Moving Tips for Driving to Your New Home

We are a long distance mover in San Diego, so we know how hard life on the road can be; because of this we know the top moving tips for driving to your new home.

Where do you sleep? Where do you eat? Which route is the best to take?  Yes, there are plenty of navigation apps and GPS gadgets out there these days, but the ones we have picked for this article go above and beyond navigation to make driving to your new home a whole lot easier and enjoyable. And because we are a mover in San Diego that frequently moves people up to 1200 miles from San Diego, you can trust that we know what we are talking about when it comes to long distance travel apps that really deliver!

Top 3 Apps for Driving to Your New Home

Here are our picks:
BringFido – Even when you’re not moving, this is a great one for people with pets. It helps you map out doggie parks and find lodging where pets are welcome.
TripCase – This is a good one whether you are driving or flying, but for driving, it can help you organize hotel reservations and rest stop plans in an easy-to-find spot. You can also allow your family or friends to “follow” your trip, so they know you are safe and where you are without having to check-in with them every few hours.
iExit – Planning in advance for stops can be done, but it can be tricky, and plans can change due to weather and traffic. With iExit, you can find out what is available at each exit, so you can decide as you go where to stop.
We hope that this list of great apps comes in handy on your next long-distance move. And because we are a long distance and local mover in San Diego that is dedicated to making moves great, we are always here to help with moving advice. Contact us today with any questions you may have for your upcoming move in or around San Diego!

Moving Day Tips

Once you have packed up your belongings and the moving van has pulled away, you may feel like celebrating but  it’s first important that you apply these moving day tips.  Taking advantage of these few moving day tips will help you tie up the loose ends before you say goodbye to your old house for good.

Moving Day Tips

Do a thorough walk-through. You will want to be certain that you didn’t leave anything behind, so check all of the closets, cabinets, and even the attic and garage. A stool or chair is handy for this, as lots of things get left behind on the upper shelves of closets and cabinets, or even on top of the medicine cabinet!
Make sure everything is shut off and locked down. If the house will be sitting, waiting to be sold, you may want to have the pipes winterized. Turn off water, electricity, and gas. Close and lock all windows and doors. And make sure nothing is plugged in.
Clean. Make sure floors are swept and vacuumed, counters and sinks are cleaned, and bathrooms are cleaned and dried. This will prevent nasty pests or mold from taking up residence after you leave.
Call your insurance company. Not only will you need to have an insurance policy on your new home, but you will likely have to keep the one you have on your old home if it is still in your possession. Contact your insurance agency to make sure they have made the proper changes to your policy on the proper dates, so you have the correct coverage.

As with all aspects of your move, our San Diego movers know that a little prevention and planning can go a long way toward having a great move, and we are always here to answer your questions. Contact us today to find more moving day tips and a free moving quote.

Preparing for Packing Service

There are 3 little-known Tips for Preparing for Packing Service.  As San Diego’s packing experts, Move Central, has seen a lot of packing days that could have gone a little more smoothly with just a few extra pointers. In this article, we will share with you the little-known but highly valuable tips that can help you save time and therefore money when it comes to packing service day.

Here are our San Diego packing team’s three best tips for preparing for Packing Service:

1. Tidy up the house. This tip will help keep people safe, will reduce accidents that could cause damage to your household items or your home itself, and will ensure that the packing service can move freely around the home. We don’t mean that you have to scrub or have things sparkling clean, but removing things from the home that you don’t want or need will ensure that you don’t accidentally pay for moving trash.
2. Find a safe and secure place for children. With the door open and so many people moving about, both pets and children have been known to zip right out the door without anyone noticing. Instead of having to worry about them during the hustle and bustle, it is best to have them out of the way, with pets crated or secured in an empty room and children being taken to another location or being supervised by an adult not associated with the moving process.
3. Make a photo inventory of any extra special or expensive items. While we will inventory your valuables and make sure they are covered appropriately by insurance if you opt for it, it is also a good idea to take photos of these valuables, just in case. An easy way you can do that is to use a moving app such as Sortly that offers photo inventorying along with other moving organizational tools.
Our San Diego packing experts know that just a little extra preparation for your move can go a long way. For more tips like these, be sure to check out our other posts, or contact us with any packing or moving questions you may have.


Favorite Moving Apps

Our full service movers know moving day can be an overwhelming experience. One great way to get organized for a move is to use one or more of the great moving apps that are available today. For little to no money at all, you can get an app that is already pre-loaded with many of the things you will need to remember for your move. This will not only make your job easier, but it will also save you time over using the old pencil and paper method of organizing a move.

