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Why You Should Move to Solana Beach, CA

Are you looking to move to a small, cozy beach town on the California coast or thinking about Solana Beach real estate? Or more importantly, are you looking to make a move where the highest temperature is usually 78 degrees Fahrenheit?

Along with great weather, you’re probably also looking for a healthy mixture of outdoor activities and nightlife. Even if you aren’t, you might just want to make a move somewhere you can have an abundance of options from housing to activities. Solana Beach is a coastal community in north San Diego County and it might also be the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for somewhere to call home without sacrificing any of the fun, the good weather, or the pure sense of relaxation, look no further. While a move may be tiring and sometimes complicated, with the right help and the right destination, you can pull off your relocation to Solana Beach without a hitch.

Keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know about the area. By the end of this article, you’ll know if Solana Beach is the right fit for you.

Living in Solana Beach CA: Why Should You Do It?

When you think of a California beach town, you likely don’t immediately think of a San Diego suburb as a great place to live. But Solana Beach has a lot going for it; great weather, an artsy vibe, and a growing population. If you’re thinking of making the move from another state, you may be surprised to learn that Solana Beach has all of the best qualities of a beach city without the hustle and bustle of the big city.

You can find chic shops, trendy restaurants, and lively bars throughout town. Basically, you can find anything you want, or need. 

The city has a gorgeous beach, multiple events throughout the year, and plenty of things to do if you don’t feel like going to the beach or into the city. The beach in the area is one of the most beautiful beaches in the county, and with great views and a wide range of activities, you can have a lot of fun while you’re there. In fact, if you go for a visit, you’ll more than likely want to stay and become a resident.

With a population of only 13,312 people, this is what we meant by being able to have the feel of a big city without the downfalls a larger area can bring. What’s even better is that this little gem of a city was dubbed, one of the top places to live in the U.S. So you understand why, let’s talk about one of the main reasons people flock to and up staying put when they step into Solana Beach.

When Is the Best Time to Look for Solana Beach Real Estate?

If you’re thinking about Solana Beach real estate, there are multiple options throughout the city’s housing market. However, you might be wondering when or if there is an ideal time to make your move. While the best time to visit the city might be during the summer months with July being the peak month of the year with the most tourist activity, actually moving is very different.

In general, when you’re planning to move, anytime between September and April is often the best range of time to make the move happen. This is because moving companies will often have more of a free schedule. Another reason for this is that you are bypassing the summer months.

This means that you will have less to worry about when it comes to traffic and tourists. Also, many kids are back in school during this time as well which can help to make a cross-country, or any move for that matter, simpler to navigate.

Keep in mind that this is not a secret. That means other potential movers are planning their relocations during this time frame. Around 80% of moves happen between September and April making it a popular time to move.

Why the Weather Is Perfect in Solana Beach CA

The perfect weather in Solana Beach comes with some great perks, but there are also a couple of downsides to this coastal city’s weather, too. Solana Beach’s temperatures are relatively warm all year round, with an average of 75 degrees in the summer and 61 degrees in the winter.

Solana Beach’s humidity is also a lot lower than the rest of the state’s, so you won’t end up with the heavier and more uncomfortable temperatures that many other places experience during the summer. Now, while we did mention that this is a potential issue, this might be a good problem to have for most people. If you think about it, 75-degree weather with the hottest temperatures going into the 80s isn’t too much of a bad thing.

If you’re wondering why the weather is always so beautiful and easy to endure, it’s because of the city’s location. The climate becomes altered by the cool temperatures that the Pacific brings in. People often associate the area with having the same type of climate as the Mediterranean.

Have you ever wanted to go, or have already visited the Spanish coast or southern areas of Greece or Italy? If you haven’t or if you’re dreaming of going back for a visit, Solana Beach offers you the same weather right in the United States. It’s not hard to see why people are attracted to the area and why they might not want to leave once they get there.

The Unique Culture and Arts Scene of Solana Beach CA

Artists and writers have long taken advantage of Solana Beach’s relaxed atmosphere, and the city is home to some of the top events in the San Diego area. Art shows in and near the area host some of the best local artists, and the city also has thriving film festivals nearby. If you love to dance, you’ll also enjoy the city’s many dance and music events.

You can also find plenty of activities for people of all ages, from swimming and biking to hiking and playing sports. The local culture is also unique and particularly inspiring for creatives. Not to mention, it’s a pretty nice area for retirement if you’re looking for relaxation without missing out on the aspect of fun.

