Grand Moves, Grand Pianos: Your Partners in Piano Relocations

Grand Moves, Grand Pianos: Your Trusted Partners in Piano Relocations

Crew SizeA crew of 3 experienced movers for safe handling.
Materials RequiredHeavy-duty furniture blankets; Bubble wrap; Stretch wrap; Packing tape; Straps.
Equipment RequiredPiano skid board; Four-wheel furniture dolly; Basic tool kit; Moving truck with lift gate.
Handling and Moving ProcessStep 1: Preparation
-Measure the piano to ensure it fits through doorways and hallways.
-Clear the pathway from the piano to the moving truck.
-Conduct a thorough inspection of the piano’s exterior to document its current condition with photos.
Step 2. Protective Measures
-Cover the piano keys and the interior of the piano with a large layer of bubble wrap before closing the keyboard lid and the piano top for enhanced cushioning and protection of the playing mechanism against vibrations during transit.
-Wrap the piano in furniture blankets to protect the finish & secure the blankets with stretch wrap and packing tape. Place the piano on its side on the flat piano board on a layer of folded blankets.
-Disassemble the piano legs and the piano lyre.
-Wrap the legs and the lyre in furniture blankets secured with stretch wrap and tape.
-Use straps to secure the piano to the board.
Step 3. Loading, Securing, and Unloading
-Use a four-wheel dolly to move the piano to the moving truck.
-Load the piano inside the truck with the lift gate.
-Secure the piano using straps against the truck’s wall to prevent shifting during transit.
-Unload at Destination in the reverse order.
-Place the piano in its designated location in the new residence.
Storage and International MovesIf storing the piano, ensure it’s placed securely indoors in a storage or warehouse with a stable temperature throughout the year. For international moves, the piano must be placed additionally into a custom wooden crate.

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