Moving to Escondido, CA – 9 Things You Need to Know in 2022

Named after the Spanish word for “hidden”, the shallow valley of Escondido is well suited to its name. Even though it is one of the oldest cities in San Diego County, the years have been kind to Escondido as it has grown into one of the most popular parts of town.

The first recorded discovery of this gorgeous area was back in 1776 by a Spanish explorer named Juan Bautista de Anza. More than 100 years later the Escondido Land and Town Company purchased the land and incorporated it as a city. Starting as a small town of only 500 residents at the time, it has since sprouted into a thriving community of beautiful homes and friendly locals.

Anyone moving to Escondido will love the great weather, local amenities, and calm atmosphere. To help you learn more, we’ve put together this list encompassing everything you need to know about this unique city.

1. The City of Choice

Residents, visitors, and tourists alike love this city and everything it has to offer. Marketed as the “city of choice”, people living in Escondido are far enough away from the big city to avoid the overwhelming traffic and outrageous housing costs. Compared to the 1.3 million people living in San Diego, the Escondido population currently rests comfortably around 152,000.

With an average resident age around 33 years old, you’ll find a mixture of locals ranging from young families up to a fair share of retirees. One of the many reasons for the “city of choice” adage comes from how many people decide to make Escondido their final home.

2. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Odds are you’ve heard about the San Diego Zoo, one of the most popular zoos in the world. But did you know there is also has an extension to the park located about 30 miles away in Escondido? The Safari Park covers over 1,800 acres of land and offers visitors a look at some unique wildlife you won’t see at its namesake zoo.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

From the Asian Savanna and Tiger Trail to the Elephant Valley and the African Plains, you’ll feel like you’re skipping across continents as you move through the park. It has been one of the best things to do in Escondido since its opening in 1972. Hop on a safari ride to see some amazing animals like African Rhinos, cheetahs, gorillas, and more than 300 other species.

3. Creative Fun for Kids

Started with the intent to spark innovation and creativity in little minds, the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is a great place to take your kids all year round. The activity center maintains a consistent weekly schedule with events like music, dancing, art, world culture, and more.


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They also play host to many special events and workshops like baby storytime and family nights. Whether you want to rent the museum space for a birthday party, send your kids there for seasonal camps, or simply enjoy a quiet day doing art, it’s a perfect place for any parent and their children. If you want to head into the big city, there are plenty of fun things to do with kids in San Diego as well.

4. Housing in Escondido

Though it’s well below the San Diego rankings, you’ll still need to be prepared for fairly expensive housing prices. The average cost of a home in Escondido is $522,800, an increase of 5.6% over the past 12 months. The market is sizzling as real estate experts are predicting a similar rise in the next year.

With rental options ranging from about $1,600 per month to $3,100 per month, there is a fairly decent spread of apartments, townhomes, and condos to choose from in the area as well. As the cost of rent in Escondido averages $2,460, you’ll want to ensure your income can manage that type of payment.

5. Escondido Neighborhoods Based Around Your Needs

Your desired living arrangements and lifestyle will play a key factor in choosing where you’ll end up. If you’re looking for a family-oriented area, the best neighborhoods in Escondido are on the south side of town. You’ll find larger lots and homes befitting a family lifestyle in places like Felicita and Vineyard.

Neighborhoods in Escondido

But if you’re moving to Escondido for retirement or desire a smaller home that’ll be easier on the wallet, you may be better off looking in the northern part of town. Communities like Hidden Meadows and the Escondido Country Club neighborhood are popular options among locals.

6. Cost of Living in Escondido, CA

Although the housing market follows the Californian trend of being expensive, you may be surprised to know that most other aspects related to the cost of living in Escondido are near or below the national average. You’ll pay less for health-related costs while paying about the same rate for groceries and utility expenses.

When you head to the store for some of the bare essentials, you’ll find a gallon of milk for less than $3.50, a dozen eggs for about $3, and a pound of chicken breasts for less than $4. Basic home utilities cost about $119 per month for a one bedroom location. And when it comes to local transportation, most Escondido residents drive their own vehicles.

7. Escondido Schools

Elementary and high schools in Escondido rank well among others in the California education system. The areas top two high schools include Classical Academy High School and Escondido Charter High School. Both have a good student to teacher ratio and offer extracurriculars to keep students engaged. Parents with younger children may want to take a look at either Heritage K-8 Charter School or Bernardo Elementary.

