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Mover’s Tips: Using Trash Bags

San Diego Mover’s Tips: Using Trash Bags

Using trash bags for your move is a cost-effective way to save money and time will safeguarding your valuables.
In many cases, a large box can weigh up to a pound or more, while a trash bag weighs only ounces. Additionally, bags are super cheap and most likely something you have on hand…making it a win-win situation!  Although we do not suggest using trash bags for everything…we do recommend using trash bags for the following items:

Moving Wardrobes—This trick works best for hanging clothing. You can easily push together a few items of clothing, still on their hangers on the closet rod, and pull a trash bag up and over the top of them, using the drawstrings to close the bag just below the hook of the hanger. These clothes can then be left hanging until you are ready to move them.
Moving Stuffed Animals/Pillows/Bedding—These bulky items are lightweight, but putting them in boxes costs you precious space and money. They are perfect candidates for the trash bag treatment.
Waterproofing—Though these won’t keep all of the rain of your items, you can use them in place of more expensive alternatives to protect items in wet conditions.
Although using trash bags for your move can save you a few dollars and the inconvenience of purchasing more boxes on wardrobes and soft items, we still recommend specialized moving boxes for everything else.

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