The city’s relaxed vibe allows many people to open up and be themselves, which can lead to inspiration for people in the community. However, the local culture is also very accepting of new people, so you’re likely to feel very welcome in Solana Beach.

If you’re still wondering what else the city has to offer when it comes to events, there is something for everyone and for every taste. For athletics with children, Solana Beach has a long-standing junior lifeguard program. The program is also run by the local VFW.

Along with that, if you’re a music or movie buff you’d benefit from attending concerts at the cove, and beach blanket movie nights, and while you will be living on a beautiful coast, the city doesn’t skip any fun when it comes to holidays. When Christmas time rolls around, the city’s holiday tree lighting ceremony would be the perfect event for friends and family.

If you’re making the move solo, it might be a great place to make connections with new people and to make some new friends. Thankfully, the residents of Solana Beach are quite nice, warm, and inviting. 

What About Safety?

Solana Beach is not only a scenic destination for those that are craving great sites. It’s also a very safe community. The overall crime rate in the city is 13 for every 1,000 residents. With a population of over 13,000 that would be just over 169 per every 13,000 people.

In comparison, the average crime rate in other areas like Escondido, for example, is right under the national average of 21.5 for violent crimes which is much higher for crimes related to property.

Safety is a top feature that many people look for when planning a move. In Solana Beach, however, your chances of being a victim of some type of crime are 1 in 75.

Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Solana Beach

San Diego neighborhoods offer some of the best living experiences along with great weather. Solana Beach in particular has a long list of benefits for those looking for their next destination.

The Schools Are Excellent

If you have children, you’ll be happy to know that Solana Beach has excellent schools. In fact, the Solana Beach School District especially for elementary school is award-winning. This means that you don’t have to think about sacrificing good or safe education systems.

There are around seven different elementary schools. There is also a child development center in the town. The district was actually founded in 1925 and has continued to strive since.

It’s a Small Town With Big-City Amenities

Although Solana Beach is technically part of the San Diego metropolitan area, it has a small-town feel that many residents find appealing. But don’t worry, you’ll still have access to all the big-city amenities you need and want, including excellent restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

When you move there, you don’t have to give up hobbies, general interests, or a sense of adventure. Solana Beach offers you the best of both worlds by giving you a place that is both serene and upbeat.

There’s No shortage of Things to Do

Whether you’re into arts and culture, coffee tasting, or outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of things to do in Solana Beach. There are always festivals and events happening, and there are plenty of parks and recreation areas to enjoy.

A good example would be the Fiesta del Sol which hosts live music and great food. You could also go out and participate in some water sports if you wanted to.

The Cost of Living

Now, this is where it can get a bit tricky. The housing expenses in Solana Beach have reached 279% more than the national average. However, keep in mind the current state of the economy and the inevitable levels of inflation.

Of course, you are paying for the location when you move to Solana Beach but with the area being so safe, it’s not a bad place to start. The median home price in the area is $2.4 million.

Additionally, the average energy bill you’ll pay per month is around $206. It will take some financial planning to figure out the best way you can afford to live in the area but it would be worth it.

The Strong Sense of Community

One of the best things about Solana Beach is the strong sense of community that exists there. Residents may come across as social, accepting, and helpful, and there’s a real sense of general pride in the town.

If you have a family, Solana Beach offers outdoor activities your kids will love and enjoy, and depending on where you find a home, you might even end up hitting it off with your neighbors.

It’s a Great Place to Raise a Family

If you’re looking for a great place to raise a family, Solana Beach is definitely worth considering. With its excellent schools, safe environment, and a strong sense of community, it’s an ideal place to raise kids. Not only will you have multiple things to keep you busy, but so will your kids, if you have them.

Children have basketball courts, swings, and other park-related equipment. They will also have access to playgrounds, grassy spots meant for cookouts or picnics, and pet-friendly locations.

Don’t Forget About the Active NightLife

Although it’s not as bustling as some of the bigger cities in California, Solana Beach still has a pretty active nightlife scene. You can also think about the different bars you could try in the area considering there are multiple options for you to choose from. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and night events to test out, and the nightlife is generally safe and enjoyable.

The Area Will Take Your Breath Away

There’s no doubt about it, Solana Beach is a beautiful place. From the stunning beaches to the picturesque hillsides, there’s always something to admire. The area doesn’t only look beautiful, it is beautiful.

