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A Full-Service Moving Company

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of moving services and an experienced crew of movers. We at Move Central of San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County and we take care of everything so that you don’t have to. When you relocate your house, workplace, or business, there are several factors to consider, which can be stressful. To ensure that your move is as hassle-free as possible, it’s important to work with a local moving company that can handle every phase of your relocation from beginning to end. We’ve got you covered when it comes to packing materials, insurance plans, moving equipment, and trucks – start to finish!

Move Central is your #1 choice for outstanding movers and the greatest moving services in San Diego, Los Angeles, The Bay Area, and Orange County. We are fully certified and insured, and we only employ the most experienced, qualified, and authorized movers around.

So, you’ve decided to hire same day movers – whether by choice or necessity. You will need to get all of your packing, loading and driving done in one day. That means that you don’t really have the time or the energy to micro-manage the movers. You will need to trust them – which you can only do if you’re sure you got the right moving company.

If this is the first time you’re hiring same day movers, it might be a little confusing figuring out which moving company to choose. To help ease that process, we will explain the different types of same day movers that are available today.

How to Hire a Same Day Moving Company

Searching for a moving company that will offer you same-day service is bound to yield a bunch of unsavory and less than ideal movers, looking to rip you off. In order to trust your movers, you need to know more about them as a company, as well as the type of service they offer.

There are basically three types of same day movers available at your disposal:  full service moving companies, self-move services, and do-it-yourself moves. Here’s a rough breakdown of what each type entails and some benefits and drawbacks of each.

Full-Service Movers

Full service same day movers are local moving companies that provide professional packing, loading and driving services in one single package. Ideally, this is the type of company you want if you’re in a bind.

In fact, same day movers actually go above and beyond to make sure they deliver quality services to their customers.  One of the reasons why same day moving companies have been so successful is because people don’t want to spend extra time worrying about how their belongings will be packed or whether there’s a good chance for their fragile items to break during the move.

Self-Move Service

Self-move services are usually offered by same day movers that don’t want to limit their customer service only to same day movers.  Basically, same day movers that offer self-move services will do some of the packing and loading for you but they will not necessarily drive your belongings for you – you are given plenty of leeway to choose the extent of their services you want to use.

With a self-move type of same day moving arrangement, all you have to do is pack what you can handle on your own and let the same day mover load it into their truck or storage unit – whichever applies.  Once everything has been loaded onto their vehicle (if they’re not driving) then they knock at your door one more time asking if there’s anything else they can do for you. At this point, the same day mover will drive off to your new location and unload everything at their own pace.  Self-move same day movers are great because they take care of everything but keep in mind that it costs a little more than hiring full service same day movers.

Do-It-Yourself Moves

The last option you have is to move yourself or do-it-yourself same day movers. This type of same day moving arrangement gives you complete control over how much help you want during your move. If all you need is somebody to give you a hand while putting your furniture on the truck, then there’s no need to go with a moving company. 

On the other hand, same day movers that offer do-it-yourself moves can also clean up after themselves. They will not knock at your door again asking if they can help you move a few items from your new location to where ever it is you want them stored.  In other words, same day movers that don’t ask for extra money are simply helping you load their truck at your own pace because there’s nothing holding them back from leaving right away after they’ve finished loading. This option is, naturally, cheaper.

If you’ve decided on hiring a same day moving company, it’s best to contact at least three different full service moving companies so you can review your options before making a final decision which same day mover is right for you. Here at Move Central, we offer a variety of moving services. Call us now at 619-775-3604 and learn why we’ve lasted for as long as we have.