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How to Get Your Furniture Ready for Your Long Distance Move?

One of the main challenges people who are preparing for a long-distance move face is how to make sure their furniture, appliances, and other bulky and expensive belongings are transported safely to their new home.

If this is your situation, you’re probably wondering if your long-distance movers in San Diego can transport these items as they are, or if they have to be disassembled beforehand. If they have to be disassembled, can the movers reassemble them as well afterward? Can movers also uninstall and install appliances such as fridges and dishwashers?

In previous articles, we gave you some pointers on how to prepare for a move, including whether to buy furniture before or after the moving day. Now we’ll expand on the topic of how to get ready for your moving day by explaining how to deal with large and heavy items when moving long-distance. Read on.

Do movers disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Not only do experienced movers offer a furniture assembly and disassembly service, some items such as bed frames actually have to be taken apart in order to be moved safely over long-distances. In fact, unless you’re certain you’ll be able to both disassemble and reassemble a piece of furniture yourself, you should always let the movers take care of it.

Items that usually need to be disassembled prior to a move include:

  • Bed frames
  • Large dining room tables
  • Large dressers
  • Vanities
  • Shelving units

Other items that may need to be partially or fully disassembled include build-it-yourself furniture (these items typically aren’t designed to be moved around much) and some appliances (for example, fridge or oven trays should be taken out and packed separately).

Do movers disassemble beds?

Of course. Due to how complex certain types of beds can be (for example, bunk, trundle, and sleigh beds), it’s highly advised that you let your movers deal with the disassembly and reassembly. This is especially the case if the items in question were originally assembled a long time ago and you no longer have the original assembly instructions.

While it may not seem that way, proper reassembly is often a lot more difficult than disassembly. For this reason, most movers will only assemble beds and other furniture if they also disassembled it first.

Other things your movers can help you with include:

  • Packing and unpacking your belongings
  • Storing your belongings during the move
  • Moving office equipment
  • Loading, unloading, and heavy lifting

Do movers uninstall and install large appliances?

Many movers refuse to uninstall and reinstall appliances for fear of taking on the liability in case of a broken pipe or a similar malfunction. However, reputable long-distance moving companies strive to make their clients’ lives easier by taking care of as many details involved in their move as possible.

One of the ways they do this is by having their movers uninstall and reinstall your appliances without the need for you to hire a dedicated technician. This frees you up to focus on the other facets of your move, or to simply relax with a leisurely stroll through Old Town with your family.

Do movers disassemble and reassemble furnitureWhere can I find reliable long-distance movers in San Diego?

Having the right long-distance movers on your side can make the difference between a safe and timely move that minimizes the number of things you need to worry about, and a huge headache that requires a lot of micromanagement and ends up damaging your belongings.

Here at Move Central, we can proudly call ourselves the leading long-distance movers in San Diego. You can rely on us to meet all your moving needs in a highly efficient and professional manner. Contact us today.

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