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Move Like a Pro:

Your Comprehensive Packing & Handling Playbook







BEDS πŸ›οΈβœ… Our adept movers will handle disassembly at your current location and expertly set them up in your new space.
❌ DO NOT: Attempt bed disassembly withou professional guidance, as it may lead to structural issues. Let’s keep those bed parts in harmony!
MATTRESSES πŸ›Œβœ… Our team will provide a protective cover or mattress carton to keep it cozy during transit.
❌ DO NOT: Roll or fold the mattress, as it can damage the springs and fabrics. No gymnastics – just mattress relaxation!
BEDDING πŸ›οΈβœ… Pack your bedding in clean 4.5 CuFt cartons or larger. Clearly label the cartons specifying the type of bedding and the room they belong to. Consider using vacuum sealed bags for items like pillows and comforters, making them easier to pack and saving space.
❌ DO NOT: Stuff furniture drawers with bedding items; it’s like giving them a weightlifting challenge they didn’t sign up for!
CLOTHING πŸ‘•βœ… Let our movers handle your hanging garments – from your closet to our complimentary wardrobe boxes, they’ll arrive wrinkle-free. Wardrobes will hold approximately 25 hangers depending on the size of your garments. If moving to a Storage, ensure your clothing is cleaned, and small items can find a stylish home in suitcases or trunks.
❌ DO NOT: Use wardrobe boxes for heavy or non-clothing items as they may not withstand the weight, and it could lead to damage. Wardrobes like a little breathing room. Fashion has to breathe, you know!
FURNITURE DRAWERS πŸͺ‘πŸ—„οΈβœ… Empty all dresser, server, buffet, bureau, nightstands drawers to ensure a smooth move for the safety of your furniture’s integrity and the well-being of our movers.
❌ DO NOT: Transform drawers into mini gyms. No lifting competitions allowed!
LINENS πŸ›οΈβœ… Table and bed linens are packed in robust cartons or trunks. Opt for tissue or clean white or brown paper to protect them from dust. Label the boxes.
❌ DO NOT: Line cartons with newsprint; ink stains and linens are like frenemies – not a good mix!
MIRRORS πŸͺžβœ… Wall mirrors? Our movers will handle them all if they are not fastened to the wall, but new wall installations are not on the agenda. Mirror tops on furniture will be removed at Origin and reassembled at Destination. For Storage purposes or longdistance moves, mirrors must be packed into mirror boxes or custom crates.
❌ DO NOT: Tape directly on the surface to avoid adhesive residue; use packing paper or bubble wrap for protective layer and use mirror boxes. Mirror protection – not a DIY project!
BOOKS πŸ“šβœ… Books should be packed in small, strong, securely tied 1.5 CuFt cartons. They should be placed cover to cover, alternating bindings to prevent the pages from becoming interlocked and damaged. Wrap valuable books individually.
❌ DO NOT: Turn books into Jenga towers in furniture drawers or on bookshelves; they prefer a well-stacked storyline.
JEWELRY πŸ’βœ… Treasure alert! Keep your valuable jewelry in your immediate possession; it’s the VIP of your belongings.
❌ DO NOT: Bury jewelry in moving boxes and avoid mixing with other items; they deserve a starring role, not a buried treasure plot.
BRIC-A-BRAC (Figurines, Decorative Items) πŸ–ΌοΈβœ… Individually wrap these delicate items with bubble wrap before placing them in cartons, boxes, or barrels. Use packing paper for cushioning, and ensure the larger, heavier pieces form a secure base at the bottom of the container.
❌ DO NOT: Overpack containers’ edge for optimal protection; let’s keep them cozy without teetering on the edge!
LAMPS πŸ’‘βœ… Safely remove ornamental tops, bulbs and cords storing them in a safe spot you will remember. Small lamps can be wrapped and secured in cartons for a smooth move.
❌ DO NOT: Forget where you put those ornamental tops, bulbs and cords – a safe spot is key!
LAMPSHADES πŸ’‘πŸ›‹οΈβœ… Wrap lampshades exclusively in white, clean tissue paper, placing them in cartons marked β€œFragile”. Nest them with care, preventing damage to lining or punctures to parchment shades.
❌ DO NOT: Pack them like a game of Tetris; we want intact lampshades, not a puzzle!
PAINTINGS AND PICTURES πŸ–ΌοΈβœ… Small pictures find a snug home between folds of blankets or ideally in Picture Cartons. Valuable or large pieces? They get the VIP treatment –wrapping with white or brown paper, bubble wrap, placed in cartons or custom crates for a secure journey.
❌ DO NOT: Treat paintings like playing cards; they prefer a more artistic shuffle!
GLASS TOPS ON FURNITURE πŸšͺπŸ’Όβœ… For utmost safety, glass tops are removed and wrapped with bubble wrap and/or fully padded with furniture blankets, reinforced occasionally with custom cardboard crates. Wooden crating is a must for storage purposes or long-distance moves.
❌ DO NOT: Attempt any DIY ballet; we prefer a professionally choreographed routine!
