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Trusted Intrastate Long Distance Movers in San Diego

At Move Central, we understand that relocating across long distances within the same state comes with its own host of stresses and obstacles. Not only are you packing up your whole home and life to move somewhere that’s likely completely new to you, but you’re trusting a company to safely transport your precious belongings hundreds of miles.

Hiring reliable intrastate movers can help eliminate a great deal of hassle from the relocation process, whether you’re moving to San Diego or to another location in California. Move Central is one of the few moving companies that is licensed and bonded for moves throughout the state.

We offer multiple options for long-distance moving, and all our intrastate moving services come with flat rates you can count on. Plus, we hire San Diego’s best  long distance movers to ensure that your belongings are safe and well-cared for from start to finish.

Your Move: Your Choice | Options for Intrastate Moving

All of Move Central’s long distance moves start with a flat rate quote, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or extra costs piling up on moving day. Additionally, we include packing and unpacking services for our long distance customers in San Diego. This helps ensure that your belongings are properly packed in the highest quality moving boxes, so they arrive at your new home damage-free, no matter how long we’re on the road.

Move Central offers two options for long distance moves, to help customers relocate cross-state with any budget. 

  • For folks who want their belongings driven alone, we have dedicated trucks, which offer multiple benefits. First, there’s no chance for your belongings to get mixed with someone else’s. Your belongings are never transferred from truck to truck on the road, and there’s much less wait time when you use a dedicated truck.
  • If you’re looking to spend less on your long distance move, we also offer shared trucks at discounted prices. For our shared truck customers, we utilize inventory lists and barricades to separate the loads being carried, keeping customers’ items from mixing and ensuring that you receive all your belongings properly in your new home. 

No matter which option you choose, you’ll always get the same professional service from our highly trained, courteous and prompt San Diego intrastate movers.

Move Central is an AMSA Certified ProMover

The AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) allows only a select few cross country moving companies to become certified as ProMovers. Being a ProMover means that we abide 100% to all federal regulations as well as the American Moving and Storage Association’s Code of Ethics. Our commitment to professional, ethical business practice and quality customer service has made this all possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered long distance moving?

While different long distance moving companies in San Diego may define this type of moving differently, a long distance, intrastate move typically refers to a relocation that crosses over 100 miles within one state. 

For instance, moving from San Diego to San Francisco would be considered long distance by all accounts. Similarly, if you live in San Diego and plan on moving to L.A., this would also be a long distance move as the two cities have more than 100 miles in between. 

Distance is not the only factor that differentiates long distance moves from their local counterparts. A long distance move will also require more thorough and time-consuming preparation, and will be priced differently than a local move would be. 

As one of the most reputable long distance residential moving companies in the San Diego area, Move Central offers premium quality moving services at flat rates that hide no additional costs. With us, you will know exactly how we determined your long distance moving cost, and won’t have to worry about any hidden expenses cropping up.

How do long distance moves within a state work?

There’s a lot that goes into planning and executing a long distance move. In fact, in most cases, an intrastate relocation would be far too difficult to perform without the help of experienced long distance or cross state movers in San Diego. At Move Central, we approach each move with undivided attention and care. Moving with us includes: 

  • Getting a flat rate quote: each long distance move begins with a transparent estimate based on the total distance that needs to be traveled as well as the number of possessions that need to be transported. 
  • Packing and unpacking services: to make your move even easier, we can also pack your belongings in secure moving boxes and transport them damage-free to your new residence. 
  • Dedicated trackable trucks for your belongings: if you decide to have us move your belongings separately from anyone else’s, we will transport them to your new home safely, eliminating the possibility of your possessions getting mixed up. 
  • A shared-truck option: we also offer discounted prices for shared truck clients. If you choose this option, we will separate your items using barricades and rely on inventory lists to make sure that all of your possessions arrive at your new home safely.  

If you live in San Diego and you are planning a long distance intrastate move, you should choose your long distance moving company carefully. One good indication of reliable intrastate movers is a ProMovers certification from the American Moving & Storage Association

As AMSA-certified movers, we follow all federal regulations and ethical practices when performing long distance moves, offering a high level of reliability, security, and service quality to our clients.

How do I prepare for an intrastate move?

Packing up all of your possessions and moving to a distant location across the state  is a challenging endeavor. If you’ve decided to take this step, you probably already know that this type of move brings a whole host of decisions you have to make before the moving day arrives. Hopefully, the following tips will help you eliminate some of the stress from your relocation: 

  • It’s never too early to start planning: the earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to compare long distance movers reviews, figure out the timeline for packing, and determine which items you wish to move and which ones to leave behind. 
  • Do your research: before the moving day arrives, you should research the location you’ll be relocating to, as this will help you remove some of the uncertainty that long distance moving entails.  
  • Choose the right company: we can’t stress this enough; picking San Diego’s  experienced and reliable long distance movers can go a long way towards making the entire process easier. 
  • Think about the timeline: organizing your time efficiently is one of the best ways to perform a successful intrastate move. For instance, you should try to plan in advance how and when you’ll declutter your home, pack your belongings, and disassemble your furniture. 
  • Hold on to valuable items: if you have any precious possessions that you wouldn’t want broken, consider transporting them in the car or plane with you. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated suitcase for your favorite items.
How do I make a long distance move easier?

