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Moving from San Jose to San Diego

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    The journey when you’re moving from San Jose to San Diego can be a long one – best to bring in a trusted moving partner along the way.

    When you’re gearing up for the tall task that is a change in location, you’re setting yourself up for a better quality of life. This is especially true if you’ve thoroughly researched your upcoming destination and noted the clear advantages it has.

    Couple this fresh scenery with an efficient moving process, and you’ve got an experience that will set a new course for you – to a new home, a new city, and a new chapter.

    Saying Goodbye San Jose, Hello San Diego

    When you’re saying goodbye to your home in San Jose, it may be a bittersweet experience. While it’s one of California’s most highly rated metropolitan areas, San Diego may just have it beat in a few areas.

    When you compare how your new city is in comparison to the old one, the benefits will be as clear as the water on the California shores. 

    San Diego’s Housing Costs Are More Manageable 

    On the subject of bidding your old home goodbye, one thing you may be glad to say farewell to is the cost. Many places in California have high property values compared to other parts of the country – but by moving from San Jose to San Diego, you’ll find it’s much easier to save money on housing.

    Other costs that are more manageable in San Diego include healthcare, groceries, and transportation. Couple this together, and your monthly income may just go further in your new home, leaving you with more leftover to save or to spend exploring your new space.

    Plenty of Attractions and Amenities

    Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of the outdoors, or a sports fanatic, this region provides tons of recreational options to explore. A few of the top must-see sights include:

    • USS Midway Museum
    • San Diego Zoo
    • Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
    • Petco Park
    • Cabrillo National Monument

    The city also boasts a diverse menu of restaurants, a regular rotation of fun events, and a night scene that’s great for the young and young at heart.

    Grab Your Sunscreen and Swimwear

    While San Jose requires you to drive to get to the beach, San Diego’s shores are a part of the city’s main appeal. With a relaxed beach atmosphere that’s free from the crowds and competitive atmosphere of bigger cities in the area, you’ll love the chance to soak up this aspect of San Diego.

    The temperate climate also makes the area ideal for jogging, biking, walks, frisbee, and more. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and loves to stay in shape, the trails, parks, and 70 miles of San Diego shoreline welcome you.

    How to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

    All this talk about beautiful beaches and exciting amenities may have you eager to make your move from San Jose to San Diego. So how do you get started?

    The first step is to get a plan together. Especially for long distance moves, there are some key steps to take. But before you can begin talking about your belongings, you have to focus first on yourself – after all, you’re the one who will be in charge of the move, even if you call a moving company to serve you.

    Preparing Yourself for the Move Ahead

    A long distance move can be very mentally and physically taxing. Add in the California traffic and it can be even more stressful – unless you prepare properly. You’ll want to make sure you take care of your mind and your body leading up to this important event.

    Get plenty of sleep leading up to the move. Try meditation and journaling to put yourself in a calm, acceptant, and grateful frame of mind for this event, which is something anyone would be fortunate to experience. 

    Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of the move, and stay hydrated. It will also help to keep some healthy snacks and extra water around for the move, the drive, and the unpacking process.

    Preparing Your Current and Future Locations

    When you’re moving to San Diego from San Jose, you may be ready to leave your old location behind. But it’s crucial to keep it in good condition, especially if you want to get a deposit back or just show courtesy to the future owners. 

    Cleaning up the location is a wise idea, as is using covers for surfaces like floors and doorways once the moving begins. This strategy is also helpful for the new facility, since no one wants to damage their new abode, especially on the first day. Other tips for the new place include:

    • Call ahead to make sure utilities are set up, especially water and power
    • Switch your mailing address on time so you don’t miss any mail at your new home
    • Clean your new bathroom and kitchen ahead of time, so you can freshen up when you arrive

    Once these preliminary steps are completed, it’s time to start the packing process. While some say this is what they dread most when moving from San Jose to San Diego, it’s easy with the right approach.

    Preparing Your Belongings for the Trip

    Packing up for the trip starts with going through a checklist of your belongings. Ideally you’ll want to go room by room, and if you want to get more specific, group items in each room by sensitivity.

    That priceless cookware in the kitchen and fine art over the table may need added padding when you box it up. The same could be said of the high-quality printer and fax in your home office. 

    Using a combination of properly selected boxes, padding, wrapping, and hand carts for heavier items will make it easy for you to load everything onto the truck – and more importantly, it will put your mind at ease about getting everything moved from San Jose to San Diego.

    Let’s Get Your San Diego Move on Track

    When you’re prepared to say farewell to your old life in San Jose, Move Central is prepared to support you on the journey.

    Our team of professionally trained moving experts are fully licensed and insured for your satisfaction and your peace of mind. Not only do we have the moving supplies you need for a safe relocation of all your property, but we have storage units for the items you need to stash away for the time being.

    We book up fast, so don’t wait to book with us – reach out today for a free moving estimate, and we’ll get moving together.

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