GRANDFATHER CLOCKS πŸ•°οΈβœ… DO NOT: Remove the chimes, secure weight chains tightly against the base of the clock with wire or strong string and take off weighs and pendulums. The glass front of the clock should be custom cardboard crated and the clock fully padded with furniture blankets.
❌ DO NOT: Let clocks go acrobatic; they prefer a well-choreographed balancing act!
SEWING MACHINES 🧡πŸͺ‘βœ… Local moves don’t require special sewing machine handling. For long-distance, our movers will stuff paper in around the machine and place paper between the lid and base to prevent rubbing. Blankets will be used for protection as well.
❌ DO NOT: Turn sewing machines into paparazzi targets; they prefer a more subdued, private move!
STEREOS πŸ“»πŸ”Šβœ… For stereo TLC, secure the tone arm and turntable, tying them against movement. Secure the changer to prevent it from sliding forward. For delicate, expensive players, consider a professional touch from an experienced serviceman.
❌ DO NOT: Let stereos go freestyle; they prefer a little dance control!
RECORDS, TAPES, AND CD PLAYERS πŸ’ΏπŸ“€βœ… Pack records on end, side by side, in small 1.5 CuFt cartons for optimal weight resistance.
❌ DO NOT: Overpack cartons and avoid using large size cartons
FLAT AND CURVED SCREEN TVs πŸ“Ίβœ… Use original box and packaging materials as they are designed to provide the best protection during transport. Otherwise, wrap the TV in bubble wrap with the bubbles facing outward and the flat surface against the TV. Ensure that all sides are covered and wrapped. Use universal TV Boxes to fit the size of your TV. Custom Wooden Crate for larger TVs is recommended for added protection.
❌ DO NOT: Lay flat the TV during transport; keep it upright to prevent undue pressure on the screen. Don’t forget to label the TV Box as β€œFragile”. This alerts movers to handle the package with extra care.
CURTAINS πŸͺŸπŸ·οΈβœ… Pre-move day, remove curtains from rods and fold them neatly into clean white tissue-lined cartons.
❌ DO NOT: Give curtains a wild curtain call; a neat, folded exit is the way to go!
DRAPERIES πŸͺŸπŸ·οΈβœ… For a safe transfer, draperies can hang out in wardrobe boxes or be folded into cartons. Alternatively, send them to the cleaners and then send them directly to your new home after.
RUGS πŸ§ΆπŸ›‹οΈβœ… Our movers will delicately roll the rugs for you to avoid any unwanted crushing. If storing, a pre move cleaning is the carpet’s version of a spa day.
❌ DO NOT: Make rugs feel tacky; remove any stray.
LINOLEUM πŸ πŸ› οΈβœ… For linoleum lovers, be aware that the moving company is not responsible for used or tacked linoleum. Cracking or breaking when rolled? It’s a no-go. ❌
CANNED GOODSπŸ₯«βœ… Upright and snug is the way to go for canned companions. Pack them in small, sturdy cartons, making sure not to exceed 50 pounds per container. Around 24 cans per carton should keep them comfortably cozy.
❌ DO NOT: Turn canned comfort into a weightlifting challenge; keep it light and easy!
FOOD 🍽️πŸ₯˜βœ… For the journey, bid farewell to food in open containers that might stage a spill or spoil. Our movers won’t be liable for food-caused drama on other items. Remember, perishable food gets a β€œstay home” or β€œdonate” card.
❌ DO NOT: Turn the truck into a food fight arena; let’s keep it spill-free!
CHINA πŸ½οΈβœ¨βœ… China deserves the VIP treatment – wrap each piece individually in packing paper. Big and heavy go at the bottom, on edge, while smaller pieces find their place towards the top. Plates and dishes stand tall with paper padding in between, creating a secure, vertical masterpiece. Use only Dish Packs cartons or China Boxes.
❌ DO NOT: Turn the container into a plate puzzle; keep them verticle and happy!
GLASSWARE πŸ₯‚πŸ·βœ… Give stemware and glassware the solo treatment – wrap them individually. Please the wrapped glassware upright, not on their sides, whether in barrels, China Boxes or Dish Packs. No nesting unwrapped glasses, please.
❌ DO NOT: Let glassware turn into a risky balancing act; keep them upright and steady!
KITCHEN UTENSILS 🍳πŸ”ͺβœ… Clean and packed, kitchen utensils join the moving party in medium sized and large cartons. Heavy-duty ones find a comfy spot at the bottom, with lighter pals on top, each pampered against dents, chips, or scratches with crushed packing paper or bubble wrap. Individual wrapping for toasters, waffle irons, mixers, and friends ensures they travel safely with the utensil crew.
❌ DO NOT: Let utensils play Jenga in the box; keep them secure and stacked!
SILVEWARE πŸ΄βœ¨βœ… Silverware likes its original digs or a cozy wrap in cloth or low-sulfur content paper. Pop them into boxes with a bit of padding to prevent any unexpected moves or scratches. Silver chests get extra padding love for a scratch-free journey.
