Moving Day Tips

Once you have packed up your belongings and the moving van has pulled away, you may feel like celebrating but  it’s first important that you apply these moving day tips.  Taking advantage of these few moving day tips will help you tie up the loose ends before you say goodbye to your old house for good.

Moving Day Tips

Do a thorough walk-through. You will want to be certain that you didn’t leave anything behind, so check all of the closets, cabinets, and even the attic and garage. A stool or chair is handy for this, as lots of things get left behind on the upper shelves of closets and cabinets, or even on top of the medicine cabinet!
Make sure everything is shut off and locked down. If the house will be sitting, waiting to be sold, you may want to have the pipes winterized. Turn off water, electricity, and gas. Close and lock all windows and doors. And make sure nothing is plugged in.
Clean. Make sure floors are swept and vacuumed, counters and sinks are cleaned, and bathrooms are cleaned and dried. This will prevent nasty pests or mold from taking up residence after you leave.
Call your insurance company. Not only will you need to have an insurance policy on your new home, but you will likely have to keep the one you have on your old home if it is still in your possession. Contact your insurance agency to make sure they have made the proper changes to your policy on the proper dates, so you have the correct coverage.

As with all aspects of your move, our San Diego movers know that a little prevention and planning can go a long way toward having a great move, and we are always here to answer your questions. Contact us today to find more moving day tips and a free moving quote.

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