4 Things to Do Before Your San Diego Long-Distance Movers Come ????
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4 Things You Need To Do Before Long-Distance Movers Arrive

Hiring experienced and reliable San Diego long-distance movers is a great way to make your move easier and ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new place. Not only can movers help you pack and store your stuff, but they can also provide services such as furniture disassembly and reassembly, appliance uninstallation and installation, and more.

That being said, long-distance movers aren’t all-powerful. There are still quite a few things you’ll need to take care of yourself before they arrive to ensure everything goes smoothly. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of 4 things you should do to prepare for the movers. Read on to learn more.

How should I prepare for movers?

Every step you take to prepare before your long-distance movers show up will save you time, hassle, and stress on the big moving day.

Consider doing some or all of these 4 things before your professional movers arrive:

1. Get rid of the stuff you’re not moving

Dispose of or give away all the items you don’t want to move to your new place before the movers arrive. If that’s not possible, set these items aside in a specific location and let your movers know they won’t be moving that stuff.

2. Label all the boxes

Whether you pack your belongings yourself or you have the movers help you out, making sure everything is labeled properly will make unpacking considerably easier and prevent large and heavy items from ending up in the wrong areas.

3. Move your small valuables yourself

You should gather all your cash, jewelry, small electronics, and other valuables beforehand and take them with you. This will prevent them from getting lost during the sale of your home or during the move itself.

4. Take care of your children and pets

If allowed to run around during the move, kids and pets can end up interfering with the movers or even getting scared or injured. That’s why it’s always best to have a relative or a friend look after them while you deal with the move. If that’s not an option, you can always hire a babysitter or pet sitter.

Do I need to empty dresser drawers for movers?

It depends on what’s inside them. As a general rule, clothes don’t have to be removed as they won’t get damaged during the move. That being said, if you have a solid wood dresser that is already extremely heavy to begin with, you may still need to remove the clothes to make the dresser more manageable.

If your drawers contain fragile or heavy items, these items should be taken out beforehand to prevent them from getting damaged during the move or significantly contributing to the weight of the dresser.

Do I need to empty dresser drawers for moversWhere can I find reputable San Diego long-distance movers?

It’s no secret that moving can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are moving long-distance. To make matters worse, unprofessional moving practices can easily result in irreplaceable belongings getting lost or damaged in the process.

For this reason, having the right moving company in your corner is critical in order to ensure a great moving experience for all members of your family. At Move Central, we boast the experience, the expertise, and the cutting-edge equipment necessary to provide you with the very finest long-distance moving service in San Diego.

We’ll happily take care of all your moving and packing needs while you unwind at Belmont Park or deal with the other aspects of your move. Call Move Central today and enjoy a streamlined long-distance moving experience.

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