From the residents flocking there to enjoy the potential of the location to those that want to find a new home in a new area, many people underestimate the effects that the area will have on you simply by being observant. While small, you might be tempted to do a full day of sightseeing, and that is encouraged.

Its Location Is Convenient

Solana Beach is located a short drive from both Los Angeles and Downtown San Diego. So whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway to test the waters before making the move or you’re planning on taking the plunge, you’ll be able to get to and from most places with no problems when it comes to traveling throughout the area. You’re close to a variety of water sports, welcoming beaches, boutiques, and other shopping vendors.

It’s a Great Place to Retire

Solana Beach is considered to be one of the top suburbs for San Diego neighborhoods. With that, yes, retiring there would be a good idea. The area has it all when it comes to the environment and amenities.

It’s a great place for retirees because of the small size while not being too small and the multiple things you would have available to do. If you’re looking for a great place to retire, Solana Beach should definitely be on your radar. With its beautiful weather, convenient location, and multiple amenities, it’s an ideal place to retire.

Now that you know more about Solana Beach and what the area has to offer, let’s dive deeper into the top features of this coastal paradise. Yes, good weather and various activities are great reasons to plan a move to Solana Beach in San Diego, but there is much more to look forward to.

There’s a Thriving Arts Scene

We talked a bit about the arts scene in the area but there is also a lot to enjoy nearby when it comes to the arts. You could check out multiple contemporary art galleries through online and in-person options. There are also various exhibitions and collaborations between local artists.

If you’re into the arts, you’ll be happy to know that Solana Beach has a thriving art scene that expands outside of the city. You can look forward to fun festivals, fairs, and even other public art events.

Given the area, the community is full of artists which could be a great thing depending on your hobbies. This will give you more like-minded people to connect with and even learn from.

The Weather Is Perfect

Solana means “warm wind,” and that is exactly what you get upon your visit. With an average of 263 days of sunshine per year, the weather in Solana Beach is about as close to perfect as you can get. While the winters can be long, it’s still a great place to enjoy the weather.

The lowest temperatures that you could expect in the winter would fall around 37 degrees Fahrenheit. However, that will usually only occur during January or February, which are peak winter months.

There’s a Lot of History

This little four-square-mile beach suburb is more than a beautiful spot that you could call home. It’s also full of history. Around 1986, the area was included within the LA Colonia de Eden Gardens.

It was actually in 1886 that George H. Jones settled down in the area with his family. Also, he was the very first settler in the area and if you are familiar with its location, you may even recognize the name Lockwood Mesa which is what Solana Beach used to be called. Now, later on in 1922, Colonel Ed Fletcher bought some acreage from Mr. Jones, 201 acres to be precise.

Colonel Fletcher is actually credited with founding Solana Beach. He only paid around $200 for each acre with the intention of developing the area. Colonel Fletcher had a vision of the community he wanted to build right on the northern coast of what would be the now beautiful and thriving city.

Overall, It’s a Great Place to Live

Solana Beach has everything people often look for in a city, without the hassle of one. It gives the benefits of the beach and perfect weather year-round.

It also gives you the convenience of local eateries, fun events, and a sense of community without living in an area that’s too small. From great schools and easy access to other areas to the perfect area for surfing enthusiasts and those that enjoy the uniqueness, Solana Beach is a hub for everything you need to move, retire, or even visit before you move.

Time to Make Your Move!

Whether you are looking for a new place to call home or you’re interested in finding out if Solana Beach is a good fit for you, the right piece of Solana Beach real estate can make everything an even better experience.

No matter if you want a change or some R & R, moving to Solana Beach has it all for an amazing next chapter. However, you might need some help pulling off the move.

Move Central is your one-stop resource for everything you need to move with no stress. From storage options to local or long-distance moves, Solana Beach is within reach. Call our team for a free quote today

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Stan Caramalac started his moving company because he truly believed that moving could be simple as long as it was done efficiently. He wanted to help people make their moves smoother and less stressful. Stan and his team proudly serve San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. If you are looking for professional commercial or residential movers then Move Central is the perfect company for you.

Author: Stan Caramalac

Stan Caramalac started his moving company because he truly believed that moving could be simple as long as it was done efficiently. He wanted to help people make their moves smoother and less stressful. Stan and his team proudly serve San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. If you are looking for professional commercial or residential movers then Move Central is the perfect company for you.

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