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Where to Find the Best Brunch in San Diego | A 2022Guide

San Diego: land of sun, surf, and did we mention, AMAZING brunch restaurants? It’s no surprise, really. San Diego is already the Craft Beer Capital of the US, and known by the locals as the home of America’s best Mexican food. We love our food so much, did you think we’d leave out brunch, the best in-between meal of the day? No way!

Whether you’re in the heart of Downtown or in one of San Diego’s many surrounding neighborhoods, there’s always somewhere to enjoy a sweet or savory breakfast. Plus, since San Diegans want to be able to get whatever they’re craving whenever they can, brunch in San Diego isn’t restricted to Sunday mornings. On the contrary, most brunch spots in San Diego serve breakfast for most of, if not all day, every day.

With so many choices, choosing where to go to brunch can be daunting, especially if you’re moving to San Diego for the first time, or only visiting for a few days. To help, we’ve made a list of our absolute favorite local brunch spots, plus info on where you can find them, when they’re open, and what they offer. With this guide to the best brunches in San Diego, you’ll be sure to find the meal of your dreams– just make sure you arrive hungry.

Great Maple

From the creative minds behind Hash Hash a Go Go, Great Maple offers a creative twist on classic brunch fare. Choose from maple donuts, maple french toast logs, chilaquiles and a creation they call Lolliwaffles (trust us, they’re amazing). If you’re heading to Great Maple on a weekend, be ready for a wait; for those who want to eat quickly, we recommend visiting during the weekdays, when the restaurant is less crowded.

Cafe 21

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Another top brunch spot in San Diego, Cafe 21 is characterized by its modern cuisine and atmosphere. The menu is filled with delicious options, so your main challenge will be picking what to eat! A few of our favorites? The tiramisu pancakes, complete with an espresso maple syrup, the avocado toast that’s topped with a feta mousse, and the short rib flat iron with caramelized onions. If you aren’t salivating, try reading that sentence again.

Fig Tree Cafe

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The Fig Tree Cafe has 3 different locations where you can find some of the best brunch on San Diego: Hillcrest, Liberty Station and Pacific Beach. It’s the sister restaurant to Breakfast Republic, and definitely upholds the family name with some amazing menu choices. The Fig Tree is also a great option for folks with dietary restrictions, with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. When it comes to this brunch haven, come for the breakfast sushi, made with brown sugar bacon rolls, and stay for the raspberry bellinis. You won’t be disappointed.


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Snooze came to California after the chain started in Denver and found massive success. And adding locations in multiple states didn’t diminish their offerings one bit. Snooze continues to be one of the best brunch locations in San Diego, with locations in Hillcrest, Del Mar and La Jolla. Everything served at Snooze has a unique twist, from the Sweet Cannoli [Pan]Cakes to the Goldilocks Porridge that they claim is “just right.”

Breakfast Republic

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There’s really only one thing you need to know about Breakfast Republic: it’s the best brunch spot in Atlanta to find Breakfast Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese. This heavenly creation is topped with parmesan breadcrumbs, chives and three eggs for a breakfast experience like no other. Like many of the restaurants on this list, Breakfast Republic is known both for great food and long wait times, so if you want to grab a table, we suggest getting there early.

The Cottage

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The Cottage has been known as one of the best brunch places in San Diego since the 90’s. Though it’s changed hands since the original owners, and the space has been totally remodeled, the restaurant’s food has never stopped being amazing. The Cottage is dedicated to American and specifically SoCal fare, and offers a variety of dishes including delicious egg benedicts, blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes and decadent brioche french toast that you won’t be able to resist.

Cody’s La Jolla

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If you’re craving chilaquiles, might we recommend stopping by Cody’s in La Jolla? Inspired by the SoCal combination of American and Mexican cuisine, Cody’s has quickly become a neighborhood favorite for brunch in San Diego. In addition to their Chilaquiles, you can also try Cody’s homemade granola, the Awesome French Toast or the Farmer’s Market Omelette for a delightful start to any day.

Hash House a Go Go

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Before creating the Great Maple, Andy Beardslee and Johnny Rivera were already culinary successes with Hash House a Go Go. A premier brunch spot in San Diego, Hash House a Go Go offers a local hangout where tourists and natives alike can come together to enjoy creative twists on breakfast classics. The food here has cultivated attention across the nation, with the New York Times calling them a “must see” for visitors to San Diego. Wondering what to get? We recommend starting with the sage fried chicken tower, served, of course, with waffles.

The Mission

Another mini-chain, the Mission has locations in Downtown San Diego, North Park, and Mission Beach for customers to choose from. No matter which shop you visit, you won’t be disappointed by The Mission’s incredible brunch options. Choose from 9 different pancakes, all made with a fluffy, buttermilk base, or go savory with the Mission Soy Chorizo Burrito. Plus, you can wash down your breakfast with your choice of classic mimosas, a variety of coffee drinks, or the Mission Michelada.

Brunch, SoCal Style

That’s it! Those are our favorite brunch restaurants in and around San Diego. No matter which restaurant you choose, you’re in for a treat that might make you never want to leave (which is fine, because moving to San Diego is always an awesome decision). Remember, this is only a small list, too. For true brunch lovers, there are dozens of options throughout the city, each with its own unique menu items to choose from. You know what that means? It’s time to get in your car, pick a spot to start, and begin your own journey to find the best brunch in San Diego. Good luck!


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