17 Tips for Better Packing

At Move Central, moving is our specialty, and we want to show you 17 tips for better packing and moving to a new home can that can make your move easy and pain-free.

  1. Begin packing things you don’t currently need and clothing that is out of season first. You can start packing weeks and even months before your move using this principle. Wait until just a few days before your move to start packing the things you frequently use, and put your must-have items, like personal hygiene items and toiletries in your necessity box.
  2. Leave things that are not breakable or spillable in drawers and cabinets. Things like linens, clothing and blankets can be left in drawers during the move.
  3. Group items of similar weight and makeup together. For instance, pack heavy items separately from light items, and pack breakable items separately from unbreakable ones.
  4. Wrap or tape sets of things together. For example, if you take a table apart, put all of the nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and tape the bag to the bottom of the table. Also, nest the legs inside the apron of the table and wrap them to the table with plastic stretch wrap, which can be conveniently purchased from our San Diego local moving company.
  5. Fold up electrical cords and bind them together using bread ties, garden wire, or rubber bands, so they don’t tangle during the move.
  6. Wrap fragile items or those that can easily be scratched in clean tissue paper or paper towels. For things like fine china, stack together plates with a layer of paper in between and then wrap them together with newspaper or plastic wrap.
  7. Before you put any items in a box, lay down a layer of crumpled paper or bubble wrap for padding.
  8. Pack the box in layers with larger, heavier items on the bottom, medium sized and weighted items in the middle, and lighter, smaller items on the top.
  9. Fill in any empty spaces with crushed paper so items in the box don’t shift.
  10. Make sure fragile items are properly padded. You can use bubble wrap or other packing materials that you purchase from our San Diego moving company, or you can just use your own blankets and towels as padding. Just be sure every corner and edge is well covered.
  11. Use smaller boxes for individually wrapped fragile items or place just a few in a box together.
  12. Put several smaller boxes into a larger box and fill in the extra space with crushed paper to prevent shifting.
  13. Don’t overfill or under fill boxes. They should be packed securely, but without bulges or indentions.
  14. Tape all boxes closed except for ones containing items on Move Central’s High-Value list. Our San Diego movers will check these items before loading them on the truck.
  15. After sealing the carton, write its contents on the side of the box and in an inventory notebook. You may also want to number the boxes and write the corresponding numbers in the notebook as well.
  16. Write your name and which room each box should go to on the box label. Then place the name of each room on a sign taped to the door, so the movers know right where to put each box.
  17. Label any boxes that you would like to unpack first at your new home with a special label, so they can be put together and easily found upon your arrival.

If you need any more help or have any questions when moving in San Diego or the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact our San Diego full service moving company. We are here to make your next move a great one!

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