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What Causes High Moving Quotes?

When you are looking around for moving quotes in San Diego, you might find that all of the moving quotes are much higher than you expected, and you want to know why. Or maybe it cost your co-worker much less to move than what you are being quoted for your move. So what causes moving quotes to differ so much?
To answer this question, you first need to understand how a moving quote is calculated. The rate for each thing to be moved is usually dependent on its weight and how hard it will be to wrap or pack and move.
When getting moving quotes in San Diego, you can expect these heavy/hard-to-move items to cost you the most:
• Any type of piano
• Dining furniture, especially large hutches and buffets
• Sofas and recliners
• Large TVs and heavy or large speakers
• Mattresses & beds
• Large or heavy safes
• Heavy or large bookcases
• Wood furniture of any kind, like desks or credenzas
• Rugs or large tapestries
• Large works of art or pottery
• Outdoor play sets
• Grills and patio furniture
• Large appliances like refrigerators or freezers
• Book collections
• Large collections of dishes or dinnerware
Other items that you may not expect to cause your moving quote to rise are valuable things like heirloom jewelry or other expensive or rare items. These types of items, though easy to move, have to be handled with additional care because of their value.
Though you want to get a great quote for your move, it is also important that you get an accurate one and that valuable items are properly protected, handled, and insured, so you will want to mention them to your moving company to avoid any surprises.
We offer affordable and fair moving quotes in San Diego for any types of items you may have. Contact us today to get your free moving quote.

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