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Moving from San Diego to Portland

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    Moving to the vibrant city of Portland is a dream that not everyone has access to. Known for its unique cityscapes and lively art and music scene, this city is perfect for those who are looking to start anew. It’s a top relocation destination in the United States that is excellent in almost all aspects.

    Moreover, Portland offers a healthy and peaceful environment that’s great for families and solo residents. The scenic views of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers are glorious to look at after a long day for the residents in the North. There’s so much more that awaits you in the unique city of Portland.

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    Why You Should Move to Portland

    Here are some of the exciting things that await you in the picturesque city of Portland.

    Great Job Market

    If you’re planning to look for a job after your move to Portland, you’re in luck. The job growth in this city remains as steady as its economy. Their unemployment is only at 4.20%, which is lower than in other cities in the country. Plus, Portland houses the Silicon Forest, which is their main source of job opportunities in the city.

    Some of the biggest, high-tech companies that thrive in Poland are eBay, Xerox, Tektronix, and Airbnb. This city is also home to the headquarters of Nike, Mentor Graphics, WaferTech, and Intel. No one with the right qualifications shall run out of high-paying jobs in Oregon.

    Reasonable Cost of Living

    As expected, Portland’s cost of living is higher than other cities. This is understandable considering the amenities and all the great things this city has to offer. Moving to Portland comes at a cost, and it’s not cheap — but it’s still reasonable.

    However, if you compare this to major cities in the U.S. with the same utilities and job market, you’ll find that Portland is rather affordable. You’ll be surprised at how smaller-sized cities have a higher cost of living than this city.

    If you want to invest in a higher quality of life, moving to Portland is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

    No More Sales Tax

    Portland is one of the five cities in the country without sales tax. This means that you can enjoy city life without skimping on your necessities. Imagine getting a high-paying job in a city with no sales tax. This should be a dream come true for every taxpayer in Portland.

    Downtown Portland is Amazing

    Walk, shop, eat, repeat. You can have some great weekends in downtown Portland. You’ll have more fun strolling around the city knowing that there’s no sales tax to pay. You can eat a hearty meal at $4, and you can save the rest for the best beverages.

    If you don’t know where to go yet, try visiting the Pearl District, Old Town Chinatown, South Waterfront, and Riverplace. You may even get a glimpse of a public art exhibit if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one. The views are also all snap-worthy, so make sure that your phone is always ready to capture the most captivating scenes of Portland.

    Sweater Weather

    The rainy days are almost constant in Portland, but the locals love this cool aspect of living in Portland. They can wear wool sweaters and hats, plus they can sport fashionable footwear like boots all year round. The exception to this sweater weather is their summer months; residents look forward to that season eagerly every year.

    Unlike other cities, summer months in Portland are bearable, only reaching a maximum of 90ºF. Whether you’re a fan of the rainy or sunny season, Portland has both for you to enjoy.

    Beers, Cocktails, and More

    Portland’s nightlife scene is always bustling and alive because of its best-rated beers and perfectly mixed cocktails. This city has 58 breweries due to its popularity when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

    You can sip a good beer at Jake’s Famous Crawfish as you feast on their signature oysters. You may also visit the Rum Club, Solo Club, and Multnomah Whiskey Library for their highballs and specialty cocktails. If you’re a big liquor aficionado, you’ll absolutely love Portland from the get-go.

    Family-friendly Activities

    Raising children in Portland is a great decision that parents should consider. Portland values family bonds, and its establishments can prove this fact. There are kid-friendly attractions in this city like the Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden, and Japanese Garden — where families can bond over the best views and interesting species of animals.

    The Oaks Amusement Park is one of the oldest and most-visited amusement parks in Portland, and they have the best child-friendly amenities. If your kids love interactive fun, you can go visit Portland Children’s Museum. In a nutshell, Portland is great for small and big families, and even solo travelers from all around the world.

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    Moving to Portland is a great milestone, and we want you to enjoy it by entrusting the heavy lifting to us. Trust us from the packing to the moving stage, and you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure.

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