Parking Essentials and Moving Permits: A Move Central Guide

Parking Essentials and Moving Permits: A Move Central Guide






Important Parking Notice for Your Move: Before your move day, check if your city mandates a “Residential Moving and Large Vehicle” permit. Should this permit be necessary, it is the Customer’s Responsibility to obtain it. Ensuring legal parking for our truck(s) at all locations involved in the move is crucial. Any parking tickets received during Loading or Unloading process will be added to the Customer’s final bill with no exceptions. Note that fines for parking violations can range from $65 to $250 and beyond, depending on the severity of the violation or obstruction caused.

DrivewaysUtilize the home’s or condo’s driveway if spacious enough for the moving truck.
Street ParkingCheck for local street cleaning schedules or parking restrictions before opting for street parking.
Designated Parking SpacesSome condo complexes have specific zones allocated for loading and unloading.
Parking FacilitiesUtilize condo parking lots, garages, or designed spaces when available while always checking the height clearance restrictions.
Loading DocksMany commercial buildings feature loading docks designed for efficient loading and unloading.
Parking OptionsExplore available parking lots or designated spaces within the commercial property.
General TipIf moving into or out of a managed property, consult with the property management for specific parking rules or recommendations.
Customer’s Front Yard LawnParking on the lawn can damage the grass and landscaping, and it may also violate local ordinances
Neighbor’s DrivewayIt’s illegal to block someone else’s driveway without their permission.
“No Parking” ZonesThese areas are clearly marked and parking in these zones can result in a fine.
Fire HydrantIn many cities, you must park at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant.
Bus StopsIt’s illegal to park at bus stops, and doing so can result in a fine.
Bicycle LanesParking in or blocking bicycle lanes is typically prohibited.
SidewalksParking on or blocking sidewalks is usually not allowed
IntersectionsParking too close to or in an intersection is prohibited.
Double ParkingThis refers to parking parallel to another vehicle that is properly parked, and it’s usually illegal.
Disabled Parking SpacesThis refers to parking parallel to another vehicle that is properly parked, and it’s usually illegal.
What is a Moving PermitA moving permit is a document issued by the city government, allowing you to reserve a parking space for your moving truck at a specific address, date, and time. Terms may vary, such as Street Occupancy Permit, Moving Van Permit, or Public Way Permit.
Why Do I Need a Moving Permit?Establishes your legal right to park at a specific ; Speeds up the moving process by securing a spot directly in front of your building or home; Eliminates the risk of parking tickets and related hassles.
Moving Permit BasicsTypically issued from 8am to 5pm. May vary by city based on local regulations. Typically, signs are posted 48-96 hours before the permit date and time. Truck size and Permit Space vary by city. Permit Puller or local authorities are responsible for posting signs. Permits are only valid in legal parking spaces. Applications are usually submitted 2 to 5 days in advance of the intended move date.
Important Notice: Customers have the option to obtain moving permits directly from city authorities or through third-party services, subject to additional fees. While we can assist with information, obtaining the Moving Permit is the responsibility of the customer.
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