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Furniture & Appliance Removal Services

Working throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and the Bay Area, the furniture removal experts at Move Central are at your service!

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    Reliable Furniture Removal in California

    Whether you’re moving, upgrading or simply decluttering, getting rid and disposing of worn-out and often-bulky items can be quite the challenge. You could skip all that hassle with Move Central at your side! Our haul-away service offers the perfect solution to all your furniture and appliance removal needs.

    Backed by industry expertise and a wide range of relocation services, our local moving company is experienced with carrying out all types of moves across California. Families and businesses alike frequently depend on us for heavy item removal as part of the relocation process. That being said, even if you don’t require our moving services, you can still utilize our expert-level furniture and appliance haul away solutions. We offer flexible pricing options to support your project, no matter how big or small.

    Choose Move Central for a seamless experience and say goodbye to the stress of furniture and appliance removal!

    More About Our Furniture Removal Services

    Move Central offers comprehensive appliance and junk furniture removal solutions tailored to your needs. From mattress removal to refrigerator removal, we handle it all! Here’s what you can expect from our removal services:

    Accepted Items: Move Central accepts a wide range of items for removal, including:

    • Wooden, glass, metal or particle board furniture
    • Furniture upholstery
    • Mattresses and box springs
    • Exercise equipment
    • Appliances
    • Electronics
    • Bulky or heavy items

    Environmental Responsibility: Move Central is committed to environmental responsibility. We transport items to designated recycling centers or landfills for proper disposal and recycling, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

    Excluded Items: While we accept a variety of items, there are some things we do not take, including:

    • Household trash or garbage
    • Yard waste
    • Construction debris
    • Toxic or hazardous waste
    • Medical waste and supplies
    • Paint
    • Scrap metal (vehicle parts or industrial equipment)
    • Tires
    • Flammable items

    Estimates: While we strive for transparency and accuracy in our price estimation process, our estimates are non-binding. Actual charges may vary depending on the final quantity and category of items removed.

    With Move Central, you can trust that your furniture and appliances will be removed efficiently and responsibly, leaving you with peace of mind and a clutter-free space.

    Other Move Central Services

    Move Central has several moving services to fit the unique demands of your move including:

    Why You Should Choose Move Central Over Anyone Else

    There are so many reasons to choose us over any competitor. We have more than a decade of experience helping our residential and commercial neighbors all across the state. Over these years, we’ve earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating and received thousands of positive reviews. We’re also fully licensed and insured as well as BBB accredited.

    In addition to our qualifications, Move Central stands out for our well-honed approach to moving. We always strive to ensure items are treated with care and the entire experience is centered around our customers’ convenience. Last, but not least, we offer no-hassle pricing. There are never any hidden charges or fees with us on the job!

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    Move Central is a California ProMover

    Only a select handful of movers in California are Certified ProMovers. Being a ProMover means that we abide 100% to all federal regulations as well as the American Moving and Storage Association’s Code of Ethics. Our commitment to professional, ethical business practice and quality customer service has made this all possible.

    Contact Us and Pack & Move With Ease

    Get ready for the easiest moving experience of your life. At Move Central, we streamlined the entire process for your convenience. Our customer service would be more than happy to help you schedule your move. Just contact us at 858-230-8281 and we’ll give you a free quote, or visit our website and fill out an intuitive form. Enjoy a stress-free move!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Move Central provide on-site or over-the-phone estimates?

    For furniture and appliance removal as a standalone service, only phone or virtual estimates are provided.

    How do I prepare for furniture removal?

    Just make sure the items are readily accessible.

    How do I prepare for appliance removal?

    Appliances must be disconnected and readily accessible.

    How long does furniture removal take?

    It depends on the number of items but it’s a pretty quick process.

    Can items be removed if the owner is not present?

    Move Central typically requires someone to be on-site. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances, as determined on a case-by-case basis.

    What items can be taken?

    We handle a wide range of items including bed frames, grills, A/C units, lawnmowers, pool tables, pianos, washers and dryers as well as any-sized couch removal.

    Does Move Central remove large, heavy or bulky items?

    Yes, we have the tools and expertise to remove such items without incident.