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    Your Belongings are Safe With Our Secure California Storage And Moving Services

    Storing your precious belongings with moving and storage companies makes a lot of folks nervous. It’s tough to let your belongings out of your sight, and nearly everyone knows somebody who’s had a bad experience with a sub-par moving company or self-storage facility. Move Central is different because we understand your concerns, and our quality storage and moving services in San Diego,Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County are designed to ease your worries – as our hundreds of 5-star reviews attest to.

    When you choose to store your belongings with Move Central during your move, you’ll be getting secure storage in a fully-staffed facility. We hire only top-trained, courteous staff members, and keep an eye on your belongings around the clock, so you never have to worry.

    Have a question, or want to see your items or retrieve something from your vault? Simply call and schedule an appointment. With Move Central, your belongings are not only protected but cared for like our own.

    Trusted Warehouse Storage and Moving Services Across California

    At Move Central Moving and Storage, we offer moving services and vaulted storage in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County that residents love and rely on, and with good reason. We pride ourselves on offering you clean, secure, and well-maintained storage in our state-of-the-art facility. As one of the finest moving companies in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County we are your best choice for all your moving and storage needs.

    All of your items will be picked up by our professional movers using our specialized moving equipment, carefully placed into wooden storage vaults, and stacked safely inside of our alarm-protected warehouse until you are ready for them again. When you need your items again, Move Central will just as carefully load them onto one of our moving trucks and deliver them back to you—wherever you are!

    Full-Service Moving and Storage in California

    Move Central’s storage and moving services don’t stop there. Not only will we pick up your items, place them in storage, and return them back to you when you want them, but we will also wrap them up so they don’t get dirty, dusty, or scratched up, just like we would for a long-distance move to or from San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles or Orange County. We will provide professional-grade moving pads, blankets, and plastic wrap to keep your belongings safe.

    What we Offer to Our Storage and Moving Customers

    Wondering what you’ll get when you store belongings at Move Central’s secure storage facility? Whether you store with us long-term or want same day moving and storage in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County you get the same benefits and services, including:

    • Fully-staffed and alarm-protected monitored storage
    • Full inventory lists of all belongings
    • At-home registration service
    • By-appointment access to your possessions, and assistance with unloading for item removal.*
    • Scheduled delivery of your stored belongings or pick up of additional items to store.
    • Flat-rate storage
    • Individual 7′ long x 6′ wide x 8′ tall storage vault
    • Storage insurance to protect your possessions (please inquire)

    *Fee Applies.

    What to Know Before you Store your Belongings

    Whether you choose a storage option in addition to your moving service with Move Central, or with another moving and storage company in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County make sure you’re “in the know” when it comes to storage. Here are a few things you should check, before storing your possessions anywhere.

    1. Some facilities have restrictions on what types of items they accept. Make sure all your belongings can be accommodated, or consider a different facility!
    2. Not every facility is open 24/7, some may not have weekend hours, and some only grant access by appointment. Make sure you know when and how to visit your vault and how to retrieve items to avoid frustration late.
    3. Some facilities use individual vaults, which can vary in size, while others offer “open” storage instead. If you want an individual space, make sure to specify that when you speak with a storage and moving company. You’ll also want to make sure all your belongings can fit in the vaults, or how many vaults you’ll need to accommodate your items.

    Get the best full-service moving and vaulted storage San Diego has to offer. Contact us today!

    BenefitMove Central Full Service StorageTypical Self-Storage Facility
    Professional crew loading & unloading serviceYes
    Pad-wrap furniture protectionYes
    Shrink-wrap cloth furniture protectionYes
    Itemized inventory & trackingYes
    24-hour securityYesYes
    Full-service warehouse staffYes
    Affordable replacement liability options availableYes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Do You Store Your Stuff When You Move?

    There are many different reasons why you’d want to store your belongings when moving house. For instance, you might need to move out of your old home before your new house is ready, or you might be downsizing and need a place to store the belongings you have no room for.

    No matter what your reason may be, you should know how to choose from the available moving and storage options companies in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County offer: 

    • Portable storage means having a portable storage container in your yard or driveway. While this type of storage may be a good idea in some circumstances, it tends to be quite expensive and often requires permission from HOAs and town governments. 
    • Self-storage facilities are a popular choice for storing items during a move, but they may have limitations on the amount and size of the stored items. Also, you might have to transport the items to the facility yourself.
    • Full-service vaulted storage and moving: whether you are moving locally or long-distance, having your belongings safely transported and stored in a warehouse facility fully protected is the best option for most people.


    If you want to protect your furniture from damage while moving, you should be careful when choosing the storage option for your needs. Many San Diego, Orange County, the Bay, and Los Angeles moving and storage companies don’t offer any sort of protection for your valuable belongings, which may lead to your furniture getting scratched or breaking during transport or storage.

    At Move Central, we offer full-service storage and moving services that ensure the optimal safety and integrity of your items. Our California team is experienced with storing and transporting furniture and fragile items, and we also offer pad-wrap and shrink wrap-cloth furniture protection. Contact us today!

    How Long Will Moving Companies Store Your Stuff?

    A reputable moving and storage company will store your belongings for as long as the moving process lasts, whether you’re moving long-distance or locally, or even longer than that. Make sure to check with your storage facility of choice if you have any concerns about storage duration. With Move Central, you can have your items stored safely and securely for however long your move to or from San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles, or Orange County takes.

    How Do You Protect Things in Storage Units?

    It is essential that your precious items are properly protected while being stored during your move. At Move Central, we keep your belongings safe with:

    • Alarm protection and 24-hour security
    • Pad- and shrink wrap cloth furniture protection
    • Staff experienced with handling fragile items

    If you are worried about the safety of your belongings in a storage facility, look no further than Move Central. We are the leader among moving companies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area and Orange County that offer both moving and storage services to their customers. Count on us to leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of the items stored in our warehouse facility.

    What Should you Not Put in a Storage Unit?

    Although different moving and storage services in San Diego, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County have different limitations in terms of what can and cannot be stored, there are several item categories you generally shouldn’t put in a storage unit. These include:

    • Firearms and ammunition
    • Combustible or flammable items
    • Toxic and hazardous materials
    • Unregistered vehicles
    • Living plants and animals
    • Food and other perishable items

    Most storage facilities will allow you to store items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, household and commercial goods (books, clothes, toys, office decor, etc.), and similar items. If you aren’t sure if we store the items you want stored, make sure to give us a call!

    Where Do I Find Reputable Moving and Storage Companies in California?

    Whether you are moving to San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, or the Bay – Move Central is here to remove unnecessary stress from the relocation process. Our moving and storage services are designed to make sure that every part of your move goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

    We are at your beck and call whether you need reliable long-distance movers or want to book the leading local moving and storage services in San Diego, Bay Area, Orange County or Los Angeles. Reach out to us today and relocate with ease!