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Moving from Orange County to Los Angeles

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    Moving from Los Angeles to Orange County can be a big step in your life.

    While this shift in location will keep you in beautiful California, the two areas are distinct in their own way. Depending on how much you have to move, the relocation process can be challenging.

    The good news is there are some perks in making the move to Orange County from Los Angeles. The great news is you can streamline your journey there by enlisting a talented moving company. 

    Benefits of Moving to Orange County from Los Angeles

    They’re two of the most popular and frequently visited locations in the state. Arguably California’s two top spots, these areas share some similarities.

    However, moving from Orange County to Los Angeles will allow you to enjoy some major benefits, and it could result in a better quality of life for you and your family. 

    Suburban Environment with a Quieter Feel

    The sight of Los Angeles cityscapes can be breathtaking, even for those who’ve lived here for years. While the sights can be impressive, the towering and crowded feel can get a bit stifling after a while.

    Orange County functions more like an expansive ecosystem of connected suburbs rather than a central supercity. As such, there are many advantages, including:

    • Lower population density means fewer crowds, more privacy, and added breathing room
    • Many areas shut down earlier, leading to a tamer night scene and a quieter ambiance
    • Traffic isn’t light, but it’s much less dense than Los Angeles, making parking easier to find as well

    Even those who enjoy living in close proximity to such a well-developed and fast-growing area like Los Angeles may desire to scale back just a bit. In this regard, moving to Orange County can be the perfect adjustment.

    Laid Back Approach to Business and Pleasure

    Beach buffs, fear not – the sands and shores of beautiful Orange County will welcome you just like the ones in Los Angeles. The difference is that the former’s beaches have a much more laid back feel.

    Los Angeles’s crowds often find their way to the waves, and the shores are stuffed with competitive volleyball and surfing matches. It’s much easier to surf, soak up sun, and enjoy watersports in Orange County.

    This relaxed vibe is also present in the area’s economic scene. While Orange County matches Los Angeles in many areas of economic development, the competition is lower. This results in a work environment that’s rewarding, but less stressful in many cases.  Some fields even show more job options, including management, business, finance, and computer science.

    Helpful Reminders for a Move from Los Angeles to Orange County

    Before it’s time to pack up belongings and load the truck, there are some important aspects of your relocation journey you should plan.

    Taking these steps ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your move to Orange County from Los Angeles more. You’ll enter your new location with excitement and confidence, because you’re set up for success. Here are a few tasks to complete:

    • Change your address for billing, subscription services, taxes, and regular mail
    • Turn off current utilities and ensure they’re turned on at the new location
    • Clean your old residence or your old office if you’re looking to recover a deposit
    • Clean the bathroom and kitchen of your new residence so you can freshen up upon arrival
    • Familiarize yourself with the new town so you know where necessary stops are

    Once you’ve taken these steps, it’s on to the moving process itself. No matter the length or duration of the trip, you can make the time pass easier with the right preparation.

    How to Prepare for Your Orange County Move

    Are you ready to leave Los Angeles and put down roots in Orange County? Here are some tips you can use to get ready.

    Prepare Yourself Mentally for the Trip

    Preparing to move to Orange County from Los Angeles may mean a decent drive, some heavy traffic, and the temporary upheaval of your life. 

    It helps to get yourself into the right mental state for the trip. Remember to focus on gratitude, and be thankful for the chance to head to a new location with so many advantages. It also helps to get plenty of sleep leading up to the big move, and have a healthy breakfast that morning.

    Pack Up Using a Strategic Approach

    A proper approach to packing can make even the longest move seamless and simple. To start, make a list of everything that’s going. Putting it on paper will ease a lot of your concerns about leaving items behind by mistake.

    Creating a list will also provide you with a chance to see if there are items you don’t want to take, or are unsure about in the moment. These items can be placed in storage, so you can take your time considering whether you want to move, recycle, donate, or sell them.

    A proper approach to packing includes:

    • Using padding and wraps to protect items in transit
    • Using protective materials for doors and floors to guard surfaces while moving 
    • Labeling items for easy placement on the truck and convenient unpacking 

    While some people think that long distance moves create more challenges than local ones, the right approach makes both the same. Whether you’re moving a block over or completely changing areas, a professional moving expert can give you a convenient experience.

    Make Your Long Distance Move to Orange County with Us

    When you’re moving from Los Angeles to Orange County, you’ve got some ground to cover and probably some questions to ask. That’s where we come in.

    Our team of renowned moving specialists boasts great reviews on Google, Facebook, Thumbtack, Birdeye, and CustomerLobby. We’d love to show you why so many people choose us.

    As a fully licensed and insured company, we’ve got the credentials customers seek for an important task like this. We also have moving supplies, storage units, and trained professionals to make this move a quality experience that will provide you with complete satisfaction.

    When you’re ready to get on the road to Orange County, reach out to us. Contact us here for a free moving quote – once we know you’re ready, we’ll start prioritizing your move. We book up fast, so reach out today!

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