Any soon-to-be college students will have only two options to choose from in they want to remain in the immediate area. John Paul the Great Catholic University offers degree programs in business and the creative arts, while Palomar College specializes in technical and engineering fields.

8. Escondido Food and Drinks

From American and Mexican to French and Vietnamese, the food in Escondido is just as diverse as the California population. Grab some delicious tacos or burritos from Lourdes Mexican Food or try some Vietnamese pho from Pho Truc Xanh.

Places to eat in Escondido

If all you’re craving is a thick, juicy burger, one of the most popular places to eat in Escondido is Burger Bench. One look at their menu will have you racing to their doorstep. No matter your culinary preferences, Escondido is sure to have a restaurant that’ll fit your needs.

9. Best Weather in the World

Whether you’ve lived in the area before or only visited, you probably know the cities surrounding San Diego are widely known for having some of the world’s most comfortable climates. Escondido weather joins the ranks with average summer temps rarely going above the upper 80s and winters almost never dipping below the 40s.

Another perk of living in Escondido is that you’re only a 30-minute drive from the nearest beach. You can enjoy the outdoors all year long with little more than a light jacket to keep you warm in the evenings.

We Can Help With Your Move

If you’ve read this far, you are obviously getting serious about moving to Escondido. Once you have determined your new living arrangements and have a date set, Move Central is here to help you with the next step. Our Escondido moving company has been serving the area for over 10 years. We strive to provide customers with a simple move from the first contact to unpacking the last box.

Get in touch with us today to learn about our Escondido moving services. We can help you with everything from packing and moving to affordable storage solutions. Give us a call at (858) 230-8281 for a free quote!

Understanding Moving Quotes

In San Diego, moving quotes are very easy to come by. Just call up any local movers in San Diego, and in most cases, they will give you a free estimate. However, you need to understand what the actual moving quotes mean once you get them, so you can easily decide what the best deal is and which moving services you have to have and which you can live without.

Understanding Moving Quotes

The first step you will want to do in understanding moving quotes is to figure out what you actually want to move, so you can get the most accurate moving quotes. Then, you need to figure out what these moving quotes include. In San Diego, moving quotes can vary widely, and a lot of people make their choice based on the best price, but that does not mean they are going to get the services they really want for that price. So take a close look at the moving quotes you get and see if they include things like packing. Look to see what the companies charge extra for, and compare the actual prices they charge for the extra services. This can give you a much clearer idea of what your final moving costs will be. Above all, there is one important thing to remember when choosing a moving company: The one who gives you the best price is not necessarily the best. In San Diego, moving quotes that are significantly lower than average should raise a red flag. These often mean that you are not being told the whole story, and your final price upon delivery could be much higher than expected. Or worse, that the company is going to steal from you or otherwise cut corners during your move. Ready to start getting San Diego moving quotes? Start with the moving and storage leaders at Move Central San Diego and contact us today for a free quote!

The Best Times for Residential Moves

Much like Move Central of San Diego, most experienced residential moving companies know that the best times for residential moves depends largely on your own personal circumstances. It makes sense, right? Sometimes you need to move quickly, and sometimes you need to take your time. In this article, Move Central of San Diego’s moving experts will examine the factors that can dictate when the best times are for residential moves.

The Best Time for Residential Moves

Moving for a Job
If you have been offered a promotion, you will need to move when the company wants you to. But if you want to move to get a job, a great time is in the first couple of months of the new year because lots of companies hire lots of people then.
Moving Because of Real Estate
Sometimes you want to move because you want a larger or nicer home, or even one closer to work or some other destination. Other times, you may want to move when you find a great deal on a real estate purchase. In the first case, most residential moving companies would agree that you should consider moving in the winter, when you can get discounts and a more flexible moving schedule.
Moving to a Magnet City
Hot cities that are seeing huge influxes of people right now include Denver, Austin, and Las Vegas, to name a few. So a consideration if you want to move to a big city is to make your move there before the prices for homes and rentals start to skyrocket, if possible.
Other Considerations
If your kids are in school, most residential moving companies agree that summer is a great time to move, so your kids don’t have to move in the middle of a school year.

No matter when you decide to move, Move Central is one of the highest rated moving companies in San Diego and will ensure that where ever your move takes you we will get you there as quickly, effectively as possible at a price that you can afford. Contact us today for your free moving quote!

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Moving Company

San Diego local moving company Move Central, Inc., knows that choosing a moving company can be a daunting task. You want to choose someone who cares about your personal property as much as you do, as well as operates with integrity.