Here are three of the favorite moving apps our full service movers suggest checking out for your next big move:

MoveAdvisor – This free app is available for iPhone and Android, and it can help you with room by room home inventory with pre-set household items, so you just tap what items you need to add. It can also estimate your shipment weight and calculate the number of boxes you might need. It comes with a customizable moving timeline that reminds you of what needs to be done, and it can even help you choose moving companies and get moving quotes.
Sortly – This app has been mentioned in Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc., to name a few, and is available for iPhone. With it, you can take a photo inventory of your household goods and even create packing labels with QR codes so you can easily scan moving boxes to see what’s inside.
MoveTools – Provided for free by State Farm, this well-designed app lets you make moving lists, gives you moving tips, and allows you to pack your entire house virtually, online, so you can find everything after the move without having to opening the boxes.
These apps plus a knowledgeable moving company equal a lot less stress on moving day. If you are moving in San Diego, our full service movers would be happy to fulfill the “knowledgeable moving company” part of the equation. Contact us today for a free quote!

Top 3 Home Buying Apps

Nowadays taking advantage of Home Buying Apps is time-saving and essential in the home buying experience.  Finding a new home can be a tricky process; everything has to be just right, from the square footage to the location to the price. Luckily, home buying no longer requires hours stuffed in a car or office with a real estate agent. A lot of the buying process can now be done on your smart phone or tablet, meaning you can find that ideal home faster and more effectively with the help of Home Buying Apps.
Below we have compiled our Top 3 Apps for Home Buyers. Have one to add to the list? Drop us a note in the comments and we will keep the list growing!

Top 3 Home Buying Apps

1. Zillow – Okay, so this may not be a shocker, but Zillow is definitely one of the most complete home buying apps out there. It not only gives detailed home descriptions of all of the houses listed on the market, but it also gives you neighborhood data and school data, so you can make sure your favorite house is also in a great location.
2. Walk Score – This fun little app lets you know how walkable the area around your new home is, meaning what amenities are near enough to walk to—like stores, schools, restaurants, and more. It also gives scores for bike-ability and transit scores for mass transportation options in the area.
3. RealtyTrac – This powerful app goes a step beyond property details to allow you to see what the current value of a home is and even what the owner still owes on the mortgage. And while this may be borderline creepy in some ways, it can help you make an offer that saves you thousands of dollars on your new home, so you will definitely want to check it out, especially before you make an offer.

We hope this makes your home buying process at least a little easier. Once you are ready for your move, contact our professional movers in San Diego. We would be happy to relieve some of the stress and strain of moving day for you as well!

Selling Your Home Before a Long Distance Move

Often times, people need to move without much advance notice. In these cases, you may wonder if selling your home before a long distance move is even possible.
Today, our professional long distance movers in San Diego are going to give you a few options for handling your old home so you can make the move to your new home without delay.

Selling Your Home Before a Long Distance Move: Pros & Cons 

1. Fast sell – Depending on your situation, you might find it preferable to sell your house quickly, even at a small loss. If the sellers market is good, you may be able to sell your home quickly for a profit, but if it is slow, discounts and incentives may help you move it more quickly.
2. Rent – In the case that you can’t sell your home quickly, you might consider renting it out to someone until it does sell. In this case, you can hire a property management company to handle the rentals and maintenance of the property. You likely won’t make money off of this arrangement, but you may be able to pay the mortgage until the house sells.
3. Pay double rent – This option may feel like you are throwing money down the drain. But for many people, this is a better option than renting the home out to strangers who may or may not take care of the property while you are away.
4. Leave part of the family behind – This can be a great option for some families. In this case, the person who needs to leave for the corporate relocation can move ahead of the rest of the family, while the ones left behind take care of the sale of the house and the move of the household goods.

Whichever option you choose, we want you to know that our reliable long distance movers in San Diego are here to help make your move a great one. We move people locally and within 1200 miles of San Diego. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

Long Distance Movers

Our experienced long distance movers in San Diego are asked a lot of questions by our clients. And one pretty common one is “Can I ride with the movers to my new location?” We can understand how you might want to do this. After all, you want to look after your possessions, you likely need to go where they are going, and it would be a simple way to get to your new home versus having to secure transportation via plane or drive yourself.

Question: Can I Ride with My Long Distance Movers?

Short Answer: You cannot ride along with your long distance movers

Long Answer: We cannot accept this request to ride along with the movers for several reasons:
• Your stuff may not actually move at the same time you do. If you have a dedicated truck, it might make it to your new location by the time you do, but if you are moving economically with a shared truck, it could be several weeks before your property is moved to your new location. Furthermore, our San Diego movers will likely make many stops along the way.
• Usually, the cab of the truck will be full of the people who are helping with your move, leaving no extra room for passengers. And even if there was room, our safety and security procedures would not allow for a non-employee to ride.
• Insurance policies prohibit us from having passengers in the back of the truck with their possessions. Also, doing so could result in serious injury or even death, so we don’t recommend doing this even if you rent your own moving truck.