Are you moving from San Diego, or moving into the San Diego area from another part of the state? If you’re dreading the day of your long distance move, we have just what you need. Try the following tips for a successful intrastate move: 

  • Get estimates from multiple cross state moving companies
  • Consider leaving some of your belongings behind 
  • Plan the placement of furniture in your new home 
  • Update all your important documents 
  • Check if all your belongings are packed before your movers leave 
  • Pack fragile items carefully, using paper or bubble wrap 
  • Label your items with your name as an extra precaution
How to find reliable San Diego intrastate movers?

When searching for intrastate moving companies near you, you should take your time to explore your options and find trustworthy movers who will transport your belongings with the utmost care. Unfortunately, not all long distance movers are what they claim to be, so make sure not to rush things when picking the professionals for your move. 

At Move Central, we strive to be as upfront and transparent with our customers as possible when rendering our moving services across San Diego. We offer a flat-rate pricing system and take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of your belongings. We understand that you may have concerns about the state of your precious possessions, especially if you’re moving out of state. 

To ensure your safety, we only work with trustworthy drivers and transport your valued items in routinely maintained and serviced vehicles. What’s more, we will never transfer your items from truck to truck on the road, which removes any chances of your belongings getting lost or mixed up. 

What to look for in a long distance moving company?

Searching for “the best long distance company near me” online and picking the first option that pops up is not enough if you want to ensure a successful move. Here are some questions you should ask when researching San Diego intrastate moving companies for your move: 

  • Are your movers licensed and bonded? Your moving company should be able to provide proof that they have all the necessary licenses and insurance. 
  • Are your movers experienced? Long distance moving is a challenging job that requires quite a bit of skill and experience, so make sure to choose seasoned movers. 
  • Are your rates fully transparent? Make sure to ask your San Diego mover to give you a detailed quote and double check to make sure that all expenses are included.
How should I pack for a long distance move?

The more belongings you plan to move into your new home, the more challenging and expensive your long distance move will be. That is why you should try downsizing your belongings before hiring San Diego’s trusted moving professionals. Here’s what you can do:  

  • Sell your belongings online or organize a garage sale 
  • Give some of your possessions to family and friends 
  • Give items you don’t need to charity

What should you not move long distance?

Not all items are suitable for long distance transportation. If you’ve already picked the best San Diego movers, know that they may not be willing to transport some of the following items: 

  • Plants 
  • Food 
  • Hazardous and explosive materials 
  • Flammable materials 
  • Pets 
  • Valuables (documents, cash, jewelry, etc) 
  • Corrosive items 

If you aren’t sure which items can and cannot be transported to your new home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Move Central. Our customer service staff will gladly assist you in all things moving-related.

How much to tip long distance movers?

While most intrastate long distance moving companies don’t require tips, you are definitely welcome to show your appreciation if you’ve found trustworthy and hardworking professionals near you in San Diego. If your movers have been friendly and dependable, and you’re satisfied with their work, tipping them is surely a good idea. Exactly how much you decide to tip is entirely up to you!

What is the best moving company for long distance in San Diego and across California?

Looking for an intrastate mover in San Diego? Move Central can help you whether you’re moving from San Diego to another location in California, or moving from San Francisco to San Diego. We offer dependable transportation services that ensure the safety of your belongings from start to finish. Our knowledgeable drivers have years of experience in handling fragile items, and use floor runners, blankets, and dollies to keep your items safe and intact throughout the move. 

If you’re looking for moving companies to relocate from San Diego to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or any other location in California, Move Central is the obvious choice. You can visit us in our office near Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, give us a call, or get your detailed quote online using our estimate form. Reach out to us today!

Moves Within California –
California Intrastate Moves

For over a decade Move Central has been moving customers to and from San Diego to anywhere within California.

Our most common intrastate moving routes include:

San Diego to/from San Francisco & Bay Area

Distance from San Diego to San Francisco – 500 Miles

San Diego to/from Orange County

Distance from San Diego to Orange County – 90 Miles

San Diego to/from Los Angeles

Distance from San Diego to Los Angeles – 120 Miles

San Diego to/from Riverside County

Distance from San Diego to Riverside County – 100 Miles

San Diego to/from Sacramento

Distance from San Diego to Sacramento – 500 Miles

Moves Out of California –
Interstate Moves

We regularly perform interstate long distance moves from San Diego to anywhere in the U.S.

Our most common interstate moving routes include:

San Diego to/from Arizona

Distance from San Diego to Phoenix, AZ – 350 Miles

San Diego to/from Nevada

Distance from San Diego to Las Vegas, NV – 330 Miles

Tips for Moving Cross Country

Moving long distance, especially to a new city or state, can be very stressful. One way to ensure your peace of mind is by making sure you have your moving plan in order ahead of time. Here are a few of our tips for making your long distance move easy and stress-free.

  • Lock in your price. Budgeting your move is a huge stressor, so eliminate your worries by choosing a moving company that offers flat-rate long-distance moving.
  • Check your calendar. Long distance moves require planning ahead, so make sure to schedule your moving day at least a month in advance to ensure your moving company is available and ready for you to help you relocate.
  • Check the specific long distance movers reviews – choose the right movers. The best thing you can do to ensure a stress-free move is pick the right moving company. Move Central’s excellent customer service has earned us hundreds of five-star reviews on Yelp and Google, so let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your new home. Move Central is one of California’s highest rated interstate moving companies.
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