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Why Move Your Business to LA?

Are you looking for business movers in LA?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your business to Los Angeles, you will understandably want to do your research to find out if it is indeed a good idea. Well, you will be glad to know moving to LA is a great idea for any business. Not only is the location central and in the heart of virtually everything, it is booming in terms of business.

To make it happen, you just need to hire reputable movers skilled in LA business moves of all kinds.

So, why is it a good idea to expand your business to downtown LA?

Location, Location, Location

One of the best reasons is because downtown LA is a prime location. You don’t get anything more central than this town. Home to nearly four million people, this area is very condensed and populated, presenting you with a huge potential client base from which to pull. LA is home to more than 244,000 businesses, according to the County of Los Angeles, featuring more minority- and women-owned businesses than any other area of the country. In fact, if Los Angeles County were a country, its economy would easily be the 19th largest on the plant.

It acts as the nation’s top international trade center as well as manufacturing center, with 37 departments and a $32.5 billion budget within LA County alone. Thus, the extensive business opportunities here are appealing to both the private and public sectors.

Los Angeles is a city constantly on the move and always growing, growing, growing. If you’re dedicated and tenacious, there will always be plenty of work here for you to do, whether you own a small or large business.  

High Salaries

Salaries here are pretty decent. PayScale says that the average salary in LA is $75,000 a year, with wages going up by 1.8% in the second quarter of 2020. The most popular occupations here include Software Engineer, Operations Manager and Project Manager, paying between $44,000 and $143,000 a year. The top employers here include:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Northrop Grumman Corp
  • University of Southern California

The cost of living in LA is 43 percent higher than the national average, so it’s pretty expensive to live and work here. However, with higher than normal salaries, this evens everything out a bit.

Extensive Customer Base

The Los Angeles County Office of Economic Development (LACOED) says 45 million people visit this county annually. Those visitors, as well as the four million residents and hundreds of thousands of commuters who venture in and out for work each day, offer a stable foundation of customers to benefit any business. Los Angeles is more spread out than most other large cities, so you can easily target the demographic you want and start researching potential locations to determine where you could thrive.

Home Prices

If you work in LA, you have to live somewhere. And in LA County, the median price of homes is $818,000, with a 16 percent one-year change. The median rent price is $2,500, with more expensive locales asking $4,000 a month.

Incentives For Businesses

Leaders of Los Angeles have long realized the importance of attracting successful companies to its doors. For a multitude of entrepreneurs, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation offers incentives that help business leaders launch their companies. There are several incentive programs available to small and large businesses. Check out their website to learn more.


The average commute in LA is about 30 minutes, which is four minutes higher than the national average of 26 minutes.

Funding Availability

Los Angeles has many funding opportunities for small and large businesses. From venture capital and investment banks to small business grants and other seed options, businesses here can tap into a large network. Networking, as you already know, is key to starting and sustaining a successful business. Try the Los Angeles Office of Small Business for a variety of resources that can help your specific industry.


Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the nation, second only to New York City. It stands to reason that its most successful industries are fueled by creativity and diversity. For business owners, this is the ideal large city in which to test out quirky and non-traditional business ideas that may not have worked in other cities or markets. LA is generally more open minded and receptive to innovative and creative ideas. If you’re an imaginative, think outside the box type of business person, you’ll do well here.


While not a top factor in choosing  a place to relocate your business to, it certainly does help when you have access to some of the best food in the state. In addition to the many eclectic restaurants and clubs here, there are plenty of farmers markets and groceries to buy and make your own food. In Los Angeles, the average household spends 13 percent on food, just about on par with the U.S. average. Los Angeles-area households spend 50 percent of their food dollars on preparing meals at home, and 50 percent on eating out while not at home (such as at the office).

A thriving economy, an abundant customer base, and beautiful weather year round: why wouldn’t you choose to relocate or expand your business to Los Angeles? It’s the ideal location for your business, so start planning, organizing and calling your local trusted movers! It’s time to make it big in the City of Angels.

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Author: Stan Caramalac

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