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How to Care for Your Pet During a Long-Distance Move in Los Angeles

When you’re making a long-distance move in Los Angeles, it’s a big deal for the whole family.

For many families, this includes pets. Our animals become attached to us like we do to them. Once it’s time to move, they may experience stress just like we do.

Especially considering the territorial nature of cats and the protective nature of dogs, the entire moving scene can make them agitated. But it’s possible to help them adjust to the journey so they can enjoy the trip as much as the destination.

These pet care tips start before your Los Angeles moving company ever arrives. By working ahead to prepare your furry friend for the journey, it will be a smoother trip for everyone.

Plan Ahead to Get Your Pet Ready for Travel

Even if your pet has been on car rides before, the sometimes-chaotic scene that is moving day is an entirely different process to deal with. The same is true for the long-distance move to Los Angeles itself, and the adjustment period once you arrive.

How can you make these situations more relaxing and enjoyable? By getting ahead of them. Some of the main considerations you should make for your pet involve getting them ready for travel. Try putting them in their carrier more often, or taking them on more car trips in the weeks leading to your move. 

Think About the Safety of Your Pet

Knowing how to move with a pet involves taking steps to protect your pet, and to ensure the animal is viewed as safe by the authorities and residents of the area where you’re moving to.

  • Check local laws: Sometimes a pet may need a health certificate to enter into specific states or cities. Check the USDA’s website and local regulatory boards in your area.
  • Visit the veterinarian: While you’re completing the previous step, check with your vet for pet travel tips, and to ensure your animal is responding well to these changes.
  • Tag your pet: What if the worst-case scenario happens and your pet runs off during the move? By tagging them, you make it easy for them to be returned to you.

It’s also important to think of your pet’s unique tendencies, and how they may factor into the moving experience. Are they a fan of people? How do they react to noise? Do they get restless if they’re boxed in for too long? Be attentive to your animal’s needs, and their trip becomes much easier.

Keep Your Pet Close on Moving Day 

The bulk of the questions about how to move with a pet center around the big day itself. Once your home is full of Los Angeles movers and your belongings are all being packed up, how will your pet react to the action?

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One way to ensure they’re not negatively impacted is to keep them away from it. When you hire a professional moving company in Los Angeles, you’ll have a whole team of licensed and insured specialists to handle the heavy lifting for you.

With experts to handle packing as well as loading and unloading, you can focus your efforts on being there for your family, including your pet. Some pet care tips to keep them extra calm on moving day include:

  • Keeping their favorite toys around so they can stay focused on something
  • Providing extra treats, plenty of water, and consistent affection 
  • Placing them in a safe area that’s familiar, preferably near their carrier

If you’ll be staying at a hotel for part of the time during your long-distance move to Los Angeles, make sure you find pet-friendly accommodations. If you’re leaving your belongings in professional storage units during the interim, remember to keep your pet supplies with you.

Ease Into Your New Location Slowly

Once you’ve made the trip for your long-distance move to Los Angeles and arrived at your new location, it’s time to get your animal acclimated to their new surroundings.

This is another case where your animal’s unique behavior should be taken into consideration. Some curious cats will want to explore immediately, while those cautious guard dogs may take their time. Let them adjust at their own pace – but make sure you complete these steps first.

  • Check for dangers: Make sure there are no threats in the area. This includes insecticides, mouse traps, exposed nails, or other hazards that may harm your animal.
  • Build a safe space: Keep your pet’s carrier open and keep some of their toys or items in there, so they always have a familiar place until the new house feels like home.
  • Practice positive reinforcement: Give your pet praise and reassurance when they explore their new environment, even if they do so at a very slow pace.

Everyone in the family may take some time to get used to the new house, whether they explore it on two legs or four. When you take time to set the area up properly, it’s much easier for your furry friends to find comfort and a sense of belonging.

Monitor Your Pet’s Behavior 

Like us, animals enjoy familiarity. Issues like separation anxiety and fear of the unknown can manifest even if they don’t show up immediately. 

pets sitting together on floor looking surprised

In the days and weeks following your arrival, keep a close eye on your pets and how they react. If they seem to be experiencing any stress, anxiety, fear, or aggression that lasts beyond a reasonable time frame, contact their veterinarian. You can always contact the old one if you haven’t looked up a new one in your new neighborhood.

Let Us Help with Your Long-Distance Move to Los Angeles

Here at Move Central, we know that moving isn’t just a change of scenery. It’s a massive change in life for you and your loved ones.

Whether you have cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, or some combination of these or other animals, we know they’re like family to you. Knowing how to move with a pet ultimately comes down to two important things. One is understanding your pet’s needs. The other is having the right Los Angeles moving company to support you.

With our experienced and highly reputable team handling the moving process for you, you can be there for the ones you care about, including your pets.

In our decade of diligent work in the moving industry, we’ve built up near-perfect reviews and referral ratings throughout the tens of thousands of moves we’ve completed. Let us show you what we can do.

When you’re ready to contact a moving company that handles packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and storage so you can focus on the important things, connect with us today for a free estimate.

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