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6 Ideas For Leftover Moving Boxes

There are tons of things you can do with your leftover moving boxes. Here are 6 great ideas for that stack of moving boxes left over after your move.

Recycle Them

It’s best to only recycle the moving boxes you think might not be used again by a neighbor or someone else moving. There’s no point in giving almost new moving boxes to a recycling center when you can just give them away for someone else to use.

Give Them Away On Craigslist

Many people who are looking to move look on Craigslist for free moving boxes. Simply post your offer on Craigslist in your area and ask the people to contact you via email or text message to get the address of where you’ll be leaving them at the curb.

Keep Them

You’ll be surprised how many times in the future you could use a sturdy cardboard box to store things. After your move, break down your boxes and keep the best ones stored in your garage for later use. You can also keep a few of your older ones to identify small oil leaks in your car.

Make Crafts With Your Kids

There are many things you can make out of leftover cardboard moving boxes with your kids. You can make cardboard spaceships, box forts, castles, play cars, slide for down the stairs, mini car tracks, lemonade stands, playhouses, or simply just give them to your kids and let their imaginations go wild.

For Your Pets

Both cats & dogs love cardboard boxes. You can make small cat condos, scratch posts, dog beds & other things your pets would love.

Costumes For Halloween

Here’s another creative idea for cardboard boxes. Before going out & buying an expensive Halloween costume for the kids, come up with some costume ideas you can make out of cardboard boxes.

Authors: Move Central – A Moving Company in San Diego, CA and Moversville

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