Who to Notify When You Move
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Moving Tips: Who to Notify When You Move

Our movers in San Diego know you have a lot on your plate when getting ready for a move, and you will inevitably forget something along the way. But one thing you don’t want to forget is knowing who to notify during a move.
Who you notify will depend on where you are moving. For example, you might notify your dentist, doctor, or chiropractor if you are moving locally, but if you are moving long distance, you might instead want to contact them and tell them you need to cancel all further appointments.
It is a good idea to start writing down a list of all of the people you can think of who send you things, noting important ones as they come in the mail. Also, the following list will help ensure you don’t forget anyone, but if you do, your mail can be forwarded by the postal service for up to two months for things like magazines and up to twelve months for first-class and express mail, as well as any packages.
Below is the list our professional movers in San Diego have put together to make the process just a little easier for you:


• Any employer you’ve had this year, so tax stubs can be sent to the new address
• Banks and investment firms you do business with
• Mortgage, loan, and credit card companies
• Utility companies, like water, gas, and electric companies
• Cable, phone, and internet companies
• Doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc. that your family uses
• All insurance providers—life, health, house, automobile, etc.
• Professionals like attorneys and CPAs
• Schools & tutors
• Veterinarian
• Your gym
• Any contractors that work for you regularly
• Any services you have subscriptions with
• Clubs and associations
• Family or friends that usually send you cards or otherwise communicate with you by mail
Remember, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but our movers in San Diego do hope it provides you a good jumping off point, so you can transition more easily into your new home. If you have any questions about your move or would like a free quote, please contact our San Diego full service moving company today.

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