Top Things Retirees Should Look For in a Moving Company
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Top Things Retirees Should Look For in a Moving Company

Whether you’re retiring to the Bay Area or San Diego County, you need to choose a moving company that can handle your local or long-distance move with ease. Many movers take extra special care with senior moves, helping retirees move from a large house to a small one or even to a retirement community.

Moving is a stressful and lengthy process, especially for senior citizens. It takes a lot of time, energy and patience to pack, unpack, and coordinate a house move from start to finish. That’s why you need to start researching the most reputable moving company now so you can be assured of a seamless move.

Whether you plan to move closer to your kids and grandkids or you just want to live in a warmer locale, here’s what you should be looking for in a moving company.

Full Services

You want your movers to take care of as much of the relocation as possible so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Look for a full-service moving company that offers packing, unpacking, storage, and more. You may not have the ability or energy to haul heavy stuff, pack and label boxes, or coordinate logistics.

That’s why you should look for a full-service moving company that will:

Pack and Unpack Your Belongings

For a reasonable fee, many movers offer both packing and unpacking services. When you hire movers for packing, you don’t have to worry about tracking down all the boxes and other supplies you will need to ensure your stuff will safely make the trip.

Reassemble Your Furniture

Many movers will take apart your larger items such as pool tables and sectionals, transporting things in pieces because it’s just easier. But once those items are in the new house, you don’t want to have to put them back together yourself. You want your mover to re-assemble your large pieces of furniture so your home is move-in ready.

Clean Up

Many full-service movers will tidy up and do a basic clean to help seniors out with this task. If you hired them to unpack, they will take away all the used moving supplies and trash that come with it.


Many movers will assign you a move coordinator, who will guide you through the process and act as a point person. This advocate can address all your questions and concerns, and meet all your needs from start to finish. You will want to discuss with this person what things are fragile and need extra care, where everything should go in the new house, etc.

If you can, take photos of the existing décor so you can set things up in a similar fashion in the new place. You may not be able to fit everything in the smaller place but in the event you need to downsize, you should de-clutter and sell things first. To reduce the stress of a large move all at once, begin the process of cleaning out the home as soon as you have a date in mind, suggests The Spruce.

Trustworthy Professionals

The biggest thing to look for when making a senior move is trustworthiness. Not all movers are created equal. Some will take advantage of your money and good will. Look only at moving companies who are well-established in the community. Look up reviews, ask family and friends, and do your homework.

Make sure they have a headquarters with an actual address, a professional-looking website, and licensed and insured employees.

Trustworthiness is critical for seniors because you won’t always be able to be there constantly watching over the team during the moving process. While most movers are reputable and rely on their proven reputation for their business, others are only in it to make money or steal valuables.

Moving day is hectic, and missing items may easily go unnoticed. Because the elderly are thought of as easy prey, many thieves tend to steal from this subset of the population. Stay away from moving companies that don’t have firm roots in the local community. 

Take Inventory

No matter how reputable movers are, it can be daunting inviting strangers into your home to handle your precious belongings. Take an inventory of all your items, or ask the moving company if they offer this service. They may offer this, especially if they offer packing services.

Write down everything that goes into each box, and label the box in great detail with the contents and destination room. Take photos of all valuables so you have proof of condition on hand.

Communication Skills

Many retirees choose to take a vacation or at least a day trip during the move. Then they can simply return to their new, furnished home and start getting used to their new lifestyle. Your moving company should be able to stay in constant communication, keeping you in the loop of everything going on. They can contact you with any updates, issues, and questions that may crop up. This will give you peace of mind knowing all aspects of moving day are being taken care of.

Now that you know what to look for in a moving company, you need to start the process of vetting each one. Take your time calling at least a few companies and getting quotes. Compare not only prices but services and reputation as well. Your end goal should be to select a mover for your senior relocation who will take good care of you from start to finish.

Contact Move Central

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