
    • Free Basic valuation coverage ($.60 per pound per article)

    San Diego Moving Rates

    Type of DwellingSquare FeetNumber of MoversHours of LoadingDrive TimeHours of UnloadingApproximate Total Hours
    Studio4502 Movers1.5 Hours0.5 Hours1.5 Hours3 - 4 Hours
    1 Bedroom Apartment7002 Movers2 Hours0.5 Hours1.5 Hours3 - 6 Hours
    2 Bedroom Apartment9003 Movers3 Hours0.5 Hours1.5 Hours4 - 7 Hours
    2 Bedroom House/Condo11003 Movers4 Hours0.5 Hours2.5 Hours6 - 8 Hours
    3 Bedroom House/Condo15004 Movers4.5 Hours0.5 Hours3 Hours8 - 9 Hours
    4 Bedroom House/Condo20004 - 6 Movers5 Hours0.5 Hours4+ Hours8 - 10 Hours
    Larger House/Condo5000+6+ Movers6+ Hours0.5 Hours4.5+ Hours8 - 12 Hours

    Join Other Happy San Diego Customers

    Are you ready for the easiest moving experience you’ve ever had? Here at Move Central, we take the reins and do all we can to finish your move quickly and securely. We have a friendly staff of San Diego customer service reps ready and waiting to help get your move scheduled. Reach out to us online or give us for your local moving quote today at 858-230-8281. We’re excited to hear from you and can’t wait to take care of your upcoming move!