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How to Prep For Your Office Move to LA

Now that you have decided to move your office to Los Angeles, it’s time to think about how you will prep for the relocation. There’s a lot to think about, from moving future and electronics to switching over utilities. Hiring reputable movers skilled in LA business moves will help immensely. But the organization part still has to be done, and it’s best to start early.

One of the biggest challenges with packing up an office, large or small, is determining what you should pack first and what you can save for later. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during this time, so here are some tips from our experts on how to prep for your office move to LA.

Create a Checklist

Before you pack anything, come up with an inventory list first. This will help ensure you know exactly what’s being moved and what condition it’s in. You can organize it in order if you want, so you know which items to pack up first, middle and last. Make copies and share with your staff.

Start Off With Decorative Pieces

Decorative items like paintings, décor, posters, and holiday decorations should be the first to be dismantled and boxed up. You don’t need the décor in the last few months or weeks of your stay there, even though they do make things more cheery! Box like items together and make sure you label each one. This will make it much easier when it comes time to unpack.

Wrap fragile items such as picture frames and artwork carefully. Use plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper to ensure nothing arrives broken in the new office.

Box Up Your Books

Every office has a plethora of books, journals and binders. You probably don’t use these too often but still need them on hand. They may contain important info on things like workplace safety or harassment training. Pack these up next, leaving out any books you will need right up till the time you move.

Now that the books are off the shelves, you can start dismantling the bookcases and shelving units. The fewer bulky items you have, the better.

Organize Your Files

Your office probably plays host to a large number of filing cabinets, both in common areas and in individual offices. For individual offices, tell your employees to start going through them slowly, shredding old documents and digitally preserving the newer ones. For common area filing cabinets, tackle them one by one, doing the same as above.

For the physical files you need to transport to the new place, put them in boxes and label them in detail. Place them in the box in the same order in which they appeared in the file cabinets so you can return them easily to their rightful place when unpacking.

Pack Up Your Desk

Your desk is the last thing you should pack. Let all of your employees handle this part on their own. Just make sure they don’t do any of the heavy lifting. Save that for the movers. Take this time to declutter your deck and office, throwing out junk and streamlining what you own. Leave the essentials inside your desk until just before moving day. After all, you still have to work!

You may want to separate drawers and put them into separate boxes or crates. You may think it’s easier to just throw all your desk items into one big box, but if you keep them separated in smaller, labeled boxes, you’ll save time when unpacking. Plus, you’ll avoid confusion once the relocation is over and done with.

Gather Computers and Devices

Think about what you need on a daily basis, and pack only what you don’t use every day. You can wait till a few days before to pack up the computers, phones, scanners and more. If you have electronics that are outdated and that you no longer use, consider donating them to churches, day cares or shelters. Don’t forget to back up all data and then erase all files if you plan to donate the items. Carefully wrap and pack all the computers you plan to take with you.

Take this time to go through your files and documents and purge anything that’s outdated or no longer pertinent. Take a damp cloth to your computers and other devices to wipe off dust and other debris. Make a fresh start in the new office!

Place cardboard cut-outs over your computer monitor screens and other sensitive parts, securing them with packing tape. This will add another layer of protection to your most valuables devices. Pack flat screen TVs and CCTV monitors in the same way, or invest in large flat boxes designed to accommodate these items.

Pack Desks and Chairs

The last items to pack will be chairs and desks. Dismantle them for easier lifting and moving if you can. Take photos before you do this so you know how to put them back together later. Same with unplugging TVs and computers. Snap a photo of the wiring to ensure easier setup in the new place.

For tables with glass tops, wrap and pack tops separately in plenty of bubble wrap so they don’t shatter or get scratched. Wrap each furniture piece in thick blankets to guard against damage. If you detach hardware and other small pieces, place them in a separate, labeled bag.

We hope you have found these tips to be useful as you prepare to pack up your office for a move to LA!

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