Pre-Packing Tips For An Easier Move
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10 Pre-Packing Tips For An Easier Move

Move Central Moving Company, San Diego, knows that you need all the help you can get when it comes to moving that’s why we have put together 10 pre-packing tips for An easier move.  Though it can be a daunting task, a little preparation can make it a whole lot easier. In this article we are going to share the tricks our professional San Diego movers use to pre-pack a home before a move.

Gather The Necessary Supplies

First, you will want to gather up all of the packing supplies you might need to pack your home: boxes, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, packing tape, newspaper, tissue paper, and anything else you might need. For your convenience, our San Diego local moving company carries all of the supplies you need for one-stop shopping.

Start Early

If you have already set a move date, there is no time like the present to start packing. Starting early and packing a few boxes a day will make the move much easier than trying to do it all at once.

Check out our packing tips to simplify the process.

Clearly Label Boxes

If you want your move to run smoothly, clearly marking what is in each box and what room it goes to will save you tons of time once you reach your new home. Our San Diego movers promise this is one tip you will not want to skip.

Decide What You No Longer Want

Moving gives you the ultimate excuse to get rid of items you no longer want or use. Doing so can make your move much easier, faster, and cheaper, as you won’t have to pack, load, unload, and unpack things you get rid of now.

Take Care Of Utilities And Bills

You most likely want to have the basic utilities turned on when you reach your new home, and you need to ensure that the utilities at your old home are shut off. Write down all of the companies you have to contact, marking them off as you do so. You may also want to do this for your bills.

Check The Calendar

You may not want to move during times when there are national holidays, as many important businesses and government offices will not be open if you have problems or need something important for your move.

Plan For Your Pets

Before you move, you will need to think of where your pets will stay during the move, how they will be taken care of, and how they will get to your destination.

Separate your Valuables

If you are trusting your move to Move Central movers, San Diego, or any other San Diego moving company, you may prefer to move your valuables or irreplaceable property yourself, so you need to insure they are separated from the items to be loaded on the truck.

Have Your Mail Forwarded

You can have your mail forwarded by visiting the USPS website or going to your local post office. It can take up to 10 days for the forwarding to go into effect, but you can schedule it at any time.
Transfer Your Prescriptions

Ensure that you will have plenty of your necessary medications before your move and that you have transferred your prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new area, so you won’t experience a gap.
Unlike some moving companies in San Diego, Move Central, Inc. has a vested interest in making every aspect of your move hassle-free. We hope these tips from our professional San Diego movers will make moving to your new home a breeze! If you need any further help, feel free to contact us at any time.


Author: Stan Caramalac

Stan Caramalac started his moving company because he truly believed that moving could be simple as long as it was done efficiently. He wanted to help people make their moves smoother and less stressful. Stan and his team proudly serve San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. If you are looking for professional commercial or residential movers then Move Central is the perfect company for you.

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