Moving to Los Angeles is Great for Active Lifestyles

Why Moving to Los Angeles is Great for an Active Lifestyle

For anyone looking to maintain an active lifestyle, moving to Los Angeles could be the best decision you ever made.

One look around will show you a combination of stunning natural scenery and amenities – not to mention a fit population that always seem to be doing something fun.

Those who pride themselves on staying in shape, enjoying the outdoors, and keeping their routine fresh will find that the City of Angels is a heavenly place to be. Let’s explore some of the best ways you can get active in lovely LA. 

Explore the Area’s Exciting Parks

When you move to Los Angeles, one of the first things you may desire to do is visit the wide variety of beautiful and exhilarating parks. You have a vast selection to choose from, each offering you the chance to park it and relax or get moving for some outdoor exercise.

Glimpse Into the Area’s Past at Griffith Park

Let’s start at Griffith Park. Not only will you have the chance to explore various trails and paths, but you can even explore Bronson Caves – if the man-made gouges and tunnels look familiar here, it’s because one was used as the iconic Bat Cave entrance on the 1960’s Batman TV series. The park also offers:

  • A vast wilderness full of diverse flora and fauna
  • Paths for jogging or even bike riding 
  • Activities such as golf, horseback riding, and more

Much of the area remains unchanged from its original Native American origins, providing a peek back into history as well. 

Have a Grand Time at This Park 

Don’t forget that your active lifestyle in Los Angeles can go at any speed you want. Many areas like Grand Park are built for pedestrian traffic, specifically those who like to stroll at their own pace and enjoy the fresh California air.

What better way to cool off during your jog or walk than by relaxing by the delightful view of one of the area’s fountains? One example is the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, which has an accompanying membrane pool that’s even open to wading. 

Catch Some Waves or Go for a Swim

Just thinking about maintaining an active lifestyle in Los Angeles may bring to mind visions of the area’s vast beaches. Some say this is the most iconic part of this location, and what draws most people to it. There are many beaches to explore, whether you’re interested in competitive watersports or just some active quality time with your family. 

Sporty Fun in the Sun at Santa Monica

Let’s start with sunny Santa Monica. This beach brings a vintage, relaxed feel that may have you thinking you’re soaking in the sun on the East Coast instead. Here you’ll find a lot of ways to keep active even if you aren’t in the water. 

There are bike paths, outdoor exercise areas, and even the 3.5-mile pier full of activities that you can spend the day exploring. Whether you prefer to get your distance in doing laps in the water, miles along the shore, or steps through various restaurants and shops, Santa Monica is the place to stay active. 

Ride the Wave of Surf Culture in Huntington Beach

Of course, watersports are often the biggest draw for those who love beach life. If you’re excited to jump on your surfboard or even just paddle into the shallow water, you’ll be in great company at Huntington Beach. The flat shoreline and great waves make it perfect for surfers of all skill levels.

If you want to dry off or buy yourself some authentic beach apparel, there’s a retail district right across the street, and just a couple minutes away you’ll find the International Surfing Museum which shows just how serious the area takes its commitment to catching waves.

Enjoy Playa del Ray Day and Night

Playa del Ray is one of the nicest areas for enjoying an active lifestyle in Los Angeles if you like to escape the crowds. The chalky white sands and abundance of space are a fine place to treat your senses and enjoy some recreational solitude.

If you prefer nightlife, you’ll fit in fine here too. This is when people do gather around, as the RV campground provides plenty of space to pull up and stroll around the firepits or participate in some volleyball by the dim glow of the setting sun.

Hit the Gym or the Yoga Studio

The sunny parks and sparkling oceans may be enough to make anyone want to move to Los Angeles to maintain an active lifestyle. But what about those days you want some low-key recreation? Specifically, what about when you want to head indoors from the sun and noise, and get your exercise from a dedicated space? Luckily, Los Angeles has plenty of locations that fit the bill.

Find Your Fitness Fit at Pharos Athletic Club

The diverse fitness environment offered at Pharos Athletic Club provides you with a wide array of options to meet multiple budgets and fitness goals. Over 100 classes will help you gain muscle, boost your cardio, excel in combat sports, and more. 

There’s also Barry’s Hollywood – a spot that many famous faces frequent to meet their fitness goals. The facility offers:

  • Powerful workout potential through state-of-the-art equipment
  • A Fuel Bar to help you power up
  • Personal products to supplement your health goals

A membership at a location like this could have you looking and feeling like the next great fitness phenomenon in Los Angeles.

Perfect Poses at a Yoga Course

Some say yoga is one of the best recreational activities there is. It’s great if you want total control of your body and your mind – which is why it’s one of the top active lifestyle options in Los Angeles.

You have a wide selection of studios to pick from, many of which welcome beginners. Even if you’re moving to Los Angeles and yoga hasn’t been a part of your routine, you can fit right in and get into shape for this exciting hobby quick.

Don’t Sweat Your Los Angeles Move – Let Us Handle It 

If you’re moving to Los Angeles, you need to make sure you have a moving company that can take the stress out of it. Just because you favor an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you want to sweat and struggle with a hundred boxes.

Our licensed and insured company handles packing, moving, and storage. For help with your local or long distance move to Los Angeles, contact us today.

Author: Stan Caramalac

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