Parking Essentials and Moving Permits: A Move Central Guide

Navigate Payments with Ease: Move Central’s Seamless Payments Guide

Customer Journey StageUpon Booking the Move
Payment TypeReservation Guarantee
Amount$59 on Local Moves
$99 on Long Distance Moves
Payment MethodsDebit/Credit Cards
Understanding the WhyThe Reservation Guarantee is a standalone one-item charge, not a deposit, that confirms your move is set with us and locks in your reservation. This is your commitment, and our promise: In case your plans change, you have the option to reschedule your move up to two times, provided you give us a 24-hour heads up. If you must cancel, the Reservation Guarantee is non-refundable as it’s in place to ensure we uphold highest service standards and covers the costs of reserving your specific move details.
Customer Journey StageThe Morning of the Move Day – Before Dispatching Crews
Payment TypePreauthorization
AmountDetermined based on the move and crew size.
Payment MethodsDebit/Credit Cards
Understanding the WhyPreauthorization is a process where a certain amount of money is temporarily held from your credit or debit card to ensure that funds are available for your move. Shortly before the move is complete, the final cost is adjusted based on actual time and services provided. Think of preauthorization as a friendly handshake between your bank and Move Central. It’s our way of saying, “Hey, we’re about to do some heavy lifting here, can you spot us the funds?”
Customer Journey StageAt the End of the Move – Half Hour Before End Time
Payment TypeMove Balance
AmountBased on actual time and services rendered.
Payment MethodsCash or Zelle: on all amounts, Debit/Credit cards: on amounts under $2000, Wire Transfer or Cashier’s Check: on amounts $2000 and up, Cash, Wire Transfer or Cashier’s Check: for Travel Fee on Long-Haul Moves
Understanding the WhyThe Move Balance is the total cost of your move, including all services such as labor, materials, truck and travel/fuel fees, and other charges. By offering a variety of payment options, we ensure that the payment process is as smooth as your move. It’s out way of making sure that the only “change” you must worry about is your new address, not the jingling coins in your pocket!

Pro Tip: Keep those Cards charged, Cash stacked, and Zelle ready for a moving beat that rocks!

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