Steps for Moving Antiques Safely
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5 Steps For Moving Antiques Safely

Move Central, Inc. San Diego’s movers understands that your beloved antique collection can be both valuable and hard to replace that’s why we put together 5 steps for moving antiques safely. It is only right that you take the steps to protect it from damage when moving from one location to another. That is why we are going to share with you the five simple steps our San Diego movers use to safeguard our clients’ valuable breakables during a move.

Step #1: Have Your Antiques Appraised

If you believe you have items of high value, then you should have an appraisal done on them by a professional appraiser. Not only is this a good idea for purchasing insurance for your move, but it may also be required when transferring your homeowner’s policy.

To find a qualified appraiser, you can contact your insurance company, lawyer, or bank. You may also find an appraiser by searching online or going to to order your copy the Directory Of Certified Professional Personal Property Appraisers, which gives a list of appraisers by state. During your search for appraisers, look out for those who are members of the ASA (American Society of Appraisers), as these appraisers may be more reputable and committed to professionalism.

Alongside your appraisal, it is a good idea to also have good photos of each antique piece. Videotaping the items in your home may be an acceptable alternative or addition to photography.

When you have your in-home estimate done by the moving company, show the assessor any antiques that are of high value, are easily breakable, or that will require special consideration for moving. Customized boxes or crates can be made for these items.

Step #2: Set Up A Protection Plan

During your in-home estimate, it is important to talk about the valuation of your collection. Move Central movers, San Diego, have several insurance plans to cover accidental loss during your move.

You will want to have items that are valued at over $100/lb. to be listed on our High-Value Inventory Form, along with any special markings such as signatures, hallmarks, maker’s marks, or identification numbers.

As discussed before, photographing your high-value antiques is recommended, but videoing them can be even better for documenting their conditions. Whichever way you decide or are able to document your valuables, you must ensure that your images are clear, well lit, and highly visible so that it can be used when making a claim.

Step three: Prepare For packing

For some antiques, cleaning is recommended before moving. This will ensure that your items are dust and grit free so they will not be scratched during the move.

We suggest asking a professional at a hardware store, home furnishing store, or antique dealership what they recommend for cleaning your antiques.

We do, however, recommend that you do not use oils or waxes on your furniture previous to moving them, as these types of cleaners can temporarily make finishes softer, and furniture pads could impress into the finish during the move.

If you still have questions about how to clean or take care of a certain item during a move, you may contact historical societies, antique dealers or libraries to find information on the subject.

Step #4: Help The Movers Identify Your Antiques

You will either want to be available or have a trusted individual available during the packing and moving stage of your move to show your movers which items require special care. This is also important as those helping you pack and load items will not know the specifics of every item in your home and they may need help answering questions about certain items.

Regardless of if they are antiques or not, our moving company in San Diego will protect all of your larger furniture with furniture pads to prevent damage.

Step #5: Check Your Items Upon Arrival

Once your items reach your new home, you should check what has been delivered against your inventory list to ensure that you have received everything. Once you are sure that you have, you should sign for receipt. If there is any damage to your items, simply contact our San Diego moving service, and we will help you file for reimbursement.

And remember, if you have any questions about moving your antiques, San Diego local moving company Move Central, Inc., is always here to help.



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