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Things to Know Before Moving to the Bay Area

If you’re ready to make a move and you have your sights set on the Bay Area, there are a few things you should know before packing up your life and making the transition.

Many people think of San Francisco when they think of the Bay Area, and for good reason. After all, it’s the crown jewel of the region.

But the Bay Area actually comprises many cities and towns, such as:

  • Alameda
  • Berkeley
  • Daly City
  • Oakland
  • Palo Alto
  • Richmond
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Cruz
  • San Jose
  • San Leandro
  • Santa-Rosa
  • Sunnyvale
  • Union City
  • Walnut Creek

If you plan to move to any of these communities, get yourself a mover you can trust that has lots of experience with relocations in the Bay Area.

Now, check out these top things to know about moving to the Bay Area.

1.  It Costs a Lot to Live Here

San Francisco is the second most expensive city to live in the United States, according to The Washington Post. Washington DC is first, followed by San Fran, then New York City, San Diego and Baltimore MD rounding out the top five. The cost of living is high and you’ll spend a lot of money on a home. Think about your budget before you move to the Bay Area.

2.     It Has a Lot of Eclectic Neighborhoods

Before you decide to move to San Francisco, you have to decide which suburbs and neighborhoods you want to live in. Certain areas appeal to different types of dwellers. For instance, the Mission appeals to hipsters and Gen Xers, while SOMA is for startups. Post-college frat boys gravitate to the Marina, while families head to Noe Valley.

Deciding on a neighborhood is a highly personal decision, and takes a lot of careful research. Perhaps you would like to live on a quiet, tree-lined residential street. Or maybe you’d prefer a busy hotspot downtown where there is always something going on. Maybe you would like to reside in a classic row house or maybe you just want immersion in a neighborhood that has amazing fish tacos. Think about your budget, too. This will dictate which suburb you move to, as they all come with drastically different price tags.

3. The Rents Are High

In San Francisco, you will pay about $3,230 a month in rent for 740 square feet. In Berkeley, you’ll spend $3,164 for 712 square feet. You’ll pay a little less to rent in Union City, at $2,397 for 780 square feet.

Generally, you’ll pay lower rents west of San Fran’s fog line, because in that section, the fog is heavier.

3.  It’s Crowded

The Bay Area has a population of 7.7 million people. But while the number of people moving to San Fran and surrounding areas was skyrocketing just a few years ago, there seems to be a bit of an exodus going on as of late. During the pandemic, 72,000 more people moved out of the city than before 2020—eight times higher than the same period of 2018-2019, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

4.  You’ll Love the Food

If you consider yourself a foodie, you’ll love the Bay Area. You’ll find a wide variety of cuisines created by chefs from many different backgrounds, particularly with Asian influences. San Francisco has more than 35 non-chain restaurants per 10,000 residents. And in Berkeley, nearly 93 percent of local restaurants are non-chain restaurants.

5.     You’ll Have to Eat Early

Unlike LA and New York, you can’t really eat later or stay out all night in San Francisco. Even the busiest and most popular restaurants close by 10 p.m.

There’s Lots to Do

From outdoor activities and music festivals to cultural events and parks, you won’t be at a loss for things to do while living in the Bay Area. Best part is, many of them are free.

The Homeless Abound

As in many areas of California, the city’s mild weather is a boon to the homeless, who set up shop along streets and in neighborhoods. And because the climate is conducive to being able to live outside all year long, the homeless are a permanent fixture in the Bay Area.

You’ll Have to Layer Up

It’s not unusual for its to be sunny and hot one day and foggy and chilly the next. Always bring a sweater or light jacket when you go out. You never know when the weather will take a turn. Plus, the temperature can vary widely even within one city. It could be warm in one of part of San Francisco and cool in another.

It’s a Mecca For Dog Lovers

It’s a fact that there are more dogs than children in San Francisco. You’ll see them with their owners everywhere – walking along streets, frolicking in parks, etc. As a result, there are lots of luxury doggy daycares, dog hotels, dog gyms, dog spas, and dog bakeries here.

It Boasts a Young Population

Because the tech industry is so pervasive here, residents between the ages of 25 and 44 make up the highest percentage of people who live in the Bay Area.

The Streets Are Steep

You may assume that Lombard Street is the steepest in San Francisco. But it only has a 27 percent grade. There are actually other steeper San Francisco streets ranging from 41% (Bradford above Tompkins) to 31% (Broadway above Taylor).

There are Lots of Hills Here

With more than 50 hills, San Francisco is known for its challenging walkability score. Just wear comfortable shoes wherever you go and you’ll get a pretty good workout just meandering around the city.

It Doesn’t Rain a Lot

Unlike the rainy climates of Portland OR, and Seattle WA, it doesn’t rain nearly as much in the Bay Area. So you don’t have to carry an umbrella with you wherever you go. Precipitation only falls for about 72 days out of the year here.

It Has 3 Cable Car Lines

San Francisco has three cable car lines operating in San Francisco: the California Street, the Powell-Mason, and the Powell-Hyde lines.

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