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The Complete Guide to Finding a Bay Area Long-Distance Moving Company

When you’re relocating to a destination that’s far off like the Bay Area, a long-distance moving company is the best investment you can make.

The right relocation partner will be with you for this journey, and their presence can make the massive workload seem far less daunting. With them helping you, you may notice a massive difference in your quality of life during the moving process.

But because moving is such a personal task, you don’t want to trust just anyone. When you’re searching for a Bay Area long-distance moving company, it’s crucial that you find the perfect match. This guide will help you determine what you should be looking for and how to find it.

Challenges Presented by a Bay Area Long-Distance Move

If you’re making a move to the Bay Area, especially if you’re traveling a great distance, you’ve got a lot to manage. Even before you look at the physical labor of packing and loading your belongings, there are tasks like:

  • Scheduling the move and clearing your calendar
  • Pulling your kids out of school and finding them new ones
  • Sorting out your belongings to make a tentative list of what’s going
  • Disconnect old utilities and set up new ones
  • Find new doctors, dentists, and other specialists in the new area
  • Change your address, delivery subscriptions, and tax withholdings
  • Review move-out procedures, and have your new location cleaned

Technically most of these tasks must be completed even if you’re making a local move. But the more miles you add to the journey, the more your level of concern may go up for the time and expenses involved.

Now imagine you have someone to pack, load, and unload your belongings – with this aspect of the job taken care of, you can dedicate your energy to the critical tasks listed above.

Picking the Right Bay Area Long-Distance Moving Company

Once you’ve realized how helpful a moving specialist can be, it’s time to start your search. Depending on the timeline you have for moving, your needs may be urgent. These tips will help you separate the moving companies worth your attention from the ones you should pass on.

Consider the Company’s Credentials

While some people may consider asking their friend, family, or neighbors for help with moving, there’s a reason to call the experts. Moving is a highly strategic task that requires proper training. Here are some musts to look for in your Bay Area long-distance moving company.

  • Professional licensing
  • Insurance to protect your belongings
  • Experience and positive customer feedback
  • Credentials such as a positive BBB rating
  • Referral rates from previous customers

A combination of professional certifications, a proven track record, and demonstrable excellence in the field makes a moving company worth considering. This makes them a choice worth your valuable time and your hard-earned money.

Look Out for Red Flags

Just like there are signs a company should be given a chance, there are also signs that you should be skeptical of them. What happens if they lack a physical location you can visit? Or they have no previous reviews? Or they lack a valid DOT number, proving they’re certified to transport goods? 

If these are absent, you should proceed with caution. Even if you’re seriously in need of help to complete your long-distance move, you’re better off holding out for a professional mover than hiring a subpar one.

Which Long-Distance Moving Services Do You Need the Most?

Once you’ve determined that a moving company is legitimate, you need to check whether they offer what you’re looking for. Your needs will depend on why you’re moving, as well as the specific types of help you need to complete your relocation.

Residential or Commercial Moving

Are you making a residential or a commercial move? For some people, their long-distance move to the Bay Area is all about their journey to a new home. This could be the start of a new chapter for a person and their family. It’s a wonderful opportunity to improve your quality of life and end up in an area with tons of great ways to spend your time.

boxes packed up in office space

If it’s a commercial move, it’s a strategic decision made to benefit your business. It represents an investment in your future, allowing you to explore a new market while opening yourself up to new possibilities for growth, expansion, and innovation.

Depending on if your move is personal or professional in nature, you need the right Bay Area long-distance moving company. Make sure they specialize in your specific type of move. Whether it’s living room furniture and family heirlooms or office fixtures and expensive inventory, you want something who has experience moving the type of belongings you have on hand.

Supplementary or Individual Services

Sometimes you’ve got part of your long-distance move to the Bay Area handled. Your reason for seeking a moving company may involve finding the supplementary and supporting services to complete the process. Some of the most common needs include:

  • Professional packing services: If you’ve got the loading process down, this service can speed up the process of getting everything boxed and ready for transport. It’s also an easy way to access proper moving supplies and ensure packing is done safely.
  • Moving labor: Loading and unloading your possessions can be a strenuous task. To ensure there’s no damage to your belongings and no injuries to yourself, find a long-distance moving company in the Bay Area to handle this for you.
  • Secure storage units: When you need to declutter or your moving dates don’t line up perfectly, storage is a big help. Look for units that are climate-controlled and alarm protected to safeguard your items.

Whether you need single services or the full treatment, the right professional movers in the Bay Area will be set to help you in any way they can. 

How to Prepare for the Movers’ Arrival

To speed up the moving process, there are some things you can do before the pros arrive. Consider making a list of what’s going. You may want to move your small valuables yourself, and also think about ways to label your boxes for easy sorting.

You don’t have to empty your drawers if there are no fragile items inside, and you can leave the furniture disassembly and reassembly to the movers. If you have any other specific questions, always call ahead to confirm.

We’re the Bay Area Long-Distance Moving Company Dedicated to You

A professional partner is central to moving success, and Move Central is there for you.

Our licensed, insured, experienced experts will be happy to handle your long-distance Bay Area move. Whether it’s residential or commercial, and no matter what kind of services you need, contact us – we’re easy to work with, and committed to your complete satisfaction.

Ready to get started planning your move? Reach out today for a free moving estimate.

Author: Stan Caramalac

Stan Caramalac started his moving company because he truly believed that moving could be simple as long as it was done efficiently. He wanted to help people make their moves smoother and less stressful. Stan and his team proudly serve San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. If you are looking for professional commercial or residential movers then Move Central is the perfect company for you.

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