To make sure your move is the best it can possibly be, our movers in San Diego want to share seven tips that will help you choose the right moving company, who will provide an easy move with no regrets.

  1. Beware of Scams

Be alert for scammers who pose as reputable moving companies. Be aware of the following things that may be signs of a scam:

First, if your prospective moving company requires a cash deposit before they will move your things, they may be operating a scam operation.

Second, you should always look to make sure that a moving company has a real, physical address, not just a P.O. Box address. If they do not have a real business address, they have only an address in a residential area, or they have only a P.O. Box, this could mean that they are not a trustworthy business.

Third, ask for a valid U.S. DOT number. If you cannot find a DOT number, or the moving company cannot provide one, they probably do not have the authority to operate as a moving company and do not have the required insurance movers should provide.

Fourth, check to see that the moving company is a member of respectable organizations like the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) or the BBB (Better Business Bureau), which would indicate that they are professionals who strive toward excellence.

The threat for getting your money and/or property stolen is real with fake companies posing as real movers. That is why it is so important to realize that the best price might not mean the best moving experience. You should also check the ratings and reviews of moving companies before deciding on one, as well as the DOT website,, to help you choose the right moving company.

As a proud Better Business Bureau member, San Diego full service moving company, Move Central, Inc., is a moving company that has gained the trust of many customers moving in San Diego, and we promise to make your move a great one, too.

  1. Ask For Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a reputable San Diego moving company is to ask your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, or even your real estate agent or property manager who they recommend. This will give you a great list of companies, which you can then research to make the best choice for your particular situation.

The next step is to call the moving companies and request the following information from them: their full business name and DBA (doing business as) name; how long they have been operating; their physical address, email address, and web address; any references; and their DOT and multi-combination (MC) numbers.

Once you have this information, visit the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) at and look up the companies via the information they gave you to check their safety profile, if they are licensed, and if they have been ordered to stop operating, among other things.


  1. Get An On-Site Estimate

There is a federal regulation that requires moving companies to provide in-home estimates before performing a move. Contact at least two of the companies you have chosen so you can get the best estimate and feel comfortable with the company you ultimately choose. The estimator will then come to your home, see what you want moved, and provide an estimate for you.

Move Central moving company in San Diego always provides free in-home or on-site estimates, and we want to advise you to be wary of companies who only give estimates online or on the phone. There are two main reasons for this. One, it can be hard to adequately describe your property over the phone, and two, if you are moving from state-to-state, the moving price will be based on the weight of your cargo, the mileage it is traveling, etc. The only way to get a precise price and to be sure all factors are being considered is to have an in-person, in-home estimate.

When the assessor comes to give you your estimate, make sure that you show him or her all items that will be moved. Before he or she arrives, think about what you may have in your garage, yard, basement, or in off-site storage, and write down a list, if necessary, so you don’t forget anything. Any items that are not included in the on-site estimate will cost you extra on moving day.

Keep in mind that when the moving company comes to give you an estimate, not only should they be requesting plenty of information from you so that they can give a close to exact estimate, but they should also be open to answering any questions that you may have, as well.

One question you need to ask is the way they handle the valuation of your property. There should be a few available options for the valuation of your property, which will give you choices on how damage or loss claims will be adjusted and how liable the moving company will be for such damages. The mover’s liability has limits and exclusions and is based on their tariffs and federal law.

Move Central moving company, San Diego, wants to remind you to also beware of movers who offer very low quotes compared to other companies. A lower price may seem tempting, but companies who offer really low prices could either offer bad service or could raise the price significantly on moving day. One of the worst scams among rogue moving companies is offering a price that is just too good to be true, packing up a person’s property, and then holding it hostage, demanding obscene amounts of money before they will give it back. We don’t want that to happen to you!

  1. Choose A Good Name Over A Low Price

You have already invested a large sum of money in the possessions you want to move, and there is no reason to risk their safety with a fly-by-night company that no one has heard of, that you can’t find out valid information about, or that you don’t feel completely comfortable with, no matter how good of a price they offer you. When choosing a San Diego mover, a good reputation and plenty of experience are the number one factors you should consider. In a situation where people will be handling your property and coming into your home, you don’t want to take a risk with the wrong movers. It could cost you big-time in many ways.

  1. Compare Moving Companies

So what should you look for when looking for a reputable moving company? First, you should think of your in-home estimate as a job interview. How attentive was the person giving the estimate? How professional were they? Did they leave you feeling comfortable with the situation, or were you left with doubt? Were they on time, and do they seem reliable?

