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Is San Francisco a Great Place for Retirees?

In short, yes. Older adults happen to be the fastest growing age group in San Francisco, with almost 30 percent of residents hitting 60 or older by 2030, according to the San Francisco Human Services Agency. In 2010, it was 19 percent and in 2020 it was 23 percent. As you can see, this number continues to grow over the years.

If you are a senior who is looking to retire in San Francisco, you may be wondering which neighborhood would be best for you to settle down in for your Golden Years.

Many seniors are moving back to the city in which they grew up or raised their families. Or, if they already live here, they are choosing to age in place in this large city home to 875,000. They value their independence and ability to get around, as well as the city’s youthful vibe and mild weather. From cultural activities and community centers to outdoor exercise opportunities and an abundance of retirement jobs, San Francisco is helping seniors of all ages settle down here.

How to Downsize For a Move to San Fran

If you’ve been living in a house in the suburbs, whether in San Fran or hundreds of miles away, you probably have way more space than you actually need. This may prompt the need to downsize and flee the empty nest that has become cavernous in recent years. Perhaps your spouse has died, or your kids and grandkids have their own homes elsewhere. Perhaps you have mobility or health issues that make living in a large multi-story home too difficult.

It may be a good idea to find a one-floor condo or home where it’s easier to get around and that’s in closer proximity to events, attractions and stores. In a hot seller’s marker like we have here in San Fran and all over the country, many seniors are opting to sell, make a big profit and move into a smaller space.

Unfortunately, many of the Bay Area houses are very outdated and are in need of renovations. Those renovations can get quite costly for the average senior homeowner. This has prompted many of them to simply sell without making renovations. They know their home will go for a pretty penny anyway, so why put themselves through the stress of a remodel?

With kitchen or bathroom renovations costing between $20,000 and $30,000 or more, it’s unlikely that these jobs will provide a worthwhile return.

Now that you have made a plan to downsize, the next challenge is to declutter and purge your existing space. You can’t take it all with you because it won’t fit. Ask your family members to help you. Perhaps they can organize a yard sale or sell things online. You can donate items in good condition, including clothing, furniture and more. If you have cherished valuables that you don’t want to part with but that still hold value, consider putting them in a storage unit for safe keeping.

While you’re in the process of decluttering, ask yourself: which neighborhood would be best for me to move to?

What Are the Best San Francisco Neighborhoods For Retirees?

San Francisco is well known for its distinct and unique neighborhoods, each one offering a different focus and flair. But in terms of being agreeable to seniors as they retire, these three neighborhoods stand out for the young at heart.

  • Bernal Heights: This neighborhood is on the quiet, artsy and affordable side, with a dash of fun mixed in. The median population here is about 50, which has made it more and more popular with retirees. The main strip is Courtland Street, a mecca of stores, restaurants, coffee shops and art shops. Older adults will like it here because it’s just active enough without being too noisy or bustling for their tastes. It’s much quieter than city life but still offers access to activity.
  • Mission Bay. This part of San Francisco has recently undergone $4 billion worth of upgrades, filling the space with brand new lofts and condos geared toward seniors and retirees. This safe, beautiful area is chock full of amenities that appeal to the aging population in the Bay Area. You get quick access to public transportation, scenic waterfront views, and even some enjoyable nightlife. This unique spot is an eclectic mix of young singles and older adults who will have no problem mingling.
  • Rockridge. Near Berkeley, across the Bay, Rockridge plays host to students, university professors, and seniors. You’ll see many new condos along the main areas, boasting walkable restaurants and stores. It too has easy public transportation that you can take to commute to San Francisco proper. If you want a nice sized house with a small lawn and minimal upkeep, this is the neighborhood for you. You’ll find a lot of cozy bungalows peppered throughout Rockridge.

Whether you’re a senior who knows they want to downsize soon, or you’re an adult child of a senior who really should downsize, it’s time to start the conversation and research now. You’ll need a qualified mover on your side skilled in senior moves so the relocation goes seamlessly with no stress.

If it’s your dream to move into a vibrant San Francisco neighborhood so you can start the next phase of your journey, there are plenty of choices out there to suit you.

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