Reasons Midsize Companies Move Their Offices to Orange County

Reasons Midsize Companies Move Their Offices to Orange County

Companies in the mid-market want to move up, and some have found the best way to do this is to move their office to Orange County.

Once a business has gone beyond their startup and small business stages, they may have established themselves as a powerful industry player.

While being a stable and profitable business is good, many entrepreneurs aspire to be great – this means being a growth-minded and innovative. And in order to reach this next level, you may need a location like Orange County to base your business in. 

The Right Move Can Take Growth to the Next Level

While you may look at your current location with a sentimental worldview, at a point, your business mind has to take over.

Sometimes the town where your company got its start will no longer support your growth. Your location can serve to bottleneck your company’s potential for a variety of reasons. 

  • Is the population too small, compared to Orange County’s 3 million plus residents?
  • Is the income range too low relative to a new pricing model you’re considering?
  • Is the business environment not set up to support your desired level of growth?

Sometimes you simply need to move to a bigger area. You need a place with more potential customers who are willing to pay more, and a place where high-level business growth is encouraged.

Do You Need a Larger Facility with Better Amenities?

One of the most common reasons that medium-sized companies move their offices to Orange County is to get more space. It’s a simple reason, but it can be one of the biggest drivers for growth when a company is really looking to reach the highest level of output.

Imagine doubling or tripling your space for employees, both with workstations and with amenities. Consider how better telecommunications utilities and smart energy options could improve your workflows and save you money. 

Are You Currently a Big Company in a Small Area?

Many midsize companies consider an office move to Orange County because they’re ready to take on new challenges. You can become #1 in your area – but if your area isn’t exactly full of industry leaders, are you really reaching your full potential?

Being a “big fish in a small pond” can put you in a state of complacency, where you’re not incentivized to push yourself. But moving to Orange County could reignite that same sense of drive and determination you had when you first brought your startup to the midmarket. 

Explore Diverse Options to Expand Your Company 

When your company is ready to launch into the upper level of its industry, your path may not always be the same as that of your competitors. 

By moving your office to Orange County, you access a number of resources and potential partnerships that could take your company in new directions. Rather than just getting better at what you’re already skilled in, you could branch out and flourish in ways that compound your growth and diversify your revenue streams.

Better Equipment and Supplies for Industry Giants

Once you’ve moved into a new facility with more space and better amenities, you can keep the upgrades rolling to your business. Consider questions like:

  • Could buying supplies from local vendors in bulk offset the higher costs of doing business in Orange County, while also saving you money in the long term?
  • Does the industrial and manufacturing prowess of this area give you access to more modern machinery and equipment, especially for niche industries and purposes?
  • Might the ESG focuses of the area empower you to buy supplies with an emphasis on important goals like sustainability and reinvestment in your new local community?

With a move to Orange County, any midsize office could have all the resources around it to perform and be perceived as a major player. Speaking of how others perceive your company…

Potential M&A Deals Can Be Profitable 

When companies reach a certain level of growth, they may find that their current approach isn’t scalable beyond a certain limit. Rather than changing what’s gotten them this far and risking a completely different strategy, some aim for merger or acquisition deals.

Even companies that are already thriving corporations in industries from lab work to retail may opt to move their office to Orange County for this very reason. In a competitive business environment, it’s much more likely an interested party will offer you a deal that could be the next step in your growth.

Great Potential in Every Direction

Once your company expands to a certain level, it may be time to open multiple locations. They can be facilities that offer identical services, or closely related operations that support one another while serving unique purposes. 

Orange County puts you in an optimal location to take advantage of the thriving economies of many nearby areas. Consider how you could grow your company in an economy of highly educated people such as Anaheim, or raise sales in a retail hub like Laguna Beach? With options in every direction, your growth potential is compounded the bigger you get. 

World-Class Amenities for Your Entire Team

Finally, don’t forget that the Orange County area offers plenty to do for anyone who lives there – and this translates to a better life for your in-person employees. Being in a vibrant location can make them more motivated to show their full professional potential.

Imagine you and the c-suite partners closing a major deal, and celebrating after work at one of the area’s many elite bars and restaurants. If you’re looking to expand your company’s benefits package and invest in the health of your workforce, think about how you could fund memberships to facilities and classes at Orange County’s various fitness centers.

Move Central Can Manage Your Commercial Office Move

Once you’ve established yourself as a midsized company that’s capable of even more growth, you need the optimal location to support you.  Once you’ve found that, you need a partner to get you there.

Move Central is a commercial moving expert, and we’re prepared to get your office moved to Orange County. With experience packing and transporting the belongings of large facilities from various industries, we bring a level of quality that our fellow professionals appreciate.

When you call on our licensed and insured moving team, you’ll get a strategic approach to relocation that puts your inventory, equipment, and peace of mind as the top priority.

Reach out today to get started with your office move to Orange County – the bigger your company, the more important it is for you to reach out fast so we can start planning your move together.

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