One thing our long distance movers in San Diego are good at is helping solve problems. If you need help getting your transportation or any other aspect of your move sorted out, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Making Your New House into a Home

At Move Central San Diego, we know that just because you are moving into a new house, it doesn’t always mean that the house feels like “home.” Many people buy older homes that haven’t been updated in a while to get a better location, save money, or get the amount of space they need. Others love finding a diamond in the rough and the challenge of making something their own with a little elbow grease and a vision. Whichever category you fit into, here are three apps we recommend for making your new house a home.

Top 3 Apps for Making Your New House a Home

Angie’s List – When moving to a new area, you are likely to be unfamiliar with the local contractors. This can set you up for disappointment and even being taken advantage of. One way to thwart this is to use the Angie’s List app, where you can find contractors, read their reviews, and even get help from Angie’s List to resolve issues.
Magic Plan – You may have a vision for your new home, and Magic Plan can help it come to fruition. It can help you place your furniture, design remodels, and price what a project will cost. It can even measure your room for you, just by taking a picture of it!
Paint Tester Pro – An easy way to make a home your own is to repaint, and this app makes it easy by letting you “try out” new and different colors right in the room you are painting, before you commit.
We hope these tools will help you see the potential in your new home, even if it doesn’t feel like “home” yet. We also want to remind you that if you are relocating in San Diego or the surrounding area, our professional moving service in San Diego is always here to help. Contact us today!

Home Seller Apps & Websites

Nowadays the way to stay ahead of the home selling curve is to utilize useful home seller apps and websites. Our residential moving company knows that selling a home in preparation for a move is no walk in the park. In fact, most people find the experience far from exciting, all the way up to the point until the closing has finally taken place. To make this process a little less stressful for you, our residential moving company has put together a list of our three favorite online tools for making home selling easier.

Home Seller Apps and Websites

1. SQFT – Pronounced “square foot,” this app makes selling your home without a realtor simple. You simply create your listing, and SQFT blasts it to over 450 online home selling outlets. Then, you can receive offers on the app and live real estate experts will guide you through closing. With this app, you only pay 1 percent commission, so you can save thousands on the sale of your home.
2. Sell House Essentials! – This iTunes app helps you plan and execute all of the tasks you need to complete before you put your house on the market and while it is on the market (like yard maintenance). It comes preloaded with standard tasks and can be customized with your own. It then sends reminder alerts to your phone until you mark a task complete.
3. – This website is full of great resources for home sellers. You can research homes in your area to see what your home might sell for, you can locate realtors, and you can get great tips from realtors on topics from getting the best price for your home to staging your home for a fast home sale.

It is our hope that these home seller apps and website tools will help make the process of home selling easier for you. When you are ready for your move, our residential moving company would be happy to help you with that as well. Contact us today for a free moving quote.

Moving Tips: Who to Notify When You Move

Our movers in San Diego know you have a lot on your plate when getting ready for a move, and you will inevitably forget something along the way. But one thing you don’t want to forget is knowing who to notify during a move.
Who you notify will depend on where you are moving. For example, you might notify your dentist, doctor, or chiropractor if you are moving locally, but if you are moving long distance, you might instead want to contact them and tell them you need to cancel all further appointments.
It is a good idea to start writing down a list of all of the people you can think of who send you things, noting important ones as they come in the mail. Also, the following list will help ensure you don’t forget anyone, but if you do, your mail can be forwarded by the postal service for up to two months for things like magazines and up to twelve months for first-class and express mail, as well as any packages.
Below is the list our professional movers in San Diego have put together to make the process just a little easier for you:


• Any employer you’ve had this year, so tax stubs can be sent to the new address
• Banks and investment firms you do business with
• Mortgage, loan, and credit card companies
• Utility companies, like water, gas, and electric companies
• Cable, phone, and internet companies
• Doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc. that your family uses
• All insurance providers—life, health, house, automobile, etc.
• Professionals like attorneys and CPAs
• Schools & tutors
• Veterinarian
• Your gym
• Any contractors that work for you regularly
• Any services you have subscriptions with
• Clubs and associations
• Family or friends that usually send you cards or otherwise communicate with you by mail
Remember, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but our movers in San Diego do hope it provides you a good jumping off point, so you can transition more easily into your new home. If you have any questions about your move or would like a free quote, please contact our San Diego full service moving company today.