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    Move Central: Your Residential Moving Specialist in California 

    Are you in search of a residential moving specialist in California?

    Packing up and making the trip to a new residence is a big moment for anyone. This can be an occasion that starts someone on a whole new chapter in their career, family growth, and life.

    As excited as you may be about this upcoming journey, the thought of actually carrying it out can seem overwhelming at first. Luckily, the right residential moving company can get you to your new home in a quick and efficient manner.

    We here at Move Central take pride in making residential moves an experience you’ll enjoy – we’re the moving company that will help you enjoy the process of heading to your new home.

    What Are You Concerned About During Your Move?

    A residential move is a very personal and involved task. There’s a lot to keep track of, and probably a lot on your mind as well.

    We’ve moved over 40,000 individuals, so we know some of the main concerns that people have. You’re probably asking yourself questions like these:

    • “When’s the soonest I will be able to get everything packed and moved over?”
    • “How will I protect my belongings during the trip?”
    • “Who can help me handle this process – who can I trust with my property?”
    • “Where will I find moving supplies, and a moving truck?”
    • “What would be the overall cost of hiring someone to help me?”

    We’re dedicated to answering all your questions and handling all your concerns during the moving process. As your residential moving specialist, we’re committed to your peace of mind. 

    For us, this means being respectful of your time, money, property, family, and requests from start to finish. We cherish the chance to make moving a positive experience, and we’re excited to show you what we can do.

    Why Choose Us as Your Residential Moving Specialist?

    When you’re looking for a company you can trust to help you with this important task, look no further. We’ve got the skills, equipment, and track record to get you moved to your new destination whether it’s a local trip or a long distance away.

    Your Belongings Are Always in Good Hands

    Here at Move Central, we believe that moving is a delicate process and should be treated as such. We hire and train only the best, so you’ll never have to worry about your property being damaged. Our licensed organization uses the top techniques and follows all moving regulations.

    We’re also insured – so just in case the unexpected does happen during the moving process, you’ll have a double layer of protection and certainty in place when it comes to your precious belongings. 

    We Use Proper Moving Supplies and Equipment

    When you’re getting your property moved from one place to another, it’s not just about who you have loading it or even the techniques they use to move it. Packing is an important matter that requires the proper approach – specifically, it requires the right type of supplies. We use:

    • Appropriately sized boxes so your belongings don’t slide around in the truck
    • Wraps to stop surfaces and corners from getting dinged or dented during transport
    • Carts to move heavy boxes, appliances, and large items like pianos

    This important aspect of the moving process protects your belongings during the trip. In addition to packing and loading your belongings, we’ll also help with unpacking and unloading. If you have furniture, we’ll disassemble it before packing and reassemble it when we reach your new destination.

    We even have secure monitored and alarm-protected professional storage units you can rent if you need to store some belongings in the interim. You’ll feel confident knowing your belongings are protected, and we’ll load from these units when you’re ready to move.

    Our full array of moving services and use of top moving supplies serves to offer you a holistic experience. We’re the residential moving company that does it all.

    Our Track Record Tells the Full Story

    Moving is a process that requires proper skills and supplies to perform correctly. But our appeal goes beyond just the technical side. We have a track record that shows we stand behind our approach, and deliver in the field where it really counts.

    We have plenty of positive feedback, in the form of 1,500+ reviews that put us right at 5-star ratings on Google, HomeAdvisor, and more. We also have a 97 percent referral rate. Our customers have spoken, and we always delight in hearing that we’ve helped to make someone’s moving experience easier.

    The True Value of Hiring a Residential Moving Company

    When you call on Move Central, all your moving concerns will be met as you head to your new home.

    The move will be handled swiftly, and all your property will be protected. You’ll save money by getting the labor, supplies, transport, and storage services all from one provider. But perhaps the most important benefit of all involves the sense of clarity you’ll experience.

    For a cherished event like a residential move, we’ll pack away the stress and unload the worries off your shoulders. With us handling the move, you can focus your attention on:

    • Preparing your upcoming residence, with us by your side to help you unload belongings
    • Exploring the area where you’re moving to, whether it’s across town or across the state
    • Immersing yourself in the experience of turning the page to a new chapter in life

    No one wants to focus all their attention on finding boxes, cramming belongings into the car, and trying to get to their new home on time. Hiring a residential moving specialist empowers you to head to your new home with a clear head and an optimistic mentality.

    Move Central – a Residential Moving Company You Can Rely On

    When you live in a residence you feel comfortable with, it creates a sense of belonging, security, and trust. Why not aim for all these qualities in the moving company that will get you there?

    Our credentialed, experienced, professional residential moving company will make sure you’re completely satisfied with the experience. We book up quickly, so contact us today and we can start planning to get you moved to your new home.

    california pro mover logo

    Move Central is a California ProMover

    Only a select handful of movers in California are Certified ProMovers. Being a ProMover means that we abide 100% to all federal regulations as well as the American Moving and Storage Association’s Code of Ethics. Our commitment to professional, ethical business practice and quality customer service has made this all possible.

    Local Moving Rates – What’s Included?

    You are never charged extra for the following:

    • Taxes
    • Stair fees/long carry fees
    • Door and Floor protection
    • Basic Equipment
    • Free Basic valuation coverage ($.60 per pound per article)

    How Long Does It Take To Move? | Approximate Local Moving Times

    Type of DwellingSquare FeetNumber of MoversHours of LoadingDrive TimeHours of UnloadingApproximate Total Hours
    Studio4502 Movers1.5 Hours0.5 Hours1.5 Hours3 - 4 Hours
    1 Bedroom Apartment7002 Movers2 Hours0.5 Hours1.5 Hours3 - 6 Hours
    2 Bedroom Apartment9003 Movers3 Hours0.5 Hours1.5 Hours4 - 7 Hours
    2 Bedroom House/Condo11003 Movers4 Hours0.5 Hours2.5 Hours6 - 8 Hours
    3 Bedroom House/Condo15004 Movers4.5 Hours0.5 Hours3 Hours8 - 9 Hours
    4 Bedroom House/Condo20004 - 6 Movers5 Hours0.5 Hours4+ Hours8 - 10 Hours
    Larger House/Condo5000+6+ Movers6+ Hours0.5 Hours4.5+ Hours8 - 12 Hours

    Join the Ranks of Our Satisfied Customers

    Are you ready for the easiest moving experience you’ve ever had? Here at Move Central, we take the reins and do all we can to finish your move quickly and securely. We have a friendly staff of customer service reps ready and waiting to help get your move scheduled. Reach out to us online or give us for your local moving quote today at 858-230-8281. We’re excited to hear from you and can’t wait to take care of your upcoming move!