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    Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the entire world and so it never comes at any surprise when our clients want to move to Los Angeles, or relocate within the glamorous city. Our moving team at Move Central strives to provide all of our clients, regardless of property size or type, with the best care possible. Our entire team is dedicated to moving your possessions from one place to the other without causing damage to your belongings.

    Our team specializes in all types of moves, including:

    • Commercial
      • Offices
      • Warehouses
    • Residential
      • Houses
      • Townhouses
      • Condos
      • Apartments

    We provide a full range of moving services in Los Angeles, including packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, storage, and more. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will even disassemble furniture at your current location and reassemble it at your destination.

    Move Central is a licensed and insured company. We’ll move your oversized and valuable items such as pianos or office equipment while providing complete peace of mind. Our team is committed to taking the stress out of residential and commercial moves, whether you’re moving across the city, state, or country.

    Choose Move Central, and you’ll quickly understand why we’re the most reputable moving company in Los Angeles.

    Long Distance Moves

    Our team can move you from Los Angeles to anywhere in the United States, including:

    Our Los Angeles Moving Customers absolutely LOVE us!

    Since we pride ourselves on providing the best long distance and local moves, our customers love us!

    There is so much more to LA than Hollywood glitz and glam. Learn why Los Angeles is one of the best places to live here!

    Moving to LA? Here’s What to Expect

    The city of LA may be synonymous with unending sunny days at the beach and following dreams, but there’s a lot more to this city than meets the eye!

    With almost 4 million residents, Los Angeles is one of the best big cities to live in the US. The city is incredibly diverse and attracts people from all over the world. Los Angeles has a stunning natural landscape, ideal weather, and endless activities, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

    Moving to a new city can be stressful. This guide will provide you with a brief overview of what to expect when you arrive in Los Angeles.

    Count on the Los Angeles movers at Move Central to handle all your moving, packing, and storage needs. We look forward to assisting you with your next move.

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    Perfect Weather

    Los Angeles is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica, Angeles National Forest, and San Bernardino Mountains. Except for the occasional rainy day, Angelenos enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year long. The summer temperatures in LA rarely exceed 85 degrees or fall below 65 degrees.

    A temperature below 48 degrees in January is considered unusual. The incredible weather means you can enjoy the beach and LA’s best hikes all year long!

    Competitive Job Market

    In Los Angeles, the job market is extremely competitive. Unemployed people that are just moving to the city might have a better chance of finding a job once they arrive.

    Even though Los Angeles has the largest entertainment and media industry in the country, aspiring creatives aren’t the only ones who can carve out an exciting career here. There is a wide variety of work available in Los Angeles in industries like finance, healthcare, technology, bioscience, fine arts, and many more. Many well-known companies, including GoogleSnapchatNetflix, and Buzzfeed, have headquarters in LA, and the metro area has many small businesses, startups, and gig-economy opportunities.

    High Cost of Living

    Los Angeles is known for being an expensive city, but few American cities offer as much to their residents as LA does. For example, LA offers diverse art and culture, outdoor recreation, beautiful year-round weather, amazing ocean views, and some of the world’s best dining and entertainment. Many locals find these amenities to be worth the higher cost of living!

    The cost of living in Los Angeles is 43% higher than the national average. It is, however, cheaper to live in Los Angeles than in New York City, which is a plus for those moving from NYC.

    Endless Activities

    Los Angeles is America’s main film and entertainment hub. There are a number of major production studios in the city, including Universal StudiosParamount Pictures, and Warner Bros, all of which are great LA attractions to visit on tours or as studio audiences!

    Getting together with friends, drinking with coworkers, or dancing the night away is easy in LA, which is filled with an assortment of fun bars and nightlife spots.

    It’s easy to get involved in the Los Angeles community. There is something for everyone in Los Angeles when it comes to fashion and shopping, from runway collections designed by Oscar de la Renta to quirky finds in vintage clothing shops. Covering 100 blocks, the LA Fashion District consists of an extensive selection of independent retailers. Over 150 retailers can also be found in The Santee Alley, located in the heart of LA’s Fashion District.

    Are you looking for family-friendly activities in LA? Experience the famed La Brea Tar Pits up close, and discover the fossils they contain. You can view a beautiful collection of gems and dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Get close to exotic animals from around the world, including tigers, elephants, and more, at the Los Angeles Zoo.

    Mouth Watering Food

    Finding new places to eat will never be an issue when you’re living in Los Angeles, which harbors nearly 30,000 restaurants! If you’re a fan of breakfast food and tasty cocktails, order the Lumberjack Breakfast with a Sunrise Mimosa at Poppy+Rose. Eat authentic Italian dishes like fresh-made Bolognese and Tiramisu at Pasta Sisters.

    Foodies will also love exploring great cuisine from around the world, from Chinatown eateries to mouthwatering spots throughout Little Armenia and beyond. Head to Koreatown for some delicious Korean BBQ at spots like Daedo Sikdang, where the Daedo Bulgogi is a must-try. Or treat yourself to an Omakase Course with some of the food in LA at Takeda.

    Lots of Traffic

    Almost everyone complains about the traffic in Los Angeles. There are a lot of cars on the road in the city due to its large population, and everything is spread out.

    While LA has a reputation for bad traffic, there are plenty of ways to stay out of it. Many Angelinos bike or walk to destinations within their neighborhood or use ridesharing. Public transit is another popular option in Los Angeles, as the city has a robust bus, subway, and light rail system that provides convenient access across the LA metro.

    Los Angeles Moving Process

    Los Angeles is not an easy city to move to on your own. You will start by packing up your belongings and loading up your truck before you begin your trip. It will be difficult to navigate the heavily congested streets of Los Angeles when you finally arrive. Plus, you may encounter icy roads and snow during certain seasons.

    If you prefer not to deal with this stress, Move Central can help. During the moving process, we will make sure that everything is transported safely. Our moving services include packing, transporting, and unloading as well as storage. Our process is as follows:

    1. We pack your belongings securely with high-quality, sturdy materials.
    2. By choosing our LA movers, you can rest assured that your items will be packed and transported safely.
    3. Using our professional movers ensures that all of your possessions will arrive in the same condition as when they left.

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    What is the average house price in Los Angeles?

    The average house price is $901,000.

    What is the average salary in Los Angeles?

    The average salary in Los Angeles is $67,000.

    What is the population in Los Angeles?

    The population in Los Angeles is currently 3.84 million people.

    Do you offer residential and commercial moves in Los Angeles?

    We can move both residential and commercial properties. So whether you want us to move your apartment or your corporate office we have got you covered.

    Do you offer labor only moving services?

    Yes we offer labor only services. You provide the truck and we will provide the movers!