❌ DO NOT: Let silverware turn into restless wanderers; keep them snug and secure!
TOILET ARTICLES πŸ§΄πŸ›βœ… Seal your favorite lotions and potions! Use natural neil polish, paraffin, or masking tape to secure corks and stoppers on cosmetics, medicines, and perfurme bottles. Wrap them individually with packing paper, stand them tall in small cartons, and keep the fresh feeling during your move.
❌ DO NOT: Forget to seal! Avoid any potential spills and keep your toiletries secure. Remember, a sealed bottle is a happy bottle!
βœ… Seal bottles and jar stoppers of your medicines, wrap them individually in packing paper, and stand them upright in small cartons or metal waste containers. Label cartons clearly. Make sure your remedies arrive at your new place ready to bring relief.
❌ DO NOT: Mix with non-medical items; keep them in a dedicated box to ensure easy access when needed. Don’t lay medicine bottles flat; keep them standing upright in small cartons.
VALUABLES πŸ’ΌπŸ”βœ… Guard your treasures! Legal documents, important papers, jewels, and currency should be your VIPs. Personally handle and keep them in your immediate possession.
❌ DO NOT: Let your treasures disappear into the moving abyss! Keep those valuable items in your hands, not in the moving boxes.
AIR CONDITIONER β„οΈπŸŒ¬οΈβœ… Keep your cool! Consult with your authorized dealer or service pro for advice on your specific air conditioner model. Some sealed units may need to be securely bolted down for the journey.
❌ DO NOT: Assume that one size fits all; not all air conditioners can be transported in the same way. Follow the recommendations for your particular unit
βœ… Chill out before the move! Defrost your freezer a day or two in advance, ensuring it’s dry and odor-free. Consume perishables and consult your service expert to secure the motor, if necessary.
❌ DO NOT: Let it get frosty on the move! Empty that freezer, defrost it completely to avoid spoilage and other issues during the move.
REFRIGERATOR β„οΈπŸ§Šβœ… Defrost and dry your fridge thoroughly. Keep doors open for a breath of fresh air after defrosting. Remove and wrap pans, trays, shelves, and parts separately. Service the fridge, if necessary, bolt the motor, and resist the urge to plug it in until it’s securely bolted at the new home.
❌ DO NOT: Rush the chill and don’t overlook the importance of thoroughly defrosting, drying and wrapping all parts separately. This will ensure a fresh start for your fridge at the new home.
STOVES 🍳πŸ”₯βœ… Turn down the heat! Disconnect gas stoves and tighten those gas lines before pickup. Make sure the gas lines are shut off tight and capped. For electric ranges, remove loose coils, griddles, fryers, and parts. Pack them separately for a smooth transition.
❌ DO NOT: Leave it simmering! Disconnect, secure, and pack the parts carefully. Your new kitchen will thank you for the organized move!
WASHERS πŸ§ΌπŸ§Ίβœ… Automatic washers need some TLC from an authorized service pro. Check and secure the motor, protect that tumbler action, and fasten it securely in place, if necessary.
❌ DO NOT: Spin out of control! Get the authorized service before the move. Keep it secured, protect that tumbler, and you’ll be laundering in no time!
DRYERS πŸ’¨πŸ‘•βœ… Don’t air your dirty laundry – secure that dryer! Consult your service expert for motor checks and security measures before the move.
❌ DO NOT: Let it tumble! If your drying machine has transit bolts, don’t forget to reinstall them before the move. A stabilized drum will prevent damage to internal components and ensure a safe journey to your new home.
MOWERS AND GASOLINE POWERED TOOLSβœ… Before moving, ensure gas tanks are drained, and oil reservoirs are emptied to prevent leaks and ensure safety during transportation. Remember, transportation of flammable mixtures or articles on public carriers is not permitted.
❌ DO NOT: Attempt to transport gas-powered tools with fuel or oil in them; this poses a safety risk during transit.
TOOLS πŸ› οΈβœ… Generally, tools can be placed in small, sturdy cartons or bins. For valuable tools, wrap each one individually.
❌ DO NOT: Overpack cartons with tools; ensure they are securely packed without excessive weight, preventing potential damage
METAL TOOLBOXES πŸ’ΌπŸ”βœ… Lock the drawers to prevent them from accidentally sliding open during transport. For larger toolboxes, consider removing heavy tools to lighten the load before lifting, wheeling and transporting. Balance the weight evenly within the toolbox for safe handling during the move.
❌ DO NOT: Overload drawers; excessive weight can strain the toolbox’s structure and hardware, leading to potential damage.
PLANTS βœ… Take personal care of your plants or entrust them to your florist for transportation. Moving plants in a truck poses significant risks related to high/low temperatures, limited light and air, physical stress from movement and vibrations potentially causing damage to plant structure and roots. The moving company may attempt to move them but doesn’t assume responsibility for living plants.
❌ DO NOT: Pack with household items; living plants require special care and attention. If transported by any means, prioritize the unpacking of plants to reintroduce them to a suitable environment as soon as possible.

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