Next, if possible, go to the moving company’s physical location and have a look at it. Does it seem legitimate, clean, and professional?

And third, a reputable mover should offer you a brochure titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities,” as it is mandated by federal law. This brochure will give you details on the 110% Rule for moving companies and their clients. This rule says that, when given an estimate that is not binding, the moving company can’t charge you more than 10% over the provided estimate at delivery. If the final price ends up being more than 110% of the estimated price, then you have 30 days to pay any overage.


  1. Plan Ahead

If possible, it is recommended that you make plans and secure your moving company 30-45 days before the date of your move. There are many times that movers are very busy, and planning ahead is the only way to ensure that the movers will be available when you need them.

Our San Diego moving company is usually busier at the end of the month, as people usually move before the end of their leases at the first of the month. Furthermore, summer holiday, when kids are out of school, is a busy time for all movers. If you have to move at the end of the month or between the months of May and September, you will want to schedule with your movers way in advance.


  1. Report Scams

If, by chance, you do fall victim to a moving scam, you can report it to MoveRescue, a service created to help in the case of moving scams, at 1-800-832-1773. When you call them, they will listen to your situation and direct you to the best course of action or try to rescue your property from a bad moving company.

About Move Central

We are the movers San Diego trusts for easy, safe moves. We offer moving products, storage solutions, and moving services in San Diego or from San Diego to anywhere in the country. We look forward to making your move a great one!



17 Tips for Better Packing

At Move Central, moving is our specialty, and we want to show you 17 tips for better packing and moving to a new home can that can make your move easy and pain-free.

  1. Begin packing things you don’t currently need and clothing that is out of season first. You can start packing weeks and even months before your move using this principle. Wait until just a few days before your move to start packing the things you frequently use, and put your must-have items, like personal hygiene items and toiletries in your necessity box.
  2. Leave things that are not breakable or spillable in drawers and cabinets. Things like linens, clothing and blankets can be left in drawers during the move.
  3. Group items of similar weight and makeup together. For instance, pack heavy items separately from light items, and pack breakable items separately from unbreakable ones.
  4. Wrap or tape sets of things together. For example, if you take a table apart, put all of the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tape the bag to the bottom of the table. Also, nest the legs inside the apron of the table and wrap them to the table with plastic stretch wrap, which can be conveniently purchased from our San Diego local moving company.
  5. Fold up electrical cords and bind them together using bread ties, garden wire, or rubber bands, so they don’t tangle during the move.
  6. Wrap fragile items or those that can easily be scratched in clean tissue paper or paper towels. For things like fine china, stack together plates with a layer of paper in between and then wrap them together with newspaper or plastic wrap.
  7. Before you put any items in a box, lay down a layer of crumpled paper or bubble wrap for padding.
  8. Pack the box in layers with larger, heavier items on the bottom, medium sized and weighted items in the middle, and lighter, smaller items on the top.
  9. Fill in any empty spaces with crushed paper so items in the box don’t shift.
  10. Make sure fragile items are properly padded. You can use bubble wrap or other packing materials that you purchase from our San Diego moving company, or you can just use your own blankets and towels as padding. Just be sure every corner and edge is well covered.
  11. Use smaller boxes for individually wrapped fragile items or place just a few in a box together.
  12. Put several smaller boxes into a larger box and fill in the extra space with crushed paper to prevent shifting.
  13. Don’t overfill or under fill boxes. They should be packed securely, but without bulges or indentions.
  14. Tape all boxes closed except for ones containing items on Move Central’s High-Value list. Our San Diego movers will check these items before loading them on the truck.
  15. After sealing the carton, write its contents on the side of the box and in an inventory notebook. You may also want to number the boxes and write the corresponding numbers in the notebook as well.
  16. Write your name and which room each box should go to on the box label. Then place the name of each room on a sign taped to the door, so the movers know right where to put each box.
  17. Label any boxes that you would like to unpack first at your new home with a special label, so they can be put together and easily found upon your arrival.

If you need any more help or have any questions when moving in San Diego or the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact our San Diego full service moving company. We are here to make your next move a great one!

Professional Mover’s Two Month Moving Guide

Follow our Professional Mover’s Two Month Moving Guide because so one knows better than San Diego moving company, Move Central, Inc., just how much work and planning goes into making a move go smoothly. The good news is that moving doesn’t have to be a daunting task, as long as you have a good plan.

