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Top Packing Tips from Packing Experts in San Diego

If you’ve got belongings to move, you’ll love these tips from our San Diego packing experts.

Packing is one of those processes that seems straightforward at first, but the more you dive into it, the more complex it becomes.

Consider how you may realize you have more belongings that you originally thought once you actually begin to gather and pack them. But it’s not just about the number of belongings – there’s also the matter of handling each specific item properly.

Our packing experts in San Diego are here to share some of the most popular strategies for boxing up items safely – we’d love to put our skills to work for you when you call our San Diego moving company. 

Consider the Packing Order First

As with most things about the moving process, the order in which you pack items matters. When you plan ahead and pack accordingly, you’ll have a much easier time.

But what influences this packing order? The key is to focus on a strategy that checks three boxes. It should:

  • Help you stay organized 
  • Make the unpacking process easy
  • Protect your belongings 

Our San Diego packing experts have completed this process plenty of times, so we have it down to a science. Here are some tips we use to advise our customers to improve their experience.

Start with Items You Won’t Need Immediately

A general rule of thumb is to focus first on the things you don’t immediately need. For example, clothes that are out of season can be packed away and loaded first. This is also true for extra items like backup batteries and light bulbs. 

As you follow this process through, you should end up focusing last on the items you’ll want to unpack first at your new location. Think about the items you’ll want to be able to access immediately upon arriving. These may include:

When you pack in the right order, everything in the loading and unloading processes will flow smoothly. It’s a sure way to save time – and it’s one of the ways we give our customers the most efficient service possible when they call on our San Diego moving company for packing help.

Group Items Together for Convenience

Speaking of packing to promote convenience in the moving process, there’s another important factor to remember. You’ll want to group your items together so you can save yourself the trouble of having to get everything together upon arrival at your new destination. 

Some examples here include:

  • Keeping furniture legs and screws together for easy reassembly
  • Pack lids and containers together, for totes, Tupperware, pots, etc.
  • Group cables together for the same devices (and take pictures of the hookups beforehand)

This is another massive time-saver. Coupled with a smart packing order, this takes a great deal of the stress and uncertainty out of a move. Even if you’re traveling a long distance to relocate, you’ll be able to focus on the future rather than worrying about getting unpacked and unloaded. 

Additional tips regarding the packing order deal with weight and size. For example, you’ll never want to load heavier items on lighter items – and while heavier items can survive the trip just fine with a bit of wrapping, delicate and softer items require some extra care.

Packing Soft Goods and Sensitive Items

clothes and shoes ready to be packed

Just because an item isn’t breakable doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged. To make sure that your soft items come through the trip still in the same condition, there are a few tricks that should be considered. 

For sheets and blankets, bagging them is a great way to reduce the chance of mold and mildew. Once they’re sealed up in their wraps and a box, they have a double layer of protection to stop moisture and dirt from contaminating them. 

For rugs, it’s recommended to vacuum them first before you roll and wrap them up. This can stop the dirt from getting ingrained in them, and allow them to look and smell fresher upon arrival.

Though not as soft as other clothes, shoes can still be damaged in transit. Try wrapping them individually, then together, to keep them protected and bundled during the trip. You can also put them in a door-hanging shoe holder, just make sure it isn’t constricted in the moving truck.

Other Packing Considerations to Make

There are a few more items that may need special considerations when they’re being packed up. By taking extra precautions with these items, you could save yourself hassle or even money when you arrive at your destination. 

  • For monitors, don’t lay them horizontally, and also use extra padding 
  • Run cables through a paper towel tube to prevent tangling
  • Put jewelry in egg crates and pad the insides with cotton
  • Place sharp utensils in cooking mitts and use extra wrapping

The final tip is to always label everything. Our San Diego packing company believes this is one of the single best ways to ensure you know where everything is and where it’s going from the beginning of your move until the end.

Call Us for Professional Packing Services in San Diego

Our San Diego packing experts have gotten this process down to a science throughout our decade working in the moving industry.

These are just some of the tips you can use, but the truth is, packing is a process that’s better handled by the experts. Not only can we ensure everything is done properly, but hiring us will provide numerous other benefits including saving you time.

Our moving specialists bring the right amount of team members and supplies to get the job done. Our team offers:

  • Partial packing: Started but unable to finish? We’ll pick up where you left off.
  • Full packing: We can pack up your entire home or office so nothing is left behind.
  • Unpacking: When you arrive at your new location, leave the unpacking to us.

Why go elsewhere when you can get all the supplies and services you need from one convenient provider? Our licensed, insured, experienced company is very well-reviewed and we’re ready to serve you.

Let’s pack away your worries about the packing process. To contact our moving experts in San Diego and get a free estimate, fill out this form.

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