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Moving To & Living In Poway, CA – Ultimate Guide 2022

The suburb of Poway is a bit unique compared to many of the others located around San Diego. While most picture sandy beaches, ocean views, and palm trees, this town offers its residents more of a rural vibe.

Known as “The City in the Country”, more than half of the area’s 40 square miles is open land dedicated to horse trails, six local parks, and over 55 miles of hiking routes. And while it is the only city in the county that hosts an annual rodeo, it is far from being the old-western cowboy town many people think it is. Poway’s zip code is 92064.

Instead, it has become a central hub for large, high-end neighborhoods and upper-class living. A handful of famous celebrities were born in this area and many new ones have moved here due to the nice lifestyle it provides.

If you are thinking about moving to Poway, we’ve put together this detailed list of the top things you should know. Some of it is fun history and other pieces are key details to help you decide if it’s somewhere you would like to live. Take a look and see if this is the place for you!

1. Famous People of Poway

With a population of just over 50,000 residents, Poway is recognized far and wide for generating a number of great people.

The area has raised a variety of well-known athletes in multiple professional sports. The late hall-of-fame baseball player, Tony Gwynn, and former manager, Bruce Bochy, both came from San Diego and were part of the Padres organization. The NFL San Diego Chargers also featured stars from the area in Philip Rivers, Luis Castillo, and linebacker Shaun Phillips.

A handful of famous musicians were born in Poway too, including Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor from Blink-182, as well as David Kennedy, a guitarist for Angels & Airwaves.

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2. Poway Restaurants and Places to Visit

Covering about 40 square miles, you don’t have to go far in Poway to find great places to eat or fun things to do. Some of the area’s top restaurants include Brigantine Seafood, Villa Capri Trattoria & Wine Bar, and Hamburger Factory. But one of the most popular places is the Poway Sushi Lounge, where diners can enjoy delicious rolls and bento boxes in a contemporary-style scene.

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Sushi Lounge, 12622 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064, USA (858) 748-0070

To avoid boredom, many local residents like to get out of the house and go on adventures around town. A great activity nearby is hiking the Mt. Woodson Trail to the unique Potato Chip Rock. Another awesome hiking trail is the Iron Mountain Trailhead on the far east side of the city.

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Brigantine Seafood, 13445 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064, USA (858) 486-3066

You could also catch a train ride or visit the museum at Old Poway Park. The park hosts a weekly farmer’s market on Saturdays where locals sell fresh produce and other goods.

3. Poway Cost of Living

Anyone who has ever lived or even visited California knows it is a bit more expensive than other parts of the country. Except for healthcare, which is about 15% less than the national average, the cost of living in Poway is a bit higher. When it comes to food and groceries like milk, eggs, bread, and other necessities, there isn’t a big difference but you can expect to pay around 4% more on average.

When it comes to local transportation, the city is serviced by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). Due to the high amount of traffic and commute times around San Diego, riders typically pay about 36% more than other cities around the country, though it is less than California’s overall average. Even utility services like electricity, gas, and water are a bit more expensive at about 15% more than the US average.

4. Large, Upscale Homes

But the true test of whether someone can afford to live in this city or not is their ability to afford a house. The average price of a home in Poway is currently about $732,900, making it a popular destination for business executives, successful healthcare professionals, and famous celebrities.

Though it isn’t the most expensive city in California, that amount is nearly 3.5 times the national housing cost average. With this kind of investment, you’ll obviously want to shop around for homeowners insurance to ensure you find the best rates.

Upscale home in Poway, CA neighborhood

And while renting is a fairly rare occurrence in the area, the average cost to rent a home is between $2,380 per month and $4,020 per month. The final price will, of course, depend on the number of bedrooms and the size of the home itself.

5. Calm & Quiet Neighborhoods

Poway is frequently recognized as one of the most popular suburbs around San Diego. Residents enjoy the comfortable and quiet lifestyle around town, the beautiful homes, and the rural neighborhoods. With a large shopping center in the middle of the city, you’ll find everything you need and more to enjoy living there.

And having one of the lowest crime rates in the area, Poway has even made the Safewise list as the only place in San Diego County among California’s top 50 safest cities.

6. Top Schools in San Diego Area

Parents of both young children and teenagers will be happy to know that the Poway Unified School District is constantly ranked among the top ten districts in the state. The area is home to over 40 schools, including 26 elementary campuses, 11 middle schools, and 6 high schools.

Kids in school working on paper together

The top-ranked locations for younger kids are Chaparral Elementary, Garden Road Elementary, and Painted Rock Elementary. While Meadowbrook Middle School and Poway High offer strong programs for students as they get older. Even with the typical high California population, most of these schools are able to maintain a good teacher to student ratio with the majority of class sizes staying under 30.

7. Top Jobs Around Poway

Even as the United States unemployment rate has recently fallen below 4%, Poway blows the national average out of the water at 2.3%. Some of the area’s top companies include the local school district, General Atomics, Mitchell1, HM Electronics, and more.

Lots of residents also travel to neighboring cities like Escondido and La Jolla for work as well. With many other employers like the University of California San Diego and the Children’s Discovery Museum nearby, Poway is the perfect place to plant your roots if you’re looking for a nice, comfortable commute.

8. You Will Love the Weather

What can be said about San Diego weather that hasn’t already been said? As a suburb of this fantastic city, Poway offers its residents the same cool, comfortable temperatures all year long. With 90°F being considered a hot day, the long summers are wide open to enjoy outdoor activities even in the mid-afternoon around places like Lake Poway.

Lake Poway during summer in Poway, CA

And even though winters can get down into the low 40s, you’ll rarely need more than a light jacket if you plan on going out for the evening. Partly cloudy days and only about 15 inches of rain annually, there’s nothing stopping you from hanging out in the great outdoors whenever you feel like it.

Moving to Poway?

This is just about everything you can expect when living in Poway. Comfortable weather, fabulous homes, great schools, and more await anyone looking to make this place their new home.

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