At Move Central, our number one goal is to make your move easier. That is why we have taken all of the guesswork out of moving by creating a fool-proof two-month moving plan, just for you!

Eight Weeks Before The Move – Get Your FREE In-home Estimate

  • Contact your San Diego local moving company, Move Central, to reserve your in-home estimate, where a representative will look at the possessions you want moved and quote a price for moving them.
  • If your employer is paying for your move, be sure to check their policy to find out what moving services they pay for.
  • Determine whether you will pack your items or have us do it for you.
  • Be sure that you show the moving company representative all items that require moving, as additional items will increase the amount of the final bill, whether you have a binding or non-binding estimate.
  • Review the “Your Rights and Responsibilities” brochure that the moving company will provide you, so that you know what your moving company’s liability is and what is required of you when moving.
  • If you have any questions, our San Diego moving service can answer them during the in-home visit or at any time before your move. We want to make sure that you are fully informed and comfortable with our services when you choose us as your moving team.

Seven Weeks Before The Move – Reserve Your Moving Date

  • Take the time to read through and understand your estimate and any other information provided to you at the time of the estimate. When you are ready, sign your estimate and your order for service. If you have any questions, our San Diego moving company is here to answer them at any time.
  • Reserve your moving date and confirm the services you will need for your move.
  • If you need any extra help or tips for your move, please feel free to contact Move Central or your personal moving coordinator at any time.

Six Weeks Before The Move – Change Your Address

  • First, have your mail forwarded to your new address by filling out the change of address form at or your local post office.
  • Then contact any business that needs your new address like the bank, insurance company, or credit card company, as well as any company you hold subscriptions through.
  • You might also want to contact your doctor, lawyer, accountant, or other professionals you do business with and give them your new address.

Five Weeks Before The Move – Decide What To Keep And What Should Go

  • Take one room at a time and get rid of anything that you no longer want or need.
  • Get ready and have a big yard sale to get rid of your excess stuff, or have a local charity come pick up items that will not be making the move with you. If you do donate your items, get a receipt showing the amount of your contribution, which may be able to be used as a tax deduction.

Four Weeks Before The Move – Update The Moving Company

  • If some of the items the moving company representative added into your list for the estimate are no longer in your possession or you have thought of new items that have not been added, you should let your representative know so they can update the expected price of your move.
  • Give your agent the address of your new home if you did not already, and make sure they have all phone numbers so they can contact you if needed.
  • Inform the representative if your move will include any additional stops to collect or drop off items that have not been discussed previously.
  • If you are having your vehicle moved, get ready to drop it off at the required destination. You should also be ready to claim it once it reaches your new location.

Three Weeks Before The Move – Say Your Farewells & Make Travel Plans

  • Spend some time visiting your favorite places around the area that you likely won’t be visiting for a while.
  • Throw a special farewell party for your kids.
  • Have a simple dinner or cookout with your friends and co-workers.
  • Get your travel plans made, book any necessary hotels and purchase tickets for air travel.
  • Have your vehicle serviced if you will be driving it. Have the oil changed if needed, and have the tires, belts, breaks, and fluids checked and fixed, if needed.
  • If traveling by plane, reserve your tickets and arrange any transportation to and from the airport, if needed.
  • Plan ahead for what you might need during your travels or the first night at your new location. Place them in a separate bag or box so they don’t get packed onto the moving truck.
  • If you will be doing your own packing, you should start doing a little packing each day. Begin with items that you don’t frequently use or things that are unnecessary for day-to-day living. Doing a little at a time will make your move seem much easier.
  • See our other articles on how to pack and how to move special items to create a clear plan of attack.
  • Get rid of flammable or explosive items that are too dangerous to move and are not allowed on the moving truck such as pyrotechnics, household cleaners, fire starting products, acid, chemistry kits, pressurized spray cans, ammo, oil, gasoline, bleach, paint, solvents, and poisons like pesticides and weed killers. This includes emptying any fuel-powered machinery of its fuel and getting rid of propane or butane tanks for grills, etc. For a full list of items that are not allowed on the moving truck, please see our article here.
  • Contact an appliance technician to disconnect and ready your appliances for moving. If you would prefer, our San Diego moving company can arrange a trustworthy third-party company to handle this for you.
  • Contact all utility companies and give them a shut-off date. Remember, it is good to keep your utilities on until after you move, as lights, air conditioning, running water, and even Internet service can come in handy on moving day.
  • Get room-sized rugs and curtains cleaned if they are moving with you, and place them to the side, leaving them in the packaging the cleaners put them in.
  • Have any valuable antiques appraised and keep a copy of the written appraisal. You should clean your antiques before moving them to keep them from getting scratched, but do not wax or oil wooden pieces as these products can make the finishes soft, and they could be damaged by the furniture pads during the move.
  • Don’t steam clean upholstery prior to the move. It can retain moisture that would cause molding or damage during the move or while it is in storage. If you need more help, read our article on how to move antiques.

