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Moving from Los Angeles to San Diego

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    Moving from Los Angeles to San Diego? Call Move Central

    Are you making a move from Los Angeles to San Diego?

    Making the shift from “The City of Angels” to “America’s Finest City” can be a big change. While both encompass that California combination of beautiful scenery and vast cityscapes, making the switch could leave you with a better quality of life.

    Of course, the distance, traffic, and amount of property you have to move will all play a role in how your moving experience plays out. But by enlisting the help of a relocation expert, moving to San Diego from Los Angeles becomes a much easier process.

    Quick Tips Before You Start Your San Diego Move

    Heading from one location to another leaves your life temporarily in flux. This suspension between two different settings makes it easy to forget certain aspects of the relocation process.

    To ensure that you adequately close out your Los Angeles chapter and set off to San Diego with a strong start, consider these important tips:

    • Familiarize yourself with the new area’s grocery stores, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, restaurants, emergency services, and other important spots
    • Change your mailing address for bills, taxes, subscriptions, and packages.
    • Inform your Los Angeles utility providers of the date that your utilities should be shut off. Also make sure everything is turned on and ready at your San Diego location.

    These simple tips will ensure that once your move is in motion and the boxes are being brought to the truck, you’ll be prepared to enjoy your new life in what some would call California’s finest area.

    Why People Move from Los Angeles to San Diego

    At a glance, Los Angeles may seem like a lavish and picturesque representation of California life.

    The glamorous celeb culture of Hollywood, the tons of talented people trying to break into the entertainment field, the countless solopreneurs and influencers hustling to change the world – what’s not to love?

    While it’s true these are some high points, you’ll also enjoy some major benefits if you decide to make San Diego your home instead.

    California Culture – Without LA Crowds

    While it’s still densely populated with 1.35 million people, that’s only about a third of the population of Los Angeles, which is the West Coast’s most popular city and the second most populous city in the country. As such, there are advantages of making this move.

    Fewer people means less congestion, both in terms of neighborhood layouts and road traffic. You’ll have an easier time finding a space you can feel comfortable in, a parking space while you’re out, and better headspace because of the reduced noise.

    Are San Diego Residents Healthier and Happier?

    While these two qualities are subjective to some degree, there are high marks in health and happiness for those living in San Diego. Some of these perks include:

    • A strong public transportation system that helps to lower road congestion
    • Less pollution, an increase in healthier lifestyles, and better healthcare for residents
    • Competitive cost of living, with lower costs in key areas like housing

    Even if you’ve enjoyed a good life in Los Angeles, moving to San Diego can put you in a better spot to appreciate a slower and more relaxed atmosphere without losing that West Coast climate, nightlife, and beach-front view.

    A Surprisingly Competitive Economic Landscape

    Despite its lower population, San Diego is on par with Los Angeles in terms of economic performance. Though it may not attract quite as many competitive professionals looking to start the next great industry-leading company, it does lead Los Angeles in some job sectors.

    These include management, education, business, finance, and more. If you’re moving from Los Angeles to San Diego for business purposes, you should have no worries about finding strong career prospects.

    Helpful Tips for Your Long Distance Move

    To make your move to San Diego from Los Angeles as quick, seamless, and professional as possible, it helps to consider each aspect of the relocation process carefully.

    By going in order with a well-established moving plan, you’ll move the proceedings along at a quicker pace, and feel more confident about the entire operation.

    Create a List of Items 

    Which items will you be taking with you on your trip? Which ones will be staying behind? Of those which are going, which ones may need some extra care on the trip?

    Creating a moving list of belongings will allow you to keep track of everything. Some perks of the list approach include:

    • You can ensure nothing is left behind
    • You can go one room at a time if need be
    • You can pack items in order of importance or special handling needs
    • You can see which items you don’t want to take

    Of the items you don’t want to bring along, you can choose whether you’d like to recycle them if they’re in bad condition, or even sell or donate them if they’re still in good condition.

    How to Pack Your Belongings Securely

    Once you have a moving list, you’ll have an idea of the number of boxes and totes you’ll need. By using correct sizes, you’ll reduce movement of your items in transit, which in turn reduces the chance of property damage.

    Padding can also secure items in boxes, and sit between boxes to stop them from bumping into one another. Using tape to seal them is also highly advised, as is labeling them. Labels will make the unpacking process much easier, as you’ll know where everything is and you can take it to it’s appropriate destination – meaning you only have to move it once after you arrive. 

    For items that are too big to box up, wrapping them is the best way to protect them. As for how to maneuver them, this is where hand carts and dollies come in. Finally, don’t forget to protect doorways, floors, and stairs while all this is going on by using covers.

    Move from Los Angeles to San Diego with Move Central

    Move Central would be more that happy to handle your move from Los Angeles to San Diego.

    We’re a full-service moving company that’s delivered amazing results for home and office moves both locally and over long distances.

    Our licensed and insured organization only employs highly trained professionals. We have moving supplies and professional storage units as well, making us the comprehensive relocation resource that can get you to your new home with ease.

    We book up fast, so reach out today for your free quote – we can’t wait to get your move going.