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    Move Central is your go-to long-distance moving company in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County capable of handling any type of interstate move. We want to give you a stress-free relocation experience that will help you settle into your new home across the country as quickly as possible. We know how difficult it is to pack up your whole life and move it to a completely new location across the country. That’s why we’re here to move-central-fleet-moving-trucks make it easy for you. 

    Moving Service in Los Angeles, Bay Area, San Diego & Orange County

    Our experienced and qualified crew has the skills necessary to ensure your long distance relocation transpires without a hitch. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to or from California – you can rely on us to handle every aspect of your move. We are a fully licensed and bonded moving company that is certified to perform long distance moves outside of California. You can always count on us to get you to your new home without any problems. 

    This is what makes us the favored option for individuals looking to relocate across the country. All our interstate moving services come with a flat rate so you know how much you’re paying and why. We eliminate all hidden costs and offer complete transparency for all the aspects of your relocation. Finally, we hire only the finest among San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area and Orange County long distance movers so you know your belongings are in safe and capable hands. 


    Our Unique Moving Experience in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Bay Area

    We have created a comprehensive approach to performing long distance relocations across the country. First, our staff will give you a flat-rate quote which ensures you know what you’re paying for, not only how much. Then, we offer you a selection of additional services, such as packing and unpacking to make sure you receive a fully personalized interstate moving service that perfectly fits your requirements. 

    From there, you can choose what kind of a long distance interstate move would serve you best. We offer two options. You can opt to have only your belongings in our moving vehicle without having to share it with anyone. This ensures there is less waiting time and that you can begin your relocation sooner. Also, it’s worth noting that you can relax knowing your belongings are safe and that we won’t transfer them to another vehicle during the transfer.

    You can also choose shared transportation of your items at a discounted rate. We make sure there are no mix ups by using detailed inventory lists and in-vehicle barricades to separate your belongings. We won’t make any transfers of belongings between vehicles during the move, and we will get your belongings to your new location quickly. This in-depth approach to interstate moves is what separates us from other long distance moving companies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area and Orange County.

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    Move Central is an AMSA Certified ProMover

    The AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) allows only a select few cross country moving companies to become certified as ProMovers. Being a ProMover means that we abide 100% to all federal regulations as well as the American Moving and Storage Association’s Code of Ethics. Our commitment to professional, ethical business practice and quality customer service has made this all possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does interstate move mean?

    A long distance interstate move refers to a relocation that crosses more than 100 miles and across the state border. For example, a long distance move can be from San Diego to Las Vegas, or from Phoenix to Orange County, since these cities are more than 100 miles away from each other. 

    However, distance is not the only factor that separates an interstate move from local relocations. Long distance moves require far more planning and preparation to perform adequately and efficiently, which is why it’s usually best not to tackle such relocations without professionals to help you. 

    You should hire a reputable long distance moving company with good reviews and fair and transparent flat-rate pricing. Also, choose an interstate mover that provides additional services so you can customize your relocation service per your exact specifications. Only then should you actually schedule your move.

    What should I consider before moving to another state?

    Cross country moves to and from San Diego, Bay Area, Orange County and Los Angeles are complex endeavors that require a detail-oriented approach in order to perform correctly. That is why it’s often best to hire a reliable long distance moving company to help you handle your relocation. However, even if you choose to book cross country movers, you should still consider these aspects prior to your move: 

    • Think about leaving some of your belongings and not relocating your entire life.
    • Think ahead and plan out furniture placement at your new home. 
    • Make sure to update all of your personal documents on time. 
    • Check if you’ve packed all of your belongings before the movers leave. 
    • Ensure all your fragile belongings are adequately packed with bubble wrap and paper. 
    • Label the most important items with your name for an extra dose of safety.
    How do I plan an interstate move?

    Planning and preparing for an interstate move from San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, or Bay Area is challenging, as there’s a lot you need to handle. There are several crucial steps in the process of planning your cross country move:

    • Start planning on time: It’s important to begin planning a lot sooner than you actually think necessary, at least three months before the actual relocation. 
    • Perform thorough research: Make sure to research your new region and neighborhood before the actual relocation and get familiar with it as much as possible, so you don’t feel high and dry when you arrive. 
    • Hire the best movers: This is absolutely essential. You can’t perform a long distance move alone – you need to hire experienced cross country movers. Take your time choosing and researching the company you would like to hire. 
    • Create a detailed timeline: Performing an efficient interstate move is all about the timing of it. Create a schedule for decluttering, packing, donating your surplus belongings, and make sure to allocate sufficient time for each action. 
    • Keep your valuables safe: Finally, make sure to take your most valuable possessions with you during the relocation to make sure they are safe and unharmed.
    How do I choose an interstate mover?