Two Weeks Before The Move – Take Care Of Your Pet And Tie Up Loose Ends

  • Have plans for the transport of your pets. They should have everything they need to travel, reservations for their flight if going by airplane, and any boarding arrangements made.
  • Make sure that your pet has any required vaccinations for traveling across state lines, boarding, or flying.
  • Get items left at the cleaners, in storage, or at a friend’s house.
  • Remove any items from lockers at work, the gym, or the bowling alley.
  • Return library books or anything else that has been borrowed or rented.
  • Try to think if you have forgotten anything important that needs to be taken care of.
  • Finish up the rest of your packing and clean out anything that will not be moving with you.
  • Make sure your moving representative has all of the information they need about your moving plan.

One Week Before The Move – Get Appliances Ready To Move

  • Have the appliance technician get any appliances that are moving ready to go.
  • Have any special equipment serviced before your movers get to your home. Our movers in San Diego can answer any question you may have about this prior to moving day.

One Day Before The Move – Final Details

  • Make sure that fragile items or items that need special care are clearly marked, as well as items that are not moving with you.
  • Mark boxes containing special items that you will need immediately upon your arrival at your new location, such as electronic equipment or valuable items.
  • Have all boxes packed and prepared for the move. Our San Diego moving company will check the boxes to ensure they are safely packed.
  • If our San Diego full service moving company is doing the packing for you, have similar items grouped together for easy packing.
  • Unplug all of your electronics at least one full day before your move is scheduled to allow them to cool to room temperature. This includes laptops, gaming systems, sound systems, etc., and applies to any electronic, with the exception of plasma TVs.

The Day Of Your Move

  • You will want to be at your home to make sure everything gets loaded. Do a final walkthrough of your home once the van has been loaded and check to see that everything has been taken. Sign your inventory sheet and keep your copy in an easy to reach, safe place.
  • Remember to ask us if you have any questions, want to make sure the plan is followed, or need to make last-minute changes to the plan.
  • Fill out a High-Value Inventory Form if you have items of high value going on the moving truck.
  • Get your bill of lading, which serves as your receipt for the move and informs you of the terms of your move.
  • Make sure the moving truck driver knows the delivery address, and give him/her any contact information so you can be contacted if needed.
  • After the movers have packed all of your items, take a final walkthrough to see that the water is turned off, any heat or air is turned off, lights are off, everything is locked, and you have left behind the keys to that home.
  • Make sure you have also contacted the utility companies to order disconnect service and that you have not left anything behind.

Upon Delivery

  • When our San Diego moving service reaches your new home, you should be there to check your delivery. If you can’t, have another authorized adult check your delivery, sign for receipt, and make the final payment on your behalf.
  • At the predetermined delivery time, the movers will call you and come by your new location if they cannot get in touch with you by phone. You have two hours of free waiting time, after which you can ask for more if you or another authorized person can’t be there to take delivery.
  • Check all items against your inventory sheet as they come off the truck. If there is any damage or missing inventory, mark it on the sheet. When you have completed it, sign it, saying that you have received the items in the condition noted.
  • You can direct where your furniture will go as it is unloaded. If you want mattresses set up or appliances installed, these things can be done for you at an additional charge.
  • Put a mock-up of the general layout of your home next to the front door, so movers can easily see where your belongings should be placed.
  • Keep copies of your moving receipts, as you might need them when filing your taxes.
  • Let recently-moved electronic equipment and appliances sit unplugged for 24 hours to warm or cool to your home’s temperature.

One Week After Your Move

  • Be sure that your forwarded or held mail is now being delivered.
  • Register your automobile or get your new driver’s license if required by law.
  • It is also a good idea to check with a lawyer regarding new state laws that will affect you pertaining to wills, inheritance, taxes, property transfers, etc.

Move Central moving company, San Diego, hopes that this guide will help make your next move easier. Remember, if you need any additional help or have questions about moving specifics, we are always here to help.