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How to Choose the Best Movers in the Bay Area

Moving to the Bay Area soon? You’ll need a mover you can trust. That begins with a bit of research on your part. Above all, you want to select a company that has specific experience in moving people and businesses throughout the Bay Area.

They will have intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods, downtown areas, and suburbs to give you the most focused and efficient service possible. Choosing someone inexperienced or unfamiliar with the area you’re moving to can delay the process and add stress to your experience.

Choosing a commercial or residential mover in the Bay Area may seem daunting at first but if you are committed to doing your homework and fully vet the companies you’re considering, the process can be very rewarding. Check out these tips on how to choose the best movers in the Bay Area, whether you’re moving to  Alameda, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara.

1.    Inquire About Background: Experience and Years in Business

Even if you’re under somewhat of a time crunch to find movers, you should still take some time to learn about the movers you’re considering. Narrow your search down to three local movers and do some homework on each. Browse their website and make sure they offer services in the city you’re moving to. Next, make sure they offer the specific service you need, such as a residential move with full packing services, or an office relocation with storage.

You’re best off going with an established company that has been in business in the Bay Area for a while. Newer companies may not have the in-the-trenches experience you need to navigate a complex move. An older company has been around the block a few times and knows the logistics and challenges involved with your type of move.

While on their website, make sure their address is clearly displayed. You don’t want to see just a post office box. A reputable company has an actual address.

Now it’s time to call each company on your list. Most movers won’t mind answering all your questions. Ask about how long they have been in business at that location, and how they vet their movers. Find out if they are licensed and insured as well. You may also want to ask about any awards or certifications they have. For example, Move Central is a Thumbtack 5-Star Verified Company with an A+ rating on the BBB. We also have a HomeAdvisor 5-Star Rating with a 97 percent customer referral rate, 10 years of experience, and 40k individual moves.

2.     Check for License and Insurance

Make sure the movers you ultimately choose are licensed and insured. Ask for proof. If they don’t give it, go to the next name on the list. Licensing and insurance is important in protecting your property and your belongings. Some movers put their licensing information right on their websites, as well as the Department of Transportation (DOT) licensing and insurance info.

3.     Ask What Specialty Services They Offer

While most movers handle standard things like local and long-distance moves or commercial and residential moves, some offer much more. If you need a piano moved, make sure your mover has experience with moving pianos. If you need storage for your belongings in between moves, ask about that as well.

From furniture assembly/disassembly to full packing services, it’s best to ask about what you need up front before they show up without the right equipment. They will appreciate the advanced notice so they can be better prepared in how much equipment to bring and the proper amount of movers.

Some movers specialize in packing and transporting valuable items, such as artwork or jewelry, or big and bulky items such as sectionals and pool tables. If the company you’re asking doesn’t have the manpower, experience or equipment to do these things, they may be able to pass you on to someone who does.

4.     Read Reviews

The first place you will probably go is to check the moving company’s reviews online. This is a smart idea, but be aware of what you’re reading. A history of only 100% positive reviews makes a company look suspect. Of course you want to see an overwhelming majority of positive comments, but don’t worry if you see a few negatives. What you should be more concerned with is how the company responds to those negative reviews. If they respond in anger and hostility, or even not at all, take caution. Ideally you want to see a patient, well thought out and apologetic post, with an offer to make the experience right for the customer.

5.    Inquire About Moving Equipment

With large regional companies, it’s common to see lots of trucks, movers, equipment and resources devoted to all kinds of moves on any given day. But smaller companies may have one or two trucks with a few movers. There’s nothing wrong with either option, but keep in mind you may not get the availability you want with smaller movers.

A Little Bit About Us

Move Central San Diego Movers & Storage is skilled in handling virtually any type of move, thanks to trained professional movers on staff who uphold the standards and values of our company. We carefully select our movers via a rigorous application and interview process. They must have many years of experience in moving, driving and offering excellent customer service. We perform background checks and drug testing to ensure you are matched with a reliable, efficient team every time.

We can handle:

  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Unpacking
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Local Moves
  • Long-Distance Moves
  • Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly
  • Large Appliances
  • Pianos
  • Commercial Moves
  • Small and Large Offices
  • Full Packing Services
  • Relocation to Storage

Rest assured, our fully licensed and insured movers and follow all moving, employment and vehicle maintenance laws and regulations. We are committed to ensuring you are completely happy with the service you get!

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Stan Caramalac

Stan Caramalac started his moving company because he truly believed that moving could be simple as long as it was done efficiently. He wanted to help people make their moves smoother and less stressful. Stan and his team proudly serve San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. If you are looking for professional commercial or residential movers then Move Central is the perfect company for you.