    Choosing the interstate movers means spending hours upon hours searching for “the best long distance company near me in California”. And it is important to be detailed when choosing your cross country movers. However, you should also know what the three most important aspects of a reputable moving company are.

    • Interstate movers have to be fully licensed and bonded.
    • You should only hire a company with experience performing similar moves.
    • Only choose movers that offer completely transparent pricing with flat rates.
    How far in advance should I hire long distance movers?

    You should hire a long distance moving company from San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles or Orange County at least 12 weeks before the date of your relocation to another state. By booking interstate movers early, you will be able to choose among more companies. On the other hand, if you wait too long to hire movers, you could end up with an unprofessional company simply because all the reputable experts are already busy. 

    Also, by hiring movers as early as possible, you will have more time to take care of all the other aspects of your relocation, from changing your documents and transferring utilities to sorting out your belongings. Remember – it’s better to hire early than to hire late.

    How long does it take to move interstate?

    It’s impossible to state just how long your interstate move to or from San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County or Bay Area could take without having additional information regarding your relocation. The duration of a long distance move depends on two factors:

    • The distance of the move
    • The number of items you’re moving

    The farther away your new home, and the more belongings you take with you, the longer the entire process will take. However, you should know that an interstate move generally takes at least one day.

    How much does it cost to move to another state?

    The only way to get an accurate estimate of the cost of your long distance move is to contact Move Central -leading interstate moving company. They will ask you for the information they need to determine the cost of the move.

    What is the best moving company for long distance interstate moves in California?

    If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable interstate mover in San Diego and the area, there’s only one company you should hire – Move Central. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area to Phoenix – we’re here to help you have a quick and hassle-free move. Our qualified and experienced drivers know how to adequately handle fragile items, and our movers will safely load all your belongings using floor runners, dollies, and blankets. 

    We will keep all your items completely secure during your relocation, and you really don’t need to worry about a single thing. We can relocate you from any other city to San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles, or Orange County, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, and other areas across the country. Our offices are conveniently located near the El Camino Memorial Park, so you will have no trouble coming in for a consultation regarding your move. Reach out to us today and we’ll handle everything from there. 

    Moves Within California –
    California Intrastate Moves

    For over a decade Move Central has been moving customers to and from San Diego to anywhere within California.

    Our most common intrastate moving routes include:

    San Diego to/from San Francisco & Bay Area

    Distance from San Diego to San Francisco – 500 Miles

    San Diego to/from Orange County

    Distance from San Diego to Orange County – 90 Miles

    San Diego to/from Los Angeles

    Distance from San Diego to Los Angeles – 120 Miles

    San Diego to/from Riverside County

    Distance from San Diego to Riverside County – 100 Miles

    San Diego to/from Sacramento

    Distance from San Diego to Sacramento – 500 Miles

    Moves Out of California –
    Interstate Moves

    We regularly perform interstate long distance moves from San Diego to anywhere in the U.S.

    Our most common interstate moving routes include:

    San Diego to/from Arizona

    Distance from San Diego to Phoenix, AZ – 350 Miles

    San Diego to/from Nevada

    Distance from San Diego to Las Vegas, NV – 330 Miles

    Tips for Moving Cross Country

    Moving long distance, especially to a new city or state, can be very stressful. One way to ensure your peace of mind is by making sure you have your moving plan in order ahead of time. Here are a few of our tips for making your long distance move easy and stress-free.

    • Lock in your price. Budgeting your move is a huge stressor, so eliminate your worries by choosing a moving company that offers flat-rate long-distance moving.
    • Check your calendar. Long distance moves require planning ahead, so make sure to schedule your moving day at least a month in advance to ensure your moving company is available and ready for you to help you relocate.
    • Check the specific long distance movers reviews – choose the right movers. The best thing you can do to ensure a stress-free move is pick the right moving company. Move Central’s excellent customer service has earned us hundreds of five-star reviews on Yelp and Google, so let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your new home. Move Central is one of California’s highest rated interstate moving companies.