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Moving from Orange County to Seattle

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    There are a number of good reasons why residents of Orange County should consider moving to Seattle. This article contains many of them and more important information about Seattle.

    Relocating is Always a Tough Decision

    Moving to another city and state, whether it’s nearby or quite a distance from your current residence, is never an easy decision to make. There is so much to consider before making your decision to move, final.

    Some of the important questions you may have about the city you are considering are: Is the cost of living cheaper? What type of transportation is available? How’s the economy? What attractions do they have? How’s the weather? Is it safe to live there? And more. Here you will find the answers to these questions and more about Seattle, Washington. If you would like more information contact Move Central.

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    The Many Advantages of Relocating to Seattle

    There are many reasons why Seattle is a great place to live: The city of houseboats has a flavorful business market, a world-class academic center, a remarkable culture, many opportunities for outdoor explorations, the most beautiful summer weather, and more. Not to mention that you don’t have to pay state taxes in the state of Washington.

    Seattle Climate

    Weather-wise, you basically have two seasons in Seattle: Summer and Winter. The summers in Seattle are merely warm, dry, and partly cloudy, while the winters are relatively cold, moist, and mostly cloudy. Temperatures barely reach above 88°F or go below 28°F. They tend to fluctuate throughout the year from 37°F to 79°F.

    Cost of Living in Seattle vs Orange County

    The overall cost of living in Seattle is very similar to that of Orange County. In fact, there is only a 2.3 percent difference in the overall index. However, while the median home cost is only 2.1 percent more in Orange County and healthcare costs are 5.9 percent more, the cost of utilities is a whopping 40.3 percent more in Orange County at 96.5 percent while Seattle is at 68.8 percent.

    Transportation Price Differences

    A local transport one-way ticket costs $2.75 in Seattle, whereas in Orange County it costs $4.25. The regular price of a monthly bus pass is $99.00 in Seattle and $112.50 in Orange County. A one-hour taxi ride will cost $30.00 in Seattle and $65.00 in Orange County.

    Apartment Rental Prices Compared

    Looking at apartment rentals, a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle’s City Center costs around $2,232.64, while in the City Centre of Orange County, it costs roughly $2,615.42. For a one-bedroom apartment outside of the City Centre, it will cost $1,792.43 in Seattle and $2,390.62 in Orange County. To rent a three-bedroom apartment in the City Centre of Seattle costs around $4,158.68, and $4,113.00 in Orange County. Outside the City Centre, a three-bedroom apartment in Seattle costs about $3,068.71, and $3,543.57 in Orange County.

    Consumer prices — rent included — in Orange County are 0.42 percent higher than Seattle prices. Thus, the prices of rent alone in Orange County are 12.53 percent higher than Seattle prices.

    State Economy Rankings

    Economic growth in the U. S. heavily depends on individual states’ performance and some states contribute more than others. For example, California has the world’s fifth largest economy with a GDP that’s larger than countries like France, India, and the U.K. Compared to California’s GDP of $3.4 trillion, at $36.7 billion, Vermont has a GDP that’s about 91 times smaller.

    To determine the economy of each state during a time of economic difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 50 states were compared by WalletHub with three key focal points: 1. Economic Activity, 2. Economic Health, 3. Innovation Potential. Based on 28 key economic indicators for strength and performance, the data set ranged from startup activity to GDP growth and sharing of high-tech industry jobs.

    The state of Washington ranked number one with an overall score of 73.83, while California took third place with an overall score of 70.30.

    Also, for the second year, Washington ranked number one for the best state of all U.S. states by USNews. This rank is based on many data points measuring how well states perform for their citizens. Metrics take into account education, health care, state economy, bridges, roads, internet, public safety, crime, corrections, a state’s natural environments, and more. It also considers state government stability, and the opportunities afforded to its residents.

    Many Californians Choose Washington to Relocate

    While California has favorable weather, jobs, and impressive universities, it has a high cost of living, housing costs, and taxes. Because of this, many people with a $55,000 or less income left California between 2007 and 2016. These people mostly relocated to Arizona, Texas, and Washington state.

    Washington state is also one of the top five most popular preferred states to relocate to by California locals. California’s population has decreased by 138,000 from August 2017 to July 2018. Of those, 55,467 moved to the state of Washington. The most popular city for newcomers in Washington state is Seattle. During the past three years, 125,000 people have relocated from California to the state of Washington.

    About Seattle Washington

    Seattle is the largest city in Washington which lies in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by mountains, water, and evergreen forests. It’s home to the major tech industry, with Amazon and Microsoft headquartered in the metropolitan area. The city’s iconic landmark is a futuristic Space Needle from a World’s Fair legacy in 1962.

    Seattle’s largest universities include the “University of Washington-Seattle”, which awarded 14,935 degrees in 2020, “Seattle University”, which awarded 2,534 degrees, and “Seattle Central College”, which awarded 1,229 degrees.

    Top companies headquartered in Seattle include Starbucks, Amazon, Expeditors International of Washington, Nordstrom, Weyerhaeuser, Expedia Group, and Zillow.

    Want to Make Your Move Run Smoothly?

    If you are looking for ways to make your move easier check out “How to Plan and Organize Your Next Move” or “Four Ways to Make Your Move Less Stressful“.

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    Making such a big move from Orange County to Seattle requires the help of top local movers. Move Central provides top-quality moving services for all your relocating needs. Get in touch with us today!

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