Safely Pack Fine China and Glassware for Move
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Safely Pack Fine China and Glassware

Dish Pack Boxes Ensure a Safe Move

Safely pack fine china and glassware by first using something that is called a dish pack.   A dish pack is a very sturdy double-walled corrugated carton and is ideal for breakable items measuring less than 18 inches. It makes sense to buy several dish pack boxes from your San Diego moving company, prior to moving day.

Using clean packing paper individually wrap all pieces of china and glassware. To be safe use two or three sheets of paper, starting diagonally from the corner. As you continue tuck in the overlapping edges. You can use newspaper to provide a double layer for an outer wrapping. Use generous amounts of paper to pad and cushion everything so nothing moves inside the box.

Plates and Platters

Larger pieces of china and glassware, like plates and platters should be placed in the lowest part of the dish pack.

First you must place cushioning materials at the bottom of the carton. Each piece should be wrapped separately, then you can wrap as many as three pieces in a bundle using a double layer of newsprint. You can place these bundles inside the carton on the edges by lining them up in a row.

Each bundle should be surrounded by crushed paper, making sure that all spaces are filled in. Two or three inches of additional crushed paper should be placed on top of each bundle to protect the rims and to create a level base for the bottom of the next tier.

For the second layer you can pack up the smaller items, shallow bowls, salad plates, and saucers. Use the same careful wrapping methods as you used on the larger items.

Bowls, cups and irregular-shaped items

Whether these make up the bottom or middle layers will depend on their weight. Wrap these items using the same care and methods used with the flat items.

Shallow bowls or soup plates can stand on their edges in the carton. Deeper bows, like mixing bows, should be nested two to three deep, upside down standing on their rims.

Sugar bowl lids should first be wrapped in tissue paper, then turned upside down and placed on top of the sugar bowl. Wrap both pieces together using clean paper and then an outer layer of double newspaper. Do the same with the cream pitchers. Place the sugar bowls, their matching cream pitchers, gravy and sauce containers and all other small irregular items upright inside the carton. Put plenty of crushed paper on top to complete the layer.

Even if you’re packing everything in a dish pack with mini-cells for your china, all cups should be wrapped individually, using extra layers of paper to protect the handles. Cups should then be packed upside down.

If you are not packing in a dish pack or in cells, wrap cups as described previously using a double layer of packing paper. Place cups upside down on the rims in a straight row with the handles all facing the same direction, on an upper layer of the box. Put ample amounts of crushed paper on the top to complete the layer.

Your moving company in San Diego will appreciate all the effort you have made to ensure the safe delivery of your items. Although Move Central, Inc. is extremely careful with everything it always helps to know that fragile items have been packed properly with plenty of cushioning.


Author: Stan Caramalac

Stan Caramalac started his moving company because he truly believed that moving could be simple as long as it was done efficiently. He wanted to help people make their moves smoother and less stressful. Stan and his team proudly serve San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. If you are looking for professional commercial or residential movers then Move Central is the perfect company for you.

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