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    Living in Seattle

    Seattle is ranked #36 for best places to live by U.S. News. While it is often criticized for its rainy climate, Seattle truly gets less rain annually than other cities like New York City, Boston, Miami, and others. It has plenty of natural beauty with a surrounding mountainous landscape and water on two sides. It also has a metropolitan appeal with various tech companies and other large enterprises creating a robust economy.

    The city also has a sleepy feel to it compared to the hustle and grind of a major city like New York City. People tend to be nicer and more neighborly, and the nightlife tends to skew more towards quieter bars, coffee shops, and music venues over nightclubs and other more populated activities.

    What Is There to Do in Seattle?

    Seattle is well known for its contributions to the world of music, specifically with rock and the rise of big grunge rock acts like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. This scene was at its heyday during the mid-1980s and early ’90s, but there are still plenty of big acts coming out of the area. Music fans can find lots of smaller venues with local bands and musical acts in addition to the Climate Pledge Arena for larger groups.

    Sports fans have multiple teams to root for – including the Seahawks (football), Mariners (baseball), and Sounders F.C. (soccer).

    A quick trip outside the city opens up the possibility of hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Seattle’s beautiful landscape is the perfect backdrop for adventurers and families looking for outdoor activities for their kids.

    For those with a flair for the culinary arts, Seattle is home to some of the best seafood in the country. Residents can enjoy their share of fresh seafood from Pike Place Market and many other local seafood restaurants.

    Seattle Attractions

    The Space Needle

    Perhaps Seattle’s most famous landmark is The Space Needle. The structure was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and its “The Age of Space” theme. It stands at 605 ft. tall and is considered one of the most photographed structures in the world. It has a 520′ saucer-shaped area offering guests a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

    Pike Place Market

    The Pike Place Market is an authentic collection of Seattle-based small businesses, eateries, crafts, retail shops, and more. This Seattle icon often referred to as the “Soul of Seattle”, is 9-acres in the middle of the downtown area. Founded in 1907, Pike Place Market is one of the oldest markets in the United States. With hundreds of farmers, crafters, and other small businesses, residents and visitors alike can get a true taste of what the city has to offer here.

    Woodland Park Zoo

    The Woodland Park Zoo is a wildlife conservation organization and zoological garden in the Phinney Ridge area of the city. The wonderful exhibits include African Savanna, Ambassador Animals, Assam Rhino Reserve, Australasia, Molbak’s Butterfly Garden, Humboldt Penguin Exhibit, Living Northwest Trail, Temperate Forest, Trail of Adaptations, Tropical Asia, and Tropical Rain Forest. The zoo was founded in 1899 and hosts more than 1 million visitors annually.

    Cost of Living in Seattle

    Seattle is one of the more expensive cities to live in the United States, mainly due to the large tech companies offering higher salaries to younger employees. This creates a demand for luxury homes and apartments and drives up the housing costs in the area. Low-income residents are often driven to outer suburban areas due to the inflated housing market.

    What Is the Weather Like in Seattle?

    One of Seattle’s most common critiques is the weather. Many people claim it can be somewhat of a miserable place to live because of its constant overcast weather and rain. The truth is that while there are consistently gray skies from November to May, the rest of the year brings much better weather with temps in the mid-60s and barely a drop of rain.

    The winter temps can be a bit cold with an average of 42 degrees, not to mention the average 5.6″ of rainfall, but the city has plenty of indoor activities for people to enjoy.

    Getting Around Seattle

    Another negative component of living in Seattle, as with any other major metropolitan area, is the traffic. Cars are the #1 source of transportation and can lead to backups, bottlenecking, and other delays. The city has many drawbridges that can slow down traffic with each opening. Seattle is home to a large biking community as an alternative.

    There is also the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport that connects residents to the rest of the world.

    How Our Los Angeles to Seattle Moving Service Works

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    Once we have more information about your situation, we can provide an accurate quote for moving services. We can also include storage services in your quote should you need them.

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    Rest assured, we will get all of your belongings to Seattle safe and sound. Our movers are insured, recommended, and reliable!

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    Ready to take the first step towards your move to Seattle, WA? Contact Move Central today to get your quote for moving and storage services